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Transformative Keynote Speaker

Becks Vogels

travels from Austria

Elevate Your Business: Becks Vogels, Silicon Valley tech expert, empowers organizations to innovate and connect through storytelling.

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Unlock Success with Becks Vogels: Elevate your organization's narrative prowess through dynamic keynotes. Silicon Valley's storytelling maven, Becks Vogels, empowers growth, innovation, and powerful connections. Captivate audiences, reshape strategies, and foster reinvention. Maximize impact with Becks Vogels as your visionary keynote speaker.

Why you should book Becks Vogels for your next event

  • Elevate Strategy: Becks Vogels’ keynotes empower strategic reinvention, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Innovation Catalyst: Unleash innovation potential within your teams through Becks Vogels’ transformative insights and Silicon Valley experience.
  • Silicon Valley Recognition: Harness the knowledge of a California Diversity Council “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech” awardee.

With an unwavering passion for harnessing the power of storytelling, Becks Vogels stands as a transformative force in the tech and business landscape. Her journey began with a bold move from Germany to New York City at the age of 23, sparking a series of life-altering shifts. Settling in the heart of Silicon Valley, she honed her skills at tech behemoth Salesforce, gaining unparalleled insights into the industry’s inner workings.

Becks Vogels’ profound perspective as an outsider in the tech realm drove her to initiate the “Story Revolution.” Through her agency, Big Picture Group, she strategically wove the magic of storytelling into the fabric of organizations like Google, Salesforce, Netflix, and Facebook, revolutionizing their core values and fostering meaningful connections.

Recognized as one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech” by the California Diversity Council, Becks Vogels’ influence extends beyond accolades. Her expertise graced the pages of Forbes, where she shared her insights on the profound impact of storytelling. From the United Nations to Harvard University, her keynotes blend inspiration and practical tools, leaving audiences equipped to wield the power of narratives for transformative change.

Boasting a remarkable academic journey that weaves through Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Arts in Berlin, Becks Vogels’ multidisciplinary approach fuels her profound understanding of the intersection between technology, creativity, and human connection.

Booking Becks Vogels as a keynote speaker for your next event is an investment in unlocking the potential of your organization. Her experience, combined with her innate ability to articulate the complex nuances of storytelling, guides businesses toward innovation, reinvention, and exponential growth. Embrace the opportunity to ignite your company’s narrative prowess under the guidance of this tech visionary.

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Storytelling isn’t a trick or a marketing gimmick. In fact, it’s a uniquely human way to form connections with others. Being able to lean into your personal story, show vulnerability, and communicate from a place of authenticity, makes a modern leader. This keynote connects the personal and the professional, teaching you how to pull from your own work life to inspire others, communicate more effectively, inspire a team, and much more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover and shape core stories from your professional life
  • Communicate easily and form connections with coworkers, clients, and customers
  • Increase your visibility to influence the inside and outside of your organization
  • Identify and leverage your unique strengths 
Keynote by speaker Becks Vogels for your next event


The advent of streaming services such as Netflix has changed how we tell stories. Prestige TV has moved from a plot-driven to a character-driven approach, and we should be following that lead. In the age of binge-watching, discover how brands can create serial content in formats that stick, and form lasting connections with their audiences as they do so.

You’ll learn

  • How serial storytelling works and how it has created the phenomenon of bingewatching.
  • How streaming services are leveraging this phenomenon, and how you could borrow from their playbook.
  • How to create serial content in formats that work for your brand and maintain user or customer attention for the long-term.
  • The five most important storytelling tools for serial content.
Keynote by speaker Becks Vogels for your next event


Heros are alienating – we don’t see ourselves in them. In the modern marketing landscape, customers don’t want heroes. Instead, they want to know that brands “get them.” They want brands to understand their challenges and celebrate their wins. It’s about identity – a feeling of “Yes, this is me” that lets brands establish trustworthy connections that are like friendships. This is a trend personified by the rise of relatable Instagram influencers taking over from celebrities as brand ambassadors, as well as the championing of “ordinary people” in campaigns by companies as big as Nike.

You’ll learn

  • Methods to challenge traditional herocentric storytelling models and embrace empathydriven, human narratives
  • How the transformative potential of empathy in fostering deeper connections and promoting understanding
  • Practical strategies for infusing empathy into your storytelling practices.
  • How to inspire positive change by leveraging the empathetic potential of storytelling.
Keynote by speaker Becks Vogels for your next event


In today’s busy and distracted marketplace, capturing attention has become more and more difficult. In this keynote, Becks pulls from the science of storytelling, psychology, and neuroscience, to educate audiences on the essential stories they must be able to tell to captivate an audience and sell a product or an idea.

You’ll learn: 

  • How our brains work and what neurological processes occur when we hear a story.
  • How to craft captivating stories that bring the hidden benefits of your product to life, leaving a vivid and tangible impression on your customers.
  • Story first, product second: Tell a story that enhances the value of your product or service in a way that renders price irrelevant.
  • The Obama Principle: How telling a “Story of Us” helps you create a connection with anyone.
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