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Taboo Breaker: Inclusive Conversations

Filip de Groeve

travels from Netherlands

Unlock Inclusion: Keynote speaker Filip De Groeve empowers teams to conquer taboos, fostering authenticity and transforming workplace dynamics.

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Unleash Transformation with Keynote Speaker Filip De Groeve. Ignite inclusivity, banish taboos, and elevate team dynamics. With captivating insights and humor, Filip empowers your organization to break barriers, fostering authentic dialogues and embracing diversity. Revolutionize your workplace today!

Why you should book Filip de Groeve for your next event

  • Inclusivity Catalyst: Gain tools to embrace diversity, enabling stronger teamwork and innovation within your organization.
  • Empower Authenticity: Filip empowers teams to break the silence, driving positive change and nurturing a supportive environment.
  • Global Taboo Pioneer: Filip’s keynotes have transformed countless organizations, sparking vital conversations worldwide.

Discover a captivating keynote speaker who dares to challenge the status quo! With his empowering keynote “taBOOH” Filip takes you on an eye-opening journey through the world of taboos we encounter daily. With humor and respect, Filip exposes how these taboos can hinder inclusivity in our organizations. He empowers both men and women to break the silence and foster authentic conversations. Be prepared to witness a transformation in how your team approaches taboos after experiencing this impactful keynote.

Imagine hosting an event where conversations that were once avoided are now at the forefront. Imagine the energy and unity that emerge when authenticity and inclusivity thrive. Filip De Groeve’s keynotes don’t just break down barriers; they construct bridges. These bridges connect individuals, foster understanding, and create an environment where diversity flourishes.

Booking Filip De Groeve for your event is more than securing a speaker; it’s about investing in the growth of your organization. It’s about cultivating a culture where authenticity is valued, where taboo subjects are discussed with respect and humor.

As you plan your upcoming event, picture the profound impact that Filip De Groeve’s keynotes can have. Visualize a workplace transformed by open conversations, united teams, and a culture that champions authenticity.

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Keynote by speaker Filip de Groeve

TABOOH, The Keynote that creates Inclusion

How can you make your organization more inclusive and productive? With a keynote on taboos!

“taBOOH” is an electrifying keynote that takes you on a journey through various taboos we encounter in our daily lives. Filip hands you three keywords and the perfect conversation starters to break these taboos. Be prepared, because after this keynote, no taboo conversation will ever be the same again.

With his keynote “taBOOH” Filip helps both men and women realize how taboos hold us back. He illustrates how menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause exclude women. How simple things like bodily functions lead to unnecessary shame. How challenging it can be for men to conform to societal expectations of masculinity. “taBOOH” is about the necessity of being your authentic self in the workplace. It delivers a vital message to create a more enjoyable work environment. Filip sheds light on this necessity in a funny and slightly uncomfortable way, as we are all a little guilty of perpetuating taboos.

Filip inspires his audience to initiate taboo conversations. “Taboos thrive when silenced.” He provides simple and practical tips on how to start these conversations.

If you have taboos within your organization that you’d like to address, don’t hesitate to share them with Filip. Each keynote is tailored, and who knows, a new “taBOOH” mug might be created specifically for your event! Here’s a little inspiration:

  • Addressing pregnancy during a job interview.
  • Providing leave days for menstrual pain.
  • Bridging gaps caused by cultural differences.
  • Overcoming prejudices related to chronic illnesses.
  • Addressing dissatisfaction over compensation.
  • Challenging the notion of full-time work for men.

And what do you do after the keynote? You become a taboo warrior! Armed with the “taBOOH” mugs, you might want to delve deeper into topics like menstruation and menopause. Perhaps you want to train or prepare your organization to integrate people with disabilities or those with different mother tongues. Talk to Filip. After almost every keynote, he connects with new trainers, coaches, nurses, and specialists who can assist you.

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Watch Filip de Groeve in action!

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Watch Filip de Groeve in action!

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Filip De Groeve delivered a highly enlightening, candid, incredibly humorous, and oh-so-necessary presentation on taboos and why it's essential to break them at the Ostomy Event. It was an insightful party!

Sanne Blom

President of the Dutch ostomy association

This guy missed his calling in theatre.


Coloplast Continence Congress

What a pleasant speaker to listen to. Incredibly respectful and humorous!


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