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Interior Design Speaker
Country: UK

Speaker Alidad is an award-winning interior designer and the founder of Alidad Ltd. Alidad is known for his ability to create completely custom-made rooms and places and has a deep respect for history and tradition. As a speaker, he is inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging.


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Alidad is well-known interior designer and speaker. His colorful and eclectic rooms are inspired by his idyllic childhood in Persia. His ability to create rooms from scratch that appear to carry layers of history and different generations continues to impress and inspire clients. Design speaker Alidad does not believe in fashion and his rooms consist of a timeless and elegant combination of texture, colors and pattern.

As a designer, Alidad’s mission is to provide his clients with a peaceful home that lifts their spirits every day. Speaker Alidad has an extensive background in interior design and is an absolute expert in his field. Alidad has delivered talks and presentations at multiple events and is also available for Q&As.


    Speaker Alidad Keynote Topics

    • Timeless Interiors
    • Colour & Pattern
    • Restoration of Period Properties
    • The Art of Collecting
    • Antiques in the Modern Home
    • Travel and Design


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