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Pro Bowler offers insights into strategies for achieving team success

Tyler Lockett

travels from USA

NFL wide receiver offers audiences a refreshing look on how to improve team dynamics and get to new heights of productivity by providing entertaining insights into the football world.

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Keynote speaker and NFL player Tyler Lockett brings audiences practical skills for motivating teams and maintaining a belief in positive outcomes from his successful football career. Beginning a stellar NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks in 2015, Lockett’s commitment to excellence has earned him recognition as one of the best receivers in the National Football League. At the point Lockett obtained 881 receiving yards, he ranked 12th among pass-catchers in the league. By embracing the teamwork concept, Lockett enjoys motivating audiences to work together in creating positive and productive outcomes.

Why select keynote speaker Tyler Lockett

  • Audiences are captivated by Lockett’s entertaining stories about his experiences working within the offense of the iconic Seattle Seahawks. His approach to maintaining a positive mindset inspires listeners to continue moving toward goals by working collaboratively with stakeholders.
  • His presentation encourages listeners to use practical tools for overcoming obstacles and leveraging team strengths to achieve great accomplishments. By offering insight into positive team dynamics, Lockett offer audiences vital tools for success in any environment.
  • Lockett offers a fresh voice, which inspires audiences to overcome challenging obstacles with teamwork, productivity, and tenacity.

Described by Seattle Seahawks’ head coach as a “marvelous pro” for maintaining an impressive and consistent record, Lockett continues to implement his dynamic work ethic. His contributions earn respect from fans and teammates. Holding fast to his religious beliefs, Lockett is known for selfless dedication, which is based in his strong faith. Choosing a team-oriented mindset, he’s shown commitment to positively contributing to productive dynamics. With 15.5 yards-per-catch, Locket ranks fourth in the group of NFL players who have achieved 50 receptions.

Outside of his NFL career, Lockett is the founder of Light it Up Foundation, a non-profit committed to his parents’ dream of giving back to the community. His organization’s work includes promoting educational opportunities for youth, giving meals to families in need, and working with churches to help communities. Lockett’s career and commitment to the community makes him a role model for his hometown of Tulsa, where he’s committed time and resources to improving.

Lockett offers audiences practical tools for overcoming obstacles and achieving success in a team environment. With entertaining details about his time in the NFL, he drives home a motivational message, which inspires listeners to contribute to the good of the team. Listeners take away actionable strategies for transforming a group culture into a winning team dynamic, which allows all stakeholders to positively contribute.

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Speaker Tyler Lockett keynote topics

Tyler serves as an exemplary role model for his fellow NFL players, fans, and community as it relates to his faith, humility, or leadership. Off the field, Tyler enjoys writing poems and published a book of poems called Reflection to share how his motivation in football and life has been “fueled by faith” and strengthened by a tireless work drive to continue to improve. He is a true man of the people, and his
commitment to helping serve his community proves just that.

Tyler has carried on his parents’ legacy of being committed to giving back by founding the Light it Up Foundation to support his hometown community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has worked with local churches to provide meals for families in need during the holiday season as well as given back to Tulsa’s youth through promoting educational opportunities. Tyler is unarguably the definition of a selfless, dedicated, and inspiring player who has used his circumstances to quietly make an impact wherever he can. During the 2021 season, Coach Pete Caroll gave Tyler the opportunity to speak in front of the locker room during a team meeting and the Seahawks won the next day. Since then, Tyler remains eager to take on speaking engagements and share his message on recognizing and appreciating everything the game of football has provided each player.

His interests and speaking topics include:

  • Positivity.
  • Community.
  • Religious faith.
  • Real estate.
  • Motivation.
  • Teamwork.

His impressive keynotes inspire audiences to integrate crucial team strategies to build a productive group dynamic.

Tyler Lockett Light It Up Foundation Job Shadow

Tyler Lockett | My Story

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