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Mike Denison

Consultant and Coach
Country: UK

With experience from Toyota and being the first ‘Lean Leaders’ in the world, our keynote speaker Mike Denison has become a respected authority in realm of executive coaching, business strategy and renewed leadership thinking. Mike has founded his own consultancy and helps organisations all over the world become lean, effective and focused in their leadership.

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The keynote speaker Mike Denison founded and owns Lean Mentor International & Cleareality Limited. He specialises in Executive Coaching, Business Strategy and New Leadership Thinking, with 20 years’ experience in business transformation working with all types of organisations across the world.

Mike Denison is an inspirational and motivational speaker with the powerful ability of empowering others through practical applied learning, mentoring and coaching.

His experience and expertise was first established whilst working for and managing the engine machining area at Toyota, the recognised founder of Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing. Having been appointed as one of the first ‘Lean Leaders’ at Toyota Manufacturing UK in 1991, he spent time in Toyota in Japan, being coached by a Japanese manager, learning and applying the company’s renowned manufacturing and management Systems. Mike was also the Practice Head for the UK division of RWD Technologies, an international Business Improvement Consultancy.

Our sought-after speaker Mike Denison has recently engaged with Senior Management mentoring, coaching and alignment, including ROI success and impact evaluation at Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels (UK & US), including design, development and application of an internal coaching and lean leadership development programme.

In 1995, Mike developed the ‘Toyota Production System Member Development Programme’ and delivered it to the first two waves of Toyota members and leaders at both UK plants. Since then he has designed and delivered a number of practical management tools and programmes including:

1. The Nine Lean Leadership Behaviours programme

2. The Denison 5 Point Focus programme (Systematic Leadership)

3. The IMPACT Leadership Transformation programme

4. The Value Added Leadership & eliminating the 11 Management Wastes programme

5. The Creating Capacity to Lead Programme (Optimising Management Productivity)

6. Hoshin for Managers & Senior Team Alignment (Creating your business context through Blue Sky Visioning)

Mike has also developed a series of seminars and workshops including ‘Success Seminars’ in 2008 and 2009 with Success University a MLM Company. He has been asked to design and deliver a three day module for Glyndwr University’s Executive MBA in 2013. “Leading Operational Excellence through Lean.”

The prominent speaker Mike Denison has contributed to a 2011 best selling business book, ‘Win: 35 Winning Strategies from Today’s Leading Entrepreneurs’.

    Speaker Mike Denison Keynote Topics

    Mike’s diverse client experience includes a wide range of manufacturing businesses and his consultancy spans a varied remit of project design, development and delivery, including:

    • Design and delivery of the Ford Production System programmes across UK & Europe 1997-1999, including Senior Manager Evaluation Process and Lean Integrated Assessment Process.
    • Supporting and coaching change at Jaguar Cars’ Hailwood operations as part of their transition team.
    • Senior Management mentoring and alignment, success and impact evaluation at Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels (UK & US), including design, development and application of an internal coach development programme.
    • Coaching and empowering managers & staff in challenging systems and taking responsibility for improving the service at Bombardier (UK, Europe & US) to enable fleet performance recovery programmes across several fleets. The result was a 40% performance increase in reliability and a 15% increase in fleet availability.
    • Implementing culture change at Downer EDI Rail, Australia, involving identification and implementation of a Train Design Transparency Strategy to recover 12 month design delays on the Sydney fleet and a senior management coaching and engagement programme to improve problem solving, manager motivation and collaborative working.
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