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Nigel Barlow

Facilitator, Coach & Inspirational Business Speaker
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Nigel Barlow is recognized by his clients as someone who spends the time to develop and tailor his approach to your specific challenges and current business needs. He plays the roles of event designer, speaker, facilitator, and coach on major innovative and digital transformation projects.

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An agent provocateur, creative coach and keynote speaker on innovative change to many of the world’s leading organizations.

As one of the world’s most dynamic business speakers, speaker Nigel Barlow favours the after-lunch spot as a suitable challenge to wake people up. Speaker Nigel Barlow owns and runs his own international consultancy. Here, Nigel has helped many of the world’s leading organizations on every continent to rethink their lives and businesses. Adept at working with multi-national groups, speaker Nigel Barlow’s clients range from Apple to Lilly and Microsoft to Nestle. He is also a frequent speaker at the UK’s and Germany’s leading business schools.

Speaker Nigel Barlow is the author of three books: ‘Rock Your Presentation – A Guide To Speaking With Passion’, ‘Rethink – How To Think Differently’, and ‘Batteries included – Creating Legendary Customer Service’. ‘Rethink – How To Think Differently’ draws on Nigel’s experience, successes, and failures. It is designed to provoke your creative self into coming up with the answer you already have inside you, enabling you to re-think your life situation and more.

    Speaker Nigel Barlow Keynote Topics

    • Changing Minds – what it takes
    • Innovation And Leadership
    • Creative Rethinking – applied to your biggest business challenges
    • Inventing The Future Through Creative Storytelling
    • Legendary Customer Experiences – in the digital age
    • Rock Your Presentation and Pitch
    • The Human Side of Digital Transformation
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