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Nigel Barlow

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An agent provocateur, creative coach and keynote speaker on innovative change to many of the world’s leading organizations.

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Keynote speaker Nigel Barlow is recognized by his clients as someone who spends the time to develop and tailor his approach to your specific challenges and current business needs. He plays the roles of event designer, speaker, facilitator, and coach on major innovative and digital transformation projects.

As one of the world’s most dynamic business speakers, speaker Nigel Barlow favours the after-lunch spot as a suitable challenge to wake people up. Speaker Nigel Barlow owns and runs his own international consultancy. Here, Nigel has helped many of the world’s leading organizations on every continent to rethink their lives and businesses. Adept at working with multi-national groups, speaker Nigel Barlow’s clients range from Apple to Lilly and Microsoft to Nestle. He is also a frequent speaker at the UK’s and Germany’s leading business schools.

Speaker Nigel Barlow is the author of three books: ‘Rock Your Presentation – A Guide To Speaking With Passion’, ‘Rethink – How To Think Differently’, and ‘Batteries included – Creating Legendary Customer Service’. ‘Rethink – How To Think Differently’ draws on Nigel’s experience, successes, and failures. It is designed to provoke your creative self into coming up with the answer you already have inside you, enabling you to re-think your life situation and more.

See keynotes with Nigel Barlow

    Keynote by Speaker Nigel Barlow

    Disrupt! – or be Disrupted

    • Disruption is the word on everyone’s lips today. So what does it take to be a disruptor yourself?
    • In this fascinating and highly relevant keynote, you will learn about disruption, innovation and transformation.  Audiences will know how to identify industry assumptions to challenge as well as how create a “garage space” for disruption.  
    • This dynamic session enables you to create the conditions to be a successful disruptor. You are challenged to develop a dose of “healthy paranoia”: inspiring the urgency to act and disrupt yourself!

    Keynote by Speaker Nigel Barlow

    Possibility Thinking

    • This interactive keynote explores what it takes to be more open, creative, and curious about new ideas and ways of doing business.
    • Nigel takes you through some of the mental barriers we put in the way of innovation and gives delegates a toolkit for being mentally more agile, flexible, and creative.

    Keynote by Speaker Nigel Barlow 

    The Mindset Of An Innovator

    • Innovation means challenging received wisdom and thinking like a start-up, garage entrepreneur.
    • In this keynote, speaker Nigel Barlow relate insights about the innovative mind to their real business challenges and opportunities.
    • This keynote puts forward the idea that innovation is everybody’s business, and can be applied to every aspect of commerce and leadership, not just to creating new products or services.

    Digicare – The Customer Experience In An Online World

    • How do you retain a human and customer-centered approach when it’s all about the algorithm?
    • Using examples of companies that have combined the human with the technical to deliver superior customer experiences, this provocative session challenges conventional ideas of what it takes to differentiate by the experience you give your customers.

    Future Curious

    • When the world is transforming and shaking beneath our feet, how do we find the time, space, and motivation to be continuously curious about the new?
    • Curiosity is the basis of creativity, so here Nigel explores the tools to keep us all thinking in fresh, and disruptive ways


Non-binding request for Nigel Barlow

Send a simple request. You’ll get a quick reply with fees and availability

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