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Bring AR into the classroom

Darya Yegorina

travels from Ireland

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of CleverBooks working hard to improve education for children worldwide

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Speaker Darya Yegorina works with emerging technologies for education. As such her mission is to deliver the most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world. Thereby creating equal access to technology for kids globally.

Speaker Darya Yegorina has been featured in Forbes and selected as one of young Irish best entrepreneurs in 2016 is highly in demand for conferences on innovation, schools and technology. Darya Yegorina works hard to better education for children worldwide by applying her academic background in linguistics and language teaching – as well as her passion for start-ups. Disrupting and improving schools around the globe one innovation at a time.

Together with her company CleverBooks, Darya leads digital transformations in education. At CleverBooks, she produces personalised books for children, which are designed to teach them life skills and develop their imaginations. On top of this, they’ve produced an augmented reality app for learning geometry.

Darya Yegorina is also the co-founder of Startup Booster – a company which helps entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. Her ability to pursue her passions make her an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker for any audience interested in innovation, digital transformations, learning through technology and more.

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Speaker Darya Yegorina Keynote Topics

  • Augmented Reality Technology in Schools
  • Start-ups & Entrepreneurialism
  • Educational Innovation & Technology




Darya Yegorina - video

Augmenting Education. | Daria Yegorina | TEDxNorrkopingED

Watch speaker Darya Yegorina talk about sustainable education:

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Darya spoke at the Seedstars Summit CEE in Kazakstan on Nov 22! I would like to recognize Darya's effort of being super easy-going and open-minded for coming to Nur-Sultan -30 degrees to speak! The speech was planned in a very condensed format and Darya completed in perfectly. Apart from keynote speech, Darya was involved in mentoring EdTech startups on 1:1s session and we got a lot of great feedback from startups she couched. thank you for joining us, Darya and all the best!

Eugenia Shevchenko

Seedstars Summit CEE Manager - Seedstars & International Relations Specialist

Ms. Yegorina recently spoke at our international collaboration conference on the topic of Augmented Reality in Education. She shared valuable information about Augmented Reality applications and options available to educators to enhance learning in the classroom. She was able to focus on our target audience, teachers, and subject matter-classroom collaboration, so that it was meaningful and relevant to all participants. I would recommend Ms. Yegorina as a speaker for anyone interested in learning more about this exciting learning tool

Heather Rooney

CEO, Project Development - JDO Foundation

How can you make the impossible, possible? This question has concerned millions of people over the years. As Draya demonstrates in her inspiring and thoughtful speech, taking action is the most important step to success. Her powerful talk may teach you to look at seemingly impossible tasks a little differently.

Katharina Lonnes

Online Marketing Analyst

Darya presented at our recent iPads in the classroom conference. She did a great job with participants and everyone appreciated her being apart of the event.

Michael Mc Glade

Director of Educational Technology at the International School of Amsterdam

"Dear Darya, On behalf of the International Baccalaureate Global Conferences team, thank you for serving as a topic expert during the IB Virtual Conference October 2021, Unlocking the next paradigm. It was a pleasure having you speak about meta-skills development with emerging technologies. Thank you for such an inspiring talk and reminding conference participants that how one is educated is more important than how educated they are. The IB’s community of educators and educational leaders enjoyed the session as much as the Global Conferences team! We hope to connect with you for future IB conferences and events"

T’Nia Crutchfield, Manager, Conference Program

International Baccalaureate Global Conferences team

Interview with Darya Yegorina

What got you interested in using technology in education?

My passion is life time learning. I am always excited about all new ways of getting information. Today technology is the driver for may spheres in our lives (even if we have not noticed the transition form alarm clock to the one we use on our mobile phones). I strongly believe that technology is the enabler in education and its influence will definitely grow in the next decade.

Being a creative mind, I decided to bring my dreams to life for the kids by creating the new learning world: combining traditional teaching and learning with technology and making the learning process innovative and exciting. New generation needs to be taught the new way.

What advice would you give to parents or teachers wishing to be more innovative in the way they teach their children/students?

Thanks to technology and the way it changes the aspects of our lives so rapidly, I would recommend to keep an eye on new apps and tools for learning that are coming up. Personally, I research and follow new technological trends and check the benefits they can bring. With all new technology that comes to our lives every day, it is important to be objective and try what you feel can benefit your kid’s learning process. Thanks to technology, a personal approach to learning and teaching is possible!

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

Everything we do in life brings unique experiences. Talking about professional background I am a lucky person because I have experience in all kinds of business sizes from start-up to multinationals. I am particularly excited about entrepreneurship and strongly believe that this is the drive to the future progress if great ideas get exposure. Interesting enough, this helps to be more creative, learn how to focus on solutions, be brave to combine things that seems not to match, learn from others and be a great team player.

Who or what inspires you most?

I am inspired by people who start their own companies, by those who start from idea and come to results. It is all because I know how much it takes to get results and grow from idea, how many times you will hear “no” before you get to your first “yes”. Persistence and strong belief in what entrepreneurs do drives them to build a business and inspires me in people I meet in my life.

What are your biggest goals in your career currently?

My biggest goal is to deliver my passion for using technology in education around the world.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Creative problem solver!

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