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Angie Lau

travels from Hong Kong

Award-winning journalist, TV anchor and sought-after speaker on communications, leadership and the future of business

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Keynote speaker Angie Lau is a former global journalist with her own popular morning show “First Up with Angie Lau” which was the most watched show in the region. An empowering speaker, she specializes in leadership, world affairs and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

Why you should book speaker Angie Lau

  • Angie is quite an inspirational woman with a very moving life story. Her TEDx Talk “I am not supposed to here” has been praised for her honesty and her incredible talent for storytelling. Angie’s charisma and energy ensures a memorable event for everyone in the audience.
  • Angie is currently editor-in-chief and CEO of Forkast.News which is a new digital platform focusing on Blockchain. She is also a communications consultant and uses this experience and expertise in her keynotes on blockchain, leadership and the future of business.
  • An all-round speaker, Angie talks about female empowerment, leadership, blockchain, financial markets and media and communications. Her diverse background has allowed her to dive into a variety of topics and connect different topics to each other.

Speaker Angie Lau is a unique speaker with a diverse background. From journalism and Bloomberg TV anchor to entrepreneur and speaker, her expertise in media and communication is sought after in many different companies. Angie has lived in Canada, the US and now Hong Kong which gives her a global perspective and the ability to reach Asian and international audiences seamlessly.

Angie’s background and professional experience with presenting makes her a fantastic host and emcee. She is knowledgeable on many topics, and clients praise her for her great energy and the “magic” she brings on stage. Angie is also a respected advisor to many business leaders, and she is a director on the Executive Committee Canadian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. Angie has also worked with leaders and executives at Marriott International, UBS, The Women’s Foundation, Women Directorship Program, and other multinationals.

Host and speaker Angie Lau also served two terms as President of the AAJA Asia Chapter, where she boosted the profile of the organization and brought in sponsorships from Cathay Pacific, Swire, Google, Walmart, Estee Lauder, and others. With Angie’s knowledge about strategic communications and media, she has trained high-level executives from several large companies like Walmart and Fresco Capital. Angie’s professionalism, stage presence and broad experience ensures a memorable and educational event for everyone.

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Keynote by speaker Angie Lau

Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy: What is the Landscape and What Does it Mean?

  • As a former Bloomberg TV anchor, Angie reported on business and the economy from Hong Kong to a global audience of 350M homes and offices. Angie speaks about economic trends, current affairs, financial regulation, government policy, and what it all means – to your business, and to you as a consumer.
  • With a particular focus on Asia, Angie understands the economic and business climate of the region. She will work with you to identify key topics happening today and help set the context for what it means and why it matters.
Keynote by speaker Angie Lau

It Takes a Global Village: How to Raise Your Startup in an International Market

  • Asian economies will be bigger than the rest of the world’s combined in 2020. In this keynote, Angie explores the changing nexus of venture capital and entrepreneurship in regards to Asia’s economic growth in the 21st century.
  • For both startups and corporations, how do you incorporate international growth and thinking into your business DNA? Are you set up to take advantage of the growing market and consumer mindset in Asia? Do you have the right partners and infrastructure? More importantly, do you have the right thinking for a global company?
  • Angie speaks about her experience as a journalist covering business in Asia the past decade and through her reflection, shares her thoughts on how to think about Asia, the importance of understanding your audience and customer base, and how to navigate the business culture.
Keynote by speaker Angie Lau

Blockchain: What's the Big Deal and Why it Will Transform Society

  • As Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Forkast.News, Angie leads a digital media company that bridges the blockchain insider community to a mainstream audience. Angie speaks about why today’s media coverage of blockchain obscures its real impact and what needs to change for a mainstream audience to understand, engage, and adopt blockchain technology.
  • Angie’s in-depth industry knowledge and background in financial and economic regulatory landscape allows her to unpack how evolving regulations impact growth and adoption for blockchain, and what it takes for corporates to identify opportunities in blockchain, innovate and emerge as industry leaders in this space.
Keynote by speaker Angie Lau

Leadership: Identifying Your Power and Finding Your Voice

  • Angie is an award-winning journalist, tech entrepreneur, founder, and media & communications advisor for top executives and CEOs globally. She shares her personal story of her journey to becoming one of the top female TV anchors in Asia and then starting her own tech startup.
  • Among the key messages are her thoughts on women’s leadership, empowerment, speaking up, and finding your voice, all from her perspective of being a female journalist and entrepreneur in male-dominated industries.
  • Angie shares the importance of EQ for both men and women as they aim to lead in the 21st century, as industries die and thrive in an ever changing world. She shares tips and takeaways that anyone can apply to their next face-to-face, event, or presentation of a few to thousands.
Keynote by speaker Angie Lau

Media & Journalism for the 21st Century: What is the Next Evolution

  • As an award-winning Bloomberg TV anchor with over 20+ years of experience in journalism, Angie speaks about what it means to be a thought leader in media and communications, and how we can understand the changing landscape of journalism. Why is traditional media failing? How has the devolution of quality journalism come to be? What does it take for media to evolve into our digital world in the 21st century?
Watch speaker Angie Lau

I am not supposed to be here | Angie Lau

See keynotes with Angie Lau
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