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Maher Mezher - Pioneering Innovation Expert and Keynote Speaker

Maher Mezher

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A world-renowned innovation expert, keynote speaker, inventor, consultant, trainer, advisor and coach. He inspires and shows how all people can become innovators, creative leaders and teaches the mindset and habits of innovators.

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Maher Mezher is a true revolutionary thinker and inventor when it comes to innovation. His first acclaimed innovation was the Fertility Loan for Lebanese couples when he worked in the financial sector. He went on to found the Innovation League LLC, specializing in innovation and leadership. Since then, he has made keynote speeches all around the world, been interviewed by the world's media, worked with high profile international companies and selected as one of the top twenty Most Influential Asian Entrepreneurs. Perhaps he is best known for his 2019 award-winning app, 'Innovators Tool'.

Why you should book Maher Mezher for your next event

  • Maher is a passionate speaker with lots of energy and humor. He really engages his audience with his interactive keynote speeches that include hands-on creative exercises.
  • He shows how all your team members can become innovators. If each and every team member is able to solve problems and create new ideas then this will increase employee engagement and motivation, drive growth, productivity, profitability, and give a competitive advantage.
  • After many years of research and interacting with countless innovators, Maher is able to share what he has learnt about the mindset and habits of innovators.

Early in his banking career, Maher saw the need for an innovative product, the “Fertility Loan’, to help Lebanese couples who were trying to conceive with the aid of medical assistance. This is when he first started getting noticed and eventually was interviewed by more than 150 media outlets around the world for his groundbreaking methodologies on innovation. His ‘Become An Innovator’ methodology was developed in 2008 and became an acclaimed app in 2019. This has been used by many types of industries, governments, universities and entrepreneurs across the globe.

The premise of his approach is that every person has innate creativity, that with proper nourishment and skills training will help them to become innovators. He says it’s the attention to small details and connecting with people that makes all the difference. The combination of his ‘Become An Innovator’ methodology and interactive tool, guides the user to transform their ideas into profitable solutions.

Maher is truly a man of many talents and inventions having created innovative Retail Banking Products, and innovation methodologies and tools. He is also the creator and founder of the Innovation League LLC where he offers consultation and training. He has over 15 years experience as a university lecturer and is a musician and opera singer.

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Keynote by Maher Mezher

Become An Innovator®

What if each team member can use his creative potential to solve daily work problems, overcome challenges, achieve goals, drive results & transform ideas into profitable innovations. Think about the motivation and performance of your company if everyone innovates.

Secure your competitive advantage and stand out from competition by applying the 3 Steps Become an Innovator® Methodology by Maher Mezher.

Keynote by Maher Mezher

Creative Leadership

The only certain element nowadays is change therefore facing uncertainty and continuous change requires a reinforced team ready to cope with change by exploring new possibilities to unlock new opportunities. Your audience will get to know what does it take to Become a Creative Leader and Instrument of Change.

Keynote by Maher Mezher

Innovators Mindset & Habits

Having consulted & trained more than 130 organization in 26 countries, observed and interviewed Entrepreneurs, leaders & Innovators, World-renowned innovation expert & inventor Maher Mezher detected the special mindset & Habits of successful innovators. In this highly interactive keynote your audience will discover how to think and act to come up with ideas and drive results.

Watch Maher Mezher in action

Maher Mezher - Innovation Speaker 2021 Demo Reel

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"Maher the Innovator led the way to our brains in one of the rare joyful moments. Proving his style to unleash the creative potential inside the learners and transform them into innovators."

Fatima Mahfouz

Managing Director, Startegy Advisor , Board Member

"Maher is a top-level speaker with amazing energy and verve. People warm to him, and he is able to bring a unique set of talents to his audience."

Brett King

Author, Speaker, Radio & Media Personality, Founder - Moven

"Our work with maher led to the top product launches accross our international brand."

Nour Chbaro

Chief Human Officer - Touch

"Maher is one of the most effective and innovative speakers that I have worked with. He was able to change the participants’ mindset by pushing their limits and enabling them to discover their potential as team members and leaders."

Rodolphe Bou Ghaba

Dean for Executive Education – Georgetown University in Qatar
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