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Mindfulness coach George Mumford teaches athletes the art of meditation.

George Mumford

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Working with Phil Jackson and numerous NBA teams throughout his career, George Mumford inspires athletes to find balance by practicing meditation daily.

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George Mumford works as a psychologist, teaching meditation techniques to elite athletes. A performance coach and mindfulness expert, Mumford is recognized as one of the most successful sports psychologists in the field. Leveraging his platform to spread the message of mindfulness beyond the sports world, Mumford is an in-demand speaker and motivator. Sharing insights on top-performing athletes, he helps clients to find success off and on the basketball court. Working to elevate professional athletes and teams, he maintains a long and productive relationship with NBA coach Phil Jackson.

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  • George Mumford is undoubtedly the foremost sports psychologist and mindfulness expert in the field. Working with numerous top-tier teams, he’s helped to elevate athletes to the championship level with meditation and mindfulness.
  • Offering practical techniques and skills for implementing mindfulness into a daily routine, Mumford helps listeners find balance and achieve their goals.
  • Many of the teams Mumford has coached have won NBA championships after incorporating his strategies. His best-selling book, The Mindfulness Athlete, is a guide to winning on the court.

Leveraging his experience and insights, George Mumford helps athletic icons to overcome challenges to win. By 2016, Mumford had founded the group Eye of the Hurricane, which helps teams to implement mindfulness strategies and skills for self-management. Prior to launching the organization, George worked for Boston College as a sports psychologist.

Recognized as one of the top sports psychologists in his field, George maintains a successful relationship with Phil Jackson, a 13-time NBA championship coach. Collaborating for more than two decades, George helped Phil develop many NBA champions with his mindfulness strategies. A couple of George’s top clients include Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

As the author of the book The Mindfulness Athlete, Mumford helps clients learn how to apply mindfulness techniques. Leveraging years of experience and research, he outlines how an athlete may implement mindfulness strategies against colleagues to dominate on the court. In mindfulness strategies, athletes are consciously aware of their surroundings and may react to an athlete’s moves quickly and with control.

Teaching professional athletes to incorporate mindfulness meditation strategies, George has transformed the game of basketball. His clients are self-aware and react spontaneously to on-the-court changes. Mindfulness strategies often produce winning results for his clients. 

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