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Ashley Riley

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Author, communications thought leader and political adviser tools to successful communication and business

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Ashley is regarded as an expert and thought leader on communications and how to use communication to be successful in business and in life.

With over two decades of global experience working in business, in the public sector, in the political world and mentoring some of the most successful organisations on how they communicate Ashley is regularly asked to share his journey, his knowledge and his passion with audiences across the UK.

His keynote speeches deliver thought disrupting, challenging and inspiring content in a captivating and highly energetic manner with a focus on how those listening can practically put what they hear into practice.

Ashley has worked in the NHS as a Children’s Nurse, was an Adviser to an Member of Parliament in the Blair Years, co-authored a book that changed the landscape for school meals, led international campaigns for a global charity in Europe, Africa, Asia and the US and Directed the Communications at London Stansted Airport which was home to over 10,000 staff and saw 23 million passengers a year pass through their gates.

Every week Ashley posts a video called #LifeofRiley on communication and all things related – click here to see the videos.

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    Ashley Riley always works closely with clients to make sure that his keynotes are spot on for each event.

    Here are a few of his most popular keynotes:

    Keynote by Speaker Ashley Riley

    “Shall I turn the hoses onto them?” – The story of managing communications for 23 million passengers

    • Ashley Riley was the Director of Communications at London Stansted Airport at a time when 23 million passengers a year came through its gates and 11,000 staff were based at the Essex hub. One night at 2.30am he received a call from Sky News which changed the way he led the Communications team and taught him lessons that have gone on to shape the communications of businesses across the UK.

    Keynote by Speaker Ashley Riley

    The 45th President of the United States of America – Why Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 and why if the election was held today he’d win it again

    • Ashley Riley explains in a disrupting and challenging manner why one year into the Presidency of Donald Trump, despite the issues of fake news, electoral pacts with Putin, muscle flexing with North Korea and a failure to ban Muslims from his shores the 45th President would win again if the election was held today.


    Keynote by Speaker Ashley Riley

    The 90% v The 14% – Why Social Media will make or break businesses

    • Now more than ever businesses are waking up to the power of social media. Or are they? Ashley Riley explains in an inspiring and captivating way how so many firms, big and small, are getting social media wrong but by following what some of the most successful firms do will lead to business growth.


    Keynote by Speaker Ashley Riley

    310 million reasons why every single one of your customers should have their own website

    • Communications in business is changing every year. The businesses that will be the most successful are the ones that adapt to change. Stand still and you die. Ashley Riley explains in a thought provoking yet challenging way why looking at global giants like Amazon and their approach to every single one of the customers can make a real and lasting difference to your business in the year ahead.


    Keynote by Speaker Ashley Riley

    The Death of USP and The Birth of ESP – why communicating emotions will drive growth for businesses

    • The days of USP are over – no business has a unique offering. In this thought disrupting, and challenging presentation Ashley Riley explains why ESP is leading the way successful communications are delivered. As Ashley says, the ‘big boys’ do it well. Why shouldn’t you.

Ashley Riley on stage

Interview with Ashley Riley - The Public Speaker

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I thought Ashley was excellent and there was something for everyone to take away and use. Brilliant!

Excellent presentation. Thought provoking.

There is no doubt when it comes to communications and the difference it makes to success for business Ashley is the Guru. His entertaining, informed and genuinely interesting speech was fantastic.

Damian Cummins

Director Events and PR

Just as you are getting bored of your own message the rest of the world is beginning to listen. Communication gold dust from Ashley. Brilliant!

Julia Swanson

The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur

Thank You Ashley for training us at Saladmaster UK, today! You are an awesome speaker!

Irene Cristobal


Kings of Communication – why Trump is showing Boris how it is done.

As a communicator, a business owner and former Political Adviser I have more than a passing interest in current affairs. I am genuinely fascinated to be living in the time of President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson.

The 45th President recently told an audience in the US that Boris Johnson is the ‘UK version of Trump.’ That may be a compliment but why when the President seems to be made of Teflon the similarity with the new UK Prime Minister ends as he seems to be falling fowl of well, just about everyone (even his brother.)

The message for communicators everywhere is the reason Trump is successful, and will more than likely be returned for a second term in the Oval Office is that he truly understands his audience and communicates to them with laser like quality.

Yes Johnson is ahead in the UK polls should there be a General Election but what his communication advisers are missing is that right now the UK public are not the Prime Ministers audience. The people he needs to engage and win over are MPs, Brexit negotiators in the EU and as always journalists. At present he is failing miserably on all three fronts.

Trump knows he will be the Republican Candidate for President again. He knows that he is communicating to the mid-West rural voters of the US. Does he care that citizens of the West Coast and East Coast of his homeland promise never to vote for him with a growing group of them wanting him impeached? No he doesn’t. He doesn’t need them to win again. When they announce how offended they are by his latest tweet or speech at a rally the President rejoices.

Whether it is politics selling a message to a nation or business selling widgets to customers the winners are always those who understand their audience right now and communicate with them right now.

We can all wish for who we would like our customers to be (usually the affluent ones!) The place to start for any business wanting to have sustained success is understanding who your current people are and keep focused on them. No one else. Do that and as Trump is finding, they won’t even think about going anywhere else.

Ashley Riley

September 2019

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