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Greg Coker

Leadership expert & author
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Greg Coker is an expert when it comes to leadership, employee engagement, culture and purpose. He has 25 years’ experience working in three Fortune 500 companies as a senior level manager. Greg is the author of Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose and the Soft Skills Field Manual. He is an experienced speaker and has spoken at many events and conferences.

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Greg Coker is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Soft Skills – a full-service leadership development and consulting firm which specializes in “in-house” training and customized training to fit your needs and culture while focusing on organizational and individual effectiveness. The term “soft skills” refer to interpersonal skills like communication skills, negotiation skills and creative problem solving. These skills are sometimes underestimated, however, they are often more powerful as the so-called “hard” or “formal skills”. A good set of soft skills will ensure good customer service and returning customers.

Greg Coker has helped and coached clients either as individuals or organizations in many different industries and corporations. He also has experience with leading the training of over 80,000 employees as well as directed the governmental affairs and public relations at both the state and federal level. 

Greg is able to customize any keynote to fit your needs and specific situation. He is a great addition to an event regarding optimization of leadership and teamwork.

    Speaker Greg Coker Keynote Topics

    Building Cathedrals: The Power of Purpose

    • This keynote is based on a famous 300 year-old story about bricklayers. The story illustrates how people with purpose are more successful and productive in their life and work.
    • Greg Coker found the origin of the story and discovered that the one of the world’s most famous architects in history, Christopher Wren, was hired to rebuild the St Paul’s Cathedral after the great fire of 1666. This is where Christopher asked the three bricklayers what they were doing, to which they answered three different things. One was simply working, the next was building a wall, but the third bricklayer was building a cathedral for The Almighty. The third bricklayer not only had purpose and determination in his work but he was standing tall and working hard and fast.
    • In his keynote and book, Greg uses the fire and Cathedral as metaphors for setbacks and purpose. Christopher Wren was a great inspirational leader, who made his workers see the bigger picture and find their purpose. That is how to lead effectively. Are you the Christopher Wren of your organization? Do you want to be?
    • This entertaining keynote will inspire you to inspire. Find your purpose and transform your team from a “team of bricklayers” to “a team of Cathedral builders”.
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