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Mastering Crisis: Elite Negotiation Insights

Scott Tillema

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Unlock the secrets of strategic communication with Scott Tillema, a distinguished keynote speaker. His FBI-honed skills ensure your organization thrives in the face of adversity.

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Unlock success with Scott Tillema, distinguished keynote speaker. Leverage his SWAT-trained negotiation mastery and Harvard-honed intellect to empower your team. Elevate strategy, conquer challenges, and transform crises into opportunities. Book Scott now for a transformative keynote that ensures your organization's triumph.

Why you should book Scott Tillema for your next event

  • Gain SWAT-inspired negotiation tactics for corporate triumph with Scott Tillema’s expertise.
  • Empower your team with Harvard-honed communication strategies for unparalleled success.
  • Scott Tillema, a SWAT veteran, imparts crisis management brilliance for organizational triumph.

Scott Tillema, a distinguished Keynote Speaker, brings over two decades of law enforcement expertise and SWAT negotiation mastery to the corporate realm. Trained by the FBI and a Harvard University alum, Tillema’s professional background is marked by precision, resilience, and strategic brilliance.

As a founding partner of The Negotiations Collective, Tillema is on a mission to share his wealth of experience with organizations seeking transformative insights. His keynote addresses go beyond conventional business strategies, drawing on his SWAT precision to offer unique perspectives on crisis management, negotiation tactics, and strategic communication.

In every keynote, Tillema seamlessly blends his FBI-trained insights with the intellectual finesse acquired at Harvard, creating a powerful synthesis that resonates with corporate audiences. His dynamic presentations empower teams to navigate challenges, transforming adversity into opportunity.

Organizations that Book Scott Tillema for their events gain access to elite negotiation tools, SWAT-inspired strategies, and Harvard-honed communication techniques. Tillema’s engaging and informative style captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and teams alike. His commitment to excellence ensures that every keynote is tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience, offering actionable takeaways and fostering a culture of strategic brilliance within organizations.

In the realm of corporate speaking, Scott Tillema stands out as a sought-after expert, seamlessly combining his law enforcement background, SWAT precision, and Harvard education to deliver unparalleled value. For those seeking a keynote speaker who transcends traditional boundaries, Book Scott Tillema and elevate your organization’s strategy, negotiation prowess, and overall success.

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Keynote by speaker Scott Tillema

Reconnecting Humanity

Our world is facing tremendous challenges and at the top of that list is disconnection. This talk is a journey through the life and stories of a SWAT hostage negotiator, and how the exposure to individuals in crisis has lead him to turn his life’s work to bringing the concept of connection to those who most need to hear it and experience that transformation.  

Keynote by speaker Scott Tillema

Leading with Influence: Powerful Communication & Navigating Difficult Conversations

What is the one thing that could explode your business while strengthening the allegiance of your team? The answer is influence. Learn how leaders can utilize the same powerful strategies of hostage negotiators to find influence in all their interactions.

Keynote by speaker Scott Tillema

Finding Success Through Conflict Resolution

Are you working with challenging personalities who are causing conflict in the workplace? It’s tough to avoid them! This engaging keynote / breakout talk teaches tactics to confidently embrace conflict resolution to find success for you and your business.

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See keynotes with Scott Tillema
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