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Spencer West

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World Change Warrior, Bestseller Author, Inspirational Speaker Spencer West redefines possible to help millions change

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As a charismatic visionary and activist, speaker Spencer West has a truly moving life story to share. After losing both of his legs at the age of five, he faced the new circumstances with courage, navigating successfully in a challenging world. Today, Spencer is redefining the lives of thousands by sharing the lessons he learned along the way: he mesmerizes audiences all over the world and speaks alongside the likes of Justin Trudeau and Natalie Portman.

Why you should book speaker Spencer West

  • Spencer’s life story is truly extraordinary: booking him will get you a uniquely inspiring keynote speaker, who is talking from a perspective you’ve never heard before.
  • His insights and guidance already helped millions of people to embrace real change in their lives: from large stadiums to smaller workshops, Spencer is inspiring hope all over the world.
  • He ranks among the best inspiring speakers in the world: he frequently speaks alongside people like Justin Trudeau and Al Gore.

Spencer’s life has been marked both by hardships and success. When he was five, he lost both of his legs from the pelvis down and had to enter a world which could have defeated him. Instead, he faced the challenges little by little, learning to find his way in a world set against people with disabilities. His lessons and achievements along the way turned him into an inspiration for business leaders, professionals, educators and young people helping them to redefine possible in their lives and careers.

On the stage, speaker Spencer West genuinely mesmerizes all audiences: from 20,000-seat stadiums to volunteer excursions, his advice is helping millions of people globally to stand up and face their challenges. He has spoken alongside the likes of Justin Trudeau, Al Gore and Natalie Portman and opened for Demi Lovato on her world tour – inspiring thousands of her fans.

In his presentations, Spencer always offers great insights and important life lessons on how to find opportunity in every challenge while inspiring hope for leaders, students, corporations, families and faith-based groups. Moreover, when he is not on the speaking platform, speaker Spencer West is also working tirelessly to facilitate volunteer trips and create lasting change in communities all over the world.

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Keynote by speaker Spencer West

Redefine Possible: Lesson for Tackling Mountains for Life

In this keynote, speaker Spencer West invites the audience to experience the amazing transformation which can happen when we ‘redefine possible’. With his humility and humor, Spencer shares his incredible story of the obstacles he faced after losing his legs at the age of five and the journey of the discovery which encouraged him to climb Mount Kilimanjaro using his hands and a wheelchair.

  • Learn how to identify and push past your own roadblocks
  • Tackle any goal, whether personal or professional


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Spencer West – Speaking Reel

Get inspired by watching this amazing highlight reel by speaker Spencer West!

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