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Bobby Whisnand

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Speaker Bobby Whisnand has spent nearly three decades using his knowledge, passion, and Texas-sized energy to motivate thousands to live their best lives possible. Endorsed by doctors, surgeons and other specialists across multiple disciplines Whisnand has helped thousands of patients, companies, and associations reach unprecedented levels of wellness.

Motivating the masses to have the heart of a champion

As a keynote speaker, Bobby Whisnand has given hundreds of motivational presentations on health- and wellness-related topics. He has spoken both independently and on behalf of the American Heart Association-Dallas.

Whisnand is an expert on wellness, both from the physical and psychological perspective. He has multiple certifications as a personal trainer, elite trainer, specialist in exercise therapy and specialist in sports nutrition. Additionally, he has completed two year-long physical therapy internships and holds a B.S. degree in psychology with a minor in biology. His writings are published in USA Magazine, Polar, and in the 2017 Journal of Obesity and Eating Disorders. What’s more, he is the author of several books on fitness including “Fitness Frauds: Exposing the truth about Drugs, Lies, and Flex Appeal”.

Book Bobby for an engaging keynote full of actionable tips for truly lifelong wellness. He will motivate your heart, mind and soul!

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    Speaker Bobby Whisnand Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Bobby Whisnand

    • Treating Wellness: 6 Remedies to Revive Patient Success

    At first glance, almost all of us think that the medical industry and wellness go hand in hand, right? It’s a fact that every single day millions of people from all over the world look to Physicians, Surgeons, and other medical professionals to diagnose and treat them for everything from the common cold to debilitating diseases, all in hopes they get well fast and live a long and healthy life. In theory, medical treatment and wellness do go hand in hand but in reality, something big is missing. Bobby Whisnand brings his 28 years as a fitness professional and his experience in performing fitness evaluations for over 8,000 patients to unveil his time proven action plan to bridge the gap between medicine and wellness. With this eye opening and very empowering presentation, everyone in attendance will learn how to improve their patients Mental Wealth with Bobby’s 3-step plan for reviving and achieving more health and personal goals, to teach patients how to quickly differentiate between good vs. bad exercise and diet advice, and how to avoid ingredient roulette with health and wellness supplements. To top things off, Bobby has a special message for all medical professionals; you do not want to miss it.

    – Mental Wealth
    – Muscle or Madness
    – Cleaning Your Plate
    – Taking Our Own Medicine


    Keynote by Speaker Bobby Whisnand

    • Life at The Top: The Blueprint to Live Stronger, Love Bolder, Reach Higher

    We all want the good life; the freedom of good health, the security of prosperity, advancement and success within our career, cohesiveness and growth in our personal lives, and most importantly, supreme confidence that we can be victorious over every challenge life throws our way. The truth is, life at the top is there for all of us to live, but our journey to get there must first and foremost start with whole hearted confidence that we really can do it. With this heart thumping and powerfully motivating presentation, Bobby Whisnand gives his audiences the blueprint to live their lives with renewed and unprecedented self-confidence, to achieve extraordinary success in their careers and personal life, and to embrace unconditional commitment to the most important person in their lives, themselves.

    – Committing to #1
    – A Tenacious Vision
    – Recognizing Success
    – The Power of Passion


    Keynote by Speaker Bobby Whisnand

    • Making Tomorrow Fit: Secrets to Lifelong Wellness

    When it comes to self-improvement, especially on the health and wellness side of things, most of us look to tomorrow as the perfect place to really make it work this time. It’s the place where we are confident our new-found motivation, happier visions, and inspired efforts will lead us to a healthier life. And although tomorrow can seem like a sure thing win which will certainly reward our high hopes and good intentions, tomorrow often becomes an elusive goal and those hopes fail to see fruition. With this presentation, Bobby teaches his audiences how to recognize hidden successes on their way to self-improvement, how to grow their minds with positive visualization and a productive mind set, and how to navigate stress and stay on track to the best version of themselves. When it comes to wellness, there’s a right fit for everyone, and Bobby shows exactly how to find it.

    – Grow Your Mind
    – Have the Heart
    – Implement Change

    Keynote by Speaker Bobby Whisnand

    • Built in America: Making Wellness Fit for Life

    Today, corporations, associations, and medical organizations are providing substantial wellness atmospheres, direction, and incentives for their employees to be healthier, but something big is missing.
    With this presentation, Bobby gives wellness a big shot of life by delivering an eye-opening and very interactive presentation on how to make wellness fit for everyone. Bobby opens the eyes and hearts of his audiences by using empowering life stories, humor, and interactive demonstrations as he shows his turn key solutions for much healthier, efficient, and non-intimidating means of exercise, a much clearer and practical path to healthier eating, and how to manage wellness outcomes with realistic expectations. Bobby’s Built in America presentation helps companies, organizations, and entire industries succeed at reaching the biggest goal of all… lifelong wellness.

    – The Truth About Exercise
    – “Wait” Management
    – The Reality of Wellness

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