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Lionel Barber

Journalist, FT Editor & Expert
Country: UK

Speaker Lionel Barber is a well-known English journalist. Lionel is the editor of the Financial Times and has helped transform and solidify its position on the market as a successful global multi-channel news organization. Lionel has lectured widely on foreign policy and international relations and has received several awards for his contribution in journalism.

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Lionel Barber graduated from Oxford University with a joint honours degree in German and modern history. As a newly graduate, he got a job as a reporter for The Scotsman and later moved to The Sunday Times as a business correspondent before joining the Financial Times in 1985.

During his career, speaker Lionel Barber has interviewed some of the biggest politicians and world leaders including Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel and most recently President Donald Trump. In 2001, Lionel was invited to brief George W. Bush on European affairs and that same year, European Voice named him one of the 50 most influential personalities in Europe. He was awarded the Legion d’Honneur and The Media Society’s annual award in the UK. 

As a keynote speaker Lionel Barber educates his audience on foreign policy, transatlantic relations, European security and monetary union in the US and Europe and appears regularly on TV and radio around the world. He has also co-written several books.

    Speaker Lionel Barber Keynote Topics

    • European Politics
    • State of the Media & Publishing
    • Business
    • Brexit
    • The Political Landscape
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