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Marissa Afton

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Executive coach and corporate consultant who can transform your organization's members with mindfulness

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Speaker Marissa Afton is a leadership expert and corporate consultant who helps Fortune 500 companies by providing them with strong cultural change solutions. Her research-based and customized solutions proved to be a success over 4 continents. Marissa works closely with top global organisations like Accenture, Cisco and Pfizer and many more. As a sought after presenter, she speaks at top Leadership and HR conferences across many industries such as finance, IT, law, professional services and healthcare.

Why you should book speaker Marissa Afton

  • With over 25 years of experience in mindfulness, Marissa transforms managers and executives into focused and mindful leaders.
  • She frequently consults Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer and Cisco to deliver them customized cultural change solutions.
  • Marissa develops evidence-based safety solutions for industrial work environments in industries like mining, construction, gas and oil, manufacturing and many more.

As a specialist of workplace well-being and organizational excellence, speaker Marissa Afton is committed to helping people realize their true potential. Her expertise in mindfulness is a real contribution for employees and executives looking to improve their focus and attention. Moreover, as an executive coach and corporate consultant, Marissa works closely with Fortune 500 companies and provides them with research-based solutions tailored to their needs.

To show audiences the impact of mind training in a high-performance environment, speaker Marissa Afton often appears at top Leadership and HR conferences. Her experience in executive leadership training, performance coaching and mindfulness in the workplace helps to transform top organizations.

She leads initiatives at multinational corporations over 4 continents, developing winning teams and training top executives. Marissa is tremendously experienced in delivering evidence-based safety solutions to industrial work environments in industries like mining, manufacturing, construction, nuclear, utilities, explosives and other heavy industries.

Her book The Mind of The Leader is the ultimate go-to guide to becoming a top leader. Co-written with fellow speaker Jacqueline Carter, the book is a result of two-year research into understanding how leaders can improve themselves and take their organizations to the top, reaching outstanding results. Book speaker Marissa Afton now – she will tell you the most important findings and takeaways of the book.

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    Keynote by Speaker Marissa Afton

    The Mind of the Leader – How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results

    • This engaging and interactive keynote is based on Marissa Afton’s and Jacqueline Carter’s book The Mind of the Leader. Marissa’s keynote is full of practical takeaways which can be applied immediately.
    • By understanding how your brain works and training it for its essential qualities, you will gain an insight into how to lead yourself – in order to better lead your people.

    Keynote by Speaker Marissa Afton

    Mindful Leadership – Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness Moment to Moment

    • As research shows, mindful leaders are more effective and engaged. Speaker Marissa Afton designed this presentation to show you why mindfulness is the key for a leader.
    • She will tell you how to practice mindfulness and how to bring more mindfulness into your professional life. At the end of the keynote, you will leave with the essential techniques to integrate mindfulness into your professional and personal life.

    Keynote by Speaker Marissa Afton

    Enhance Performance at Work with Mindfulness

    • How to stay calm, effective and creative under pressure? Deadlines are getting closer and there is a constant need to perform well under pressure. This is a time when mindfulness comes in handy.
    • Based on Marissa’s and Jacqueline’s book One Second Ahead, speaker Marissa Afton designed this captivating keynote to leverage the tools and techniques of mindfulness. By introducing mindfulness strategies into your life, your resilience, creativity and performance will improve.
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