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Jacqueline Carter

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Jacqueline Carter, a luminary in leadership development, crafts experiences that resonate. As co-author of The Mind of the Leader, she enriches organizations like Royal Bank of Canada and Kimberly-Clark.

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A sought-after leadership and culture expert, Jacqueline Carter elevates global companies by creating a more humane work environment. Co-author of Harvard Business Review hits, she delivers dynamic keynotes, blending inspiration and creativity. With a proven track record spanning over two decades and collaborations with industry giants like Cisco, Disney, and Accenture, Jacqueline enhances leadership potential, ensuring extraordinary results in performance, resilience, and creativity. Book her now for transformative experiences that navigate the complexities of leadership, driving impactful change in large organizations.

Why you should boook Jacqueline Carter for your next event

  • Strategic Leadership Insights: Gain a competitive edge with Jacqueline Carter’s expertise in navigating industry challenges.
  • Corporate Culture Maven: Jacqueline Carter shapes resilient, high-performing teams, leaving an enduring impact on organizational dynamics.
  • Inspire Change: Jacqueline Carter’s keynotes provide tools to successfully implement complex transformations in large organizations

As a Senior Partner and Director of North America at Potential Project, Jacqueline Carter is the beacon guiding organizations toward a more human world of work. Her expertise in leadership development and corporate culture resonates in everyday scenarios, making her keynotes indispensable for any forward-thinking organization.

Jacqueline’s unique approach to leadership isn’t just theoretical—it’s a pragmatic tool for success. Her co-authorship of “Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way” and “The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results” attests to her authority in the field. When you book Jacqueline Carter for your event, you’re not just securing a speaker; you’re tapping into a wealth of proven strategies that enhance performance and resilience.

Jacqueline’s impact extends beyond the stage. With over 20 years of consulting experience, she has steered industry giants like Cisco, Disney, and Accenture through the complexities of leadership. Her insights have been featured in leading publications such as Forbes, American Management Association, and Fast Company, underscoring her thought leadership.

Book Jacqueline Carter for your event, and witness the transformation of your organizational landscape. Her engaging, dynamic, and impactful keynotes leave an indelible mark on teams, fostering creativity and navigating challenges with compassion. Don’t just invite a speaker; invite a catalyst for change. Elevate your organization with Jacqueline Carter—where every keynote is a journey toward a more inspired, resilient, and high-performing workplace.

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Keynote by Jacqueline Carter

Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way|

Many leaders think they need to choose between being a good human being or tough, effective leader. But this dichotomy is false. Leaders who combine business wisdom with human compassion drive the highest levels of employee engagement, loyalty, resilience, and performance. They can navigate global turmoil and organizational uncertainty in today’s business landscape with better results and higher commitment from their employees.

This interactive and engaging talk leverages research, stories, and key insights from the speaker’s book published by Harvard Business Review, Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way.

In this session:

  • Learn how to navigate tough conversations and leadership challenges with care for your people.
  • Discover new, eye-opening research on the exponential benefits of combining human compassion with business wisdom.
  • Learn why compassion is critically different from empathy; assess your own leadership capabilities.
  • Learn a memorable framework and gain practical tips for fostering psychological safety and trust.|
Keynote by Jacqueline Carter

Empathy v. Compassion in Leadership: Why Empathy is Not Enough

Empathy is essential for leadership. But empathy itself is not sufficient and may even carry risks. It originates in the emotional centers of the brain and enables us to feel others’ suffering. But if we stop there, research shows that we are susceptible to bias, burnout, and poor decision-making. What leaders also need is the powerful mental quality of compassion, which originates in the cognitive centers of the brain and is action oriented. Compassion gives us the ability to take a step back from the emotion of empathy to ask, “How can I be of benefit?”

In this engaging session, you will learn the neurological difference between empathy and compassion, the risks of empathy without compassion, and new and exciting research on the benefits of compassion for leaders. You will also learn how to rewire the brain to enhance empathy and compassion, as well as gain practical tips to apply both as a leader to enhance employee engagement, resilience, and diversity.

Keynote by Jacqueline Carter

A Human-Centric Approach to Winning at Transformation

Organizational transformations are exceedingly difficult, with a 70% average failure rate. However, we can dramatically improve the odds of success by taking a human-centric approach. Neurologically, humans are wired to resist change. When leaders understand these neurological barriers and how to inspire employees, they are equipped to communicate effectively, motivate their people, and work productively through inevitable challenges.

Drawing upon business, psychological, and neurological research, as well as years of experience with global clients, this session will explore how to unlock success by understanding and addressing the human factors of change and transformation.

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Mindful Leader Summit with Jacqueline Carter

Watch Jacqueline Carter in action

Jacqueline Carter & Rasmus Hougaard: The Misconceptions of Mindfulness at Work

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