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Jacqueline Carter

travels from Canada

Expert on corporate mindfulness with scientifically proven tools and strategies to enhance leadership and performance

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The inspiring and down-to-earth speaker Jacqueline Carter is an expert on leadership. She has experience with a wide field of leadership roles for different organizations. Jacqueline specializes in corporate mindfulness and helps companies embed mindfulness practices into daily corporate life through scientifically based research.

Why you should book speaker Jacqueline Carter

  • Jacqueline has over 20 years of experience working with leadership and consulting. She offers a practical approach with several actionable takeaways for the audience.
  • She has a master’s in Organizational Behaviour which has given her an academic and theoretical perspective on leadership as well. With her theoretical and practical knowledge, the audience will learn, understand, reflect and take steps towards change!
  • Jacqueline focuses on the science and research behind corporate mindfulness and only teaches her audience what she knows will help them.

Keynote speaker Jacqueline Carter is currently partner and director of North America at Potential Projects which offers various training programs for implementing mindfulness at work. Jacqueline is a well-respected expert in the field of leadership, corporate mindfulness and high-performance. She is also co-author of two well-known books about leadership and mindfulness, “One Second Ahead” and “The Mind of the Leader”.

During a time where many people face change and uncertainty everyday, it has become even more important to stay focused and stress-free. Incorporating practices from mindfulness is an effective and popular way of doing so. Jacqueline has worked with big brands on doing just that. She has helped companies implement large and complex changes and has worked in countries like the United States, Singapore and Australia.

As a speaker Jacqueline Carter is insightful and dynamic. She is confident on stage and engages with the audience to ensure everyone learns something new. As a respected expert on corporate mindfulness and leadership, Jacqueline is a speaker you must experience. Below are listed some of her most popular keynote topics.  She is also available for keynotes with her colleague and fellow speaker Marissa Afton.

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    Keynote by speaker Jacqueline Carter

    The Mind of the Leader – How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results

    • This keynote is based on the book “The Mind of the Leader” and provides leaders and managers with practical takeaways. As a leadership expert, Jacqueline offers a clear understanding of how to be better leaders.
    • This keynote is largely based on scientific research on leadership and the human mind. The audience will learn how to lead themselves and their team in an efficient way that ensures extraordinary results.

    Keynote by speaker Jacqueline Carter

    Mindful Leadership – Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness Moment to Moment

    • This keynote focuses on corporate mindfulness and how the practices of mindfulness can bring focus to each task. Research has shown that mindful leaders are more present and engaged, and Jacqueline presents the audience with the exact benefits.
    • Jacqueline offers practical tools and strategies on how to practice mindfulness, and she goes over exactly what mindfulness means. At the end of this keynote, the audience will have the tools and knowledge to start implementing mindful leadership.

    Keynote by speaker Jacqueline Carter

    Enhance Performance at Work with Mindfulness

    • In this interactive keynote, Jacqueline focuses on how mindfulness can help in a stressful workday. This keynote is perfect for anyone working in a stressful or high-pressure work environment.
    • Based on the book “One Second Ahead”, speaker Jacqueline Carter presents different ways to enhance performance through mindfulness. Jacqueline always uses science to back up facts and shows her audience how a clear and calm mind leads to effective and creative workdays.
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