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Katie King

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Award-winning AI strategist & bestselling author Katie King empowers businesses to unlock AI's potential for sales, marketing, and customer experience.

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Unlock the Future with Katie King: AI Visionary, Author, and Speaker. Leverage 30+ years of strategic insights for business transformation. Recognized as 'Leading AI Strategist' and a 'Top 10 AI Influencer'. From TEDx stages to global assignments, she propels your success. Discover AI's potential through her acclaimed books, influential talks, and ethical leadership. Don't miss the opportunity to have Katie King share her visionary insights and actionable strategies with your audience.

Why you should book Katie King for your next event

  • Harness the Power of AI: Katie King’s expertise in AI empowers organizations to leverage cutting-edge technology for enhanced marketing, sales, and customer experience.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Benefit from Katie King’s insights on emerging trends, industry shifts, and disruptive technologies, enabling you to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.
  • TEDx Speaker: Katie King’s compelling TEDx talks have captivated audiences internationally, offering unique perspectives on AI, STEM, and business transformation.

Katie King is not your ordinary motivational speaker; she’s a recognized authority in AI, Generative AI, digital, STEM, leadership, and business metamorphosis. It’s like having a digital compass in the AI wilderness. When you book Katie for your event, you’re securing more than a speaker; you’re enlisting an expert navigator who ensures your audience emerges inspired, informed, and empowered.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, Katie’s insights become your organization’s North Star. Her 30+ years of consulting experience has illuminated strategies for leading global brands like Virgin, Rolls-Royce, and Harrods. As the ‘Leading AI Strategist’ and a ‘Top 10 influencer in AI’, Katie’s presence transcends borders, bringing her wisdom to stages worldwide.

Picture this: your audience engrossed in Katie’s TEDx talks, soaking in the transformative power of AI and its potential. Her impact extends beyond inspiration; it’s about connecting the dots between AI and your organizational success. From the boardroom to the assembly line, Katie’s wisdom integrates seamlessly, driving efficiency, innovation, and profitability.

Furthermore, her acclaimed books, including “AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing”, serve as blueprints to align marketing, sales, and customer experience. The result? A harmonious symphony that resonates with your customers and bottom line.

Beyond business, Katie’s dedication to education is exceptional. Her ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ program bridges the skills gap in young minds, ensuring they’re equipped to embrace AI and STEM’s future. This commitment to ethical AI integration aligns with her role as a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group for AI and her Editorial Board Membership for AI and Ethics Journal by Springer Nature.

In a world where AI’s promise is immense, having Keynote Speaker Katie King by your side is like having a trusted ally for your journey. So, book Katie King for your event and set your organization on the path to AI-powered success. Your future starts here.

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Keynote by speaker Katie King

Unleash the Transformative Power of AI: Propel Your Business to New Heights

Struggling to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Look no further! With Katie King as your keynote speaker, you’ll gain the insights and strategies to unlock AI’s full power and propel your business to new heights.

Katie King’s dynamic keynotes offer practical solutions to your AI pain points. Discover how AI can revolutionize your marketing, sales, and customer experience, driving unparalleled growth and success. From personalized targeting to predictive analytics, Katie’s expertise will equip you with the tools to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Speaking Topics

  • How to harness AI and Generative AI ethically for business growth.
  • How to harness AI for marketing, sales, HR and CX.
  • How can the C-suite prepare for a world where man and machines co-exist.
  • Harnessing AI to future-proof your careers.
  • Closing the skills gap; understanding how AI is shaping future careers and job functions.
  • How to harness AI in telecoms.
  • How to harness AI in retail + law + financial services (tailored for all sectors).
  • Harnessing AI ethically for competitive growth.

Engage Katie in your next event and let her transform your AI thinking.

Watch Katie King in action

I have a dream, in fact I have 10 | Katie King | TEDxTottenham

Watch Katie King in action

AI in Marketing | Katie King | WAIS - Dubai

See keynotes with Katie King
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