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Kevin Gaskell

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Leader, entrepreneur, team builder and inspirer passionate about the development of leadership skills

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Keynote s peaker Kevin Gaskell is an extraordinary leader who led iconic brands Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini to unprecedented levels of success before creating global businesses from scratch. A corporate trailblazer, serial entrepreneur and world class team builder recognised as one of the outstanding leaders of his generation.

As a CEO, chairman, founder and investor Kevin has enjoyed success in sectors including automotive, data, technology, manufacturing, brand marketing and professional services. He has repeatedly led teams to achieve extraordinary performance in companies ranging from 7 to 7,000 employees.  Passionate about the development of leadership skills he is frequently sought to reinvigorate teams and companies.

Kevin has set the business world alight with success after success. His businesses awards have included: e-commerce business of the year; Best private equity investment of the year; EMEA Innovation Award; Landscape gardening business of the year; The World’s 7th most innovative company.    

It was leading the turnaround of Porsche from close to bankruptcy to market leader that saw Kevin Gaskell, at the age of 32, recognised as one of the most capable leaders of his generation. He consolidated that recognition with 4 years as Managing Director of BMW (GB) during which he led the business to record growth and a 500% improvement in profitability.

Since his roles in the automotive sector he has led businesses to massive success in the digital, technology, data, brand marketing, market research, construction, retail, professional services and manufacturing sectors. Such flexibility and adaptability has confirmed his position as an extraordinary and inspirational leader.  

A highly motivational and engaging speaker, he believes that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results – and he has the experiences to prove it. He has led global corporations, start-ups, private equity portfolio companies and organisations large and small to create shareholder value in excess of $5Billion. He has also found the time to walk to both the north and south poles and climb the world’s highest mountains to fund the construction of a cancer treatment unit.  

Using an energetic and inclusive style he shares the tools and techniques which have enabled his teams to deliver results which even they considered impossible – until they achieved them. His approach of ‘Inspired Leadership’ at every level in the organisation has been demonstrated to achieve extraordinary success again and again. As a leader who has led established businesses and founded technology startups which have grown to global scale he is able to demonstrate the competitive opportunities for businesses large and small.   

He shows that leadership is an adaptable and transferable skill and is a key enabler of successful teamwork in any situation. Drawing upon his experience and his ongoing leadership roles in growing companies Kevin shares practical lessons of how individuals can be inspired to create teamwork which transforms organisations and achieves world class performance

Kevin Gaskell is a leader who has been there and done it, and then done it again, and again. His speeches provide the inspiration, and share the tools, which enable each member of the audience to return to their role energised and informed and ready to achieve something extraordinary.  

And if the audience need an energizer they could always ask Kevin to play his guitar – in his spare time he plays in a rock band!

See keynotes with Kevin Gaskell

    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Gaskell

    Market Disruption: Leveraging the power of change to your advantage

    • Recognise opportunity share, deal with the F(ear) word
    • Understand your customer’s needs vs demands
    • Build the shared plan, engage internal creativity, dare to dream
    • Remain relevant, authentic and profitable
    • Achieve extraordinary results, sustain success


    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Gaskell

    Inspired Leadership: How you can achieve extraordinary results in business

    • Become an inspiring leader, stimulate your team’s desire to be world class
    • Commit to change, build belief, dare to dream, build the plan
    • Connect the team with the plan, make the impossible possible
    • Create a culture of innovation, motivate genius, recognise and reward
    • Become better then bigger, achieve extraordinary results


    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Gaskell

    Leadership or Heroship?

    • Achieving success in adversity. Fewer than 100 people have walked to both the North and South Poles.
    • Using practical lessons contrasting the experience of walking to the poles with that of driving business success key messages are discussed and a structured approach to achieving success identified.
    • This topic can also take the form of 2 x 1 hour sessions where one session focuses on lessons from the polar expeditions whilst the second translates those lessons to the business environment.


    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Gaskell

    Building a world class company

    • Great companies evolve and make progress despite, or sometimes due to, difficult environments.
    • How does a company ensure it has a clear vision and an aligned team?
    • What steps should a leader take to drive the business onto the next level of success?
    • How can it be fun for everyone involved?


    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Gaskell

    Building a world class brand

    • Great companies build great brands.
    • How are brands developed and how is long term value enhancement achieved?
    • How does the brand’s position within its market segment affect the product perception?
    • Repositioning of the Porsche and BMW brands are used to illustrate the process.


    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Gaskell

    Automotive sector commentary

    • Specific issues including the development of the European retail market, legislation, financial perspectives for retail dealers and vehicle manufacturers.
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