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Sanjay Raja

travels from USA

Speaker on Nutrition & Health, former martial arts fighter, and founder of Team No Excuses Fitness and Nutrition

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Our keynote speaker Sanjay Raja is an expert on nutrition and fitness specifically children's nutrition and health. As a child, he never got the "food talk" and it led to binge eating and obesity. Today, he is passionate about sharing his message and his keynotes are informative, thought-provoking and very important.

Why you should book speaker Sanjay Raja:

  • He is relatable. Some of Sanjay’s inspirations are his kids, and his own personal journey growing up.  Sanjay now further inspires adults and corporations on how to properly implement healthy fitness into their everyday lifestyle.
  • He is personable. Health being a tricky subject, Raja shares his own personal testimony on how he gained his motivation.  Speaker Sanjay provides facts and alternate ideas on maintaining fitness, and health in any given environment.
  • He is inquisitive.  His company Team No Excuses further dives into people and their eating habits.  These questions help understand and thereafter guide and maintain your healthy eating habits for generations to come. Allow Sanjay to shape your new health journey!

Sanjay Raja has a unique perspective on nutrition and fitness as he was a former fighter in a variety of martial arts styles. In 2012 he founded Team No Excuses Fitness and Nutrition, a worldwide nutrition and fitness education company to help children and adults achieve their nutrition and fitness goals through education and cutting through all the misinformation. Sanjay continues to develop a following for his business and has been interviewed on and continues to appear on numerous platforms including TV, radio, podcasts, and other platforms for his expertise on health & nutrition.

He is a published author on the subject of nutrition and fitness as he published his book “The Food Talk”: A Parents’ Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids of All Ages in late 2018 to numerous positive reviews. Moreover his book grabbed the attention of producers in Hollywood and he currently is in early stages of developing a tv show based around his book.

He is a national speaker on a variety of topics including nutrition, fitness, motivation and others.

Sanjay has degrees in biology, chemistry, and physical science, and for over a decade has served as a consultant, educating physicians and surgeons on various disease states and surgical techniques using different medical devices.

Lastly, he is a professional actor with credits that include two episodes of season four of the Netflix series House of Cards. He also has appearances on films/TV shows and has new projects that hes working on set to release later through the year. Sanjay is also filming a TV show concept based around his book The Food Talk.

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Key note by speaker Sanjay Raja

Corporate Health & Wellness Plans

  • Reviewing/augmenting existing corporate health & wellness plans that grow and change with the company and its employees
  • Educating C-Suite and management teams on how to keep employees motivated, excited and engaged in the workplace through positive reinforcement of employee health and fitness initiatives.
  • Defining parameters to create new corporate health and wellness plans that grow and change to with the company and its employees.
Keynote by speaker Sanjay Raja

Child Nutrition and Fitness

  • Reducing the risk of childhood obesity through sustainable nutrition and fitness habits
  • Overcoming sugar addiction in adults and children
  • Pushing culinary boundaries and creating adventurous eaters in children – The myth of picky/fussy eaters
  • Educating teachers/parents/caregivers on nutrition and fitness education for kids of all ages
  • Creative and fun fitness habits to instill in children of all ages
Keynote by speaker Sanjay Raja

Adult Nutrition and Fitness

  • Age Specific Nutrition and Fitness Education
  • Identifying and overcoming sugar addiction at any age
  • Implementing sustainable healthy habits for adults of all demographics and levels of physical fitness
  • Healthy habits for busy professionals and road warriors
Key note by speaker Sanjay Raja

Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation to Achieve Personal and Professional Success

Strategies on implementing and creating mental toughness to overcome professional and personal barriers in order to achieve professional and personal success.

Key note by speaker Sanjay Raja

Motivation and Personal Health

Discussing how to find, cultivate and utilize intrinsic motivation to lead healthier and more productive life while dealing with personal and professional obstacles.

Key note by speaker Sanjay Raja

Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

Discussing emerging trends in the entertainment industry and learning best practices individuals can undertake to direct, produce, distribute and finance projects with entertainment experts.

    Sanjay Raja - video

    Sanjay Raja - The Food Talk

    Watch speaker Sanjay Raja talk about the stereotypes in children’s nutrition:

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    Sanjay did a great job engaging the audience and gave us all insight on how to change the conversation around food. I loved that he drew on personal experiences so that we could see where our own decisions about food come from and how to break the cycle for our families. It’s so refreshing to hear him talk about nutrition from a healthy standpoint rather than one around dieting and fads.”

    Michaela Rosales

    Childbirth Educator, Doula, Speaker Co-Founder Honest Talk International

    As a result of this experience, I have learned the importance of speaking “to your audience’s heart” and not “at” them like many speakers do. I have learned the magic of moving an audience with the ability to tell great stories. And finally, I know that power of having a great sense of humor from the stage, and without it, you may spend your whole life as a “public” speaker not getting paid, rather than being a “professional speaker living in complete financial freedom. I share all of this with you to let you know that Sanjay Raja embodies all three of these speaker traits: humor, hooking the audience in, and telling great stories. He is a natural, very talented, and best of all he is a great person that is both hard working and humble.

    Patrick Snow

    International Best-Selling Author|Keynote Speaker |Publishing and Book Marketing Coach|Speaking Coach

    “Sanjay is truly gifted with an ability to inspire and motivate even some of the most battle-ridden of individuals. I had the opportunity to see him in action during a USO Making it in the Entertainment Industry event and he had the audience – mostly combat Veterans and military families – on the edge of their seats. It wasn’t his success in film and TV that had them riveted – it was his authenticity and approachable style.

    Mike Schindler

    CEO Operation Military Family Cares| Co-Founder Integrated Telehealth Solutions

    The event was held to encourage and educate veterans about considering careers in entertainment. Briefly, I am a filmmaker and performer. Over my almost 20 years in the entertainment industry. I’ve worked in feature films (directing, producing, and acting), TV, and I’ve directed commercials. It’s honestly rare I come across someone as hard working and dedicated as Mr. Raja. I confidently recommend Sanjay Raja. He is honest, compassionate, and his skills as a public speaker are exceptional. I specifically tried to learn from his skills engaging with the audience.”

    Michael May

    COO Fun Size Horror|Executive Producer AutoBiography

    I also had the opportunity to hear Sanjay Raja speak at an invite-only Speakers Retreat and I found his Food Talk topic both educational and compelling. In a sea of “professional speakers,” Sanjay stood above the others because his delivery is engaging. While others were “showy” or worked to prove their knowledge, Sanjay’s demeanor, delivery and knowledge won me over…and compelled me to evaluate my own eating habits. He sold me on making changes that will better my life without “selling me.” Sanjay knows how to command the big stage and still keep it personal.”

    Mike Schindler

    CEO Operation Military Family Cares| Co-Founder Integrated Telehealth Solutions

    How To Be A Food Detective

    There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of sugar and a long list of medical problems associated with excess sugar consumption; but how do we know how to decipher the code on our favorite foods when large food manufacturers use slick marketing which is designed to hide the sugar content with ambiguous description and words. I’ve got three simple steps you can follow when it comes to determining whether there’s added sugar in your food:

    1. Ignore all front-label marketing claims, like “natural,” “part of a balanced diet,” and even “no added sugar.” These claims are almost always misleading. Neither can you depend on the red, green, and yellow labeling on some packaged foods. I’m afraid the “organic” label has very little to do with whether or not a product has too much sugar, natural or added.

    2. Take a look at the Nutrition Facts label, specifically the categories “Total Carbohydrates” and “Sugars.” If the total sugar content is over 22.5 grams per 100 grams, the food is high in sugar; if it’s below 5 grams per 100 grams, then the food is low in sugar. Another good rule of thumb is that if a food has no added sugar, no saturated fat, and offers protein, then the food is acceptable. But if a food has more added sugar and/or saturated fat than protein, then the food has too much sugar. It also follows that if a food has more sugar than protein, the food still has more negative than positive benefits. And, if a food has more than five grams of added sugar, it’s not worth the calories. Also, if a food has more than five grams of saturated fat it’s also not worth the calories either.

    3. Check out the ingredients list. Look for the obvious words like “sugar,” “cane,” “sweetener,” and “syrup,” as well as anything ending in “–ose.” These are obvious signs of added sugars, with the exception of “lactose,” which is a naturally occurring sugar in dairy products. If you find one of these hot words, the product goes back on the shelf.

    Following these steps for reading labels will give you a pretty good idea when a product has added sugar and should be avoided. But sometimes even naturally occurring sugar gets out of hand, so before we move on entirely from labeling, I want to address one of the biggest mistakes people make when reading labels and trying to avoid sugar: assuming that organic food is automatically healthy. The sad part is that if you’re buying something organic, you’re really trying to do what’s best for your family! You deserve results for your effort, so I’m going to remind you to watch out for sugar, even when it’s organic and naturally occurring. Think about the last time you actually read a nutritional label on foods you buy on a consistent basis either for you or your family. Do you think you would be shocked by how much sugar is in those foods? If they contained excess sugar you were not aware of, would it motivate you to give up these foods?

    I challenge you to try this exercise: Write down five to seven packaged food items you buy on a regular basis and the sugar content of those items per serving. Based on those answers and the rule of thumb outlined above concerning food being acceptable or unacceptable in relation to its sugar content, check to see whether these items fit into the acceptable or unacceptable category, and then decide whether you will continue to buy them.


    Interview with Sanjay Raja

    How did you begin your speaking career?

    I actually began my speaking career in the medical world as I was a medical consultant hired by different medical device companies to educate surgeons on new medical devices and the new surgical techniques associated with these devices. A large portion of my job was to give presentations to surgeons, medical staff, and hospital officials regarding how to use these devices to help increase positive patient outcomes.

    Once I left that industry and went in to the nutrition and fitness space as a health coach working one on one with clients I also would host healthy cooking demonstrations in my home to show parents, and adults of ages various recipes that were healthy, and kid friendly that anyone could make at home. As I would do more of these healthy cooking demonstrations more and more people would show up and and soon I had small crowds that I would be speaking to.

    Then I realized I could take my speaking career to a whole new level and wanted to get the message across to a wider audience on a variety of topics related to fitness&nutrition based on experience in the medical field and my work with individual clients.

    Who or what inspires you most?

    Helping people achieve their goals and my kids are the two things that inspire me the most. When I started my first company Team No Excuses Fitness in 2012 I wanted it to be a legacy I could leave behind for them and because I wanted to start a company dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness&nutrition goals and I never thought it could grow to this level as my company now helps numerous individuals, athletes, parents and children achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.

    In addition I have worked with numerous companies large and small across the country in assessing/augmenting/building a health and wellness plan for their employees.

    What’s the biggest mistake you see people make when it comes to nutrition and fitness?

    This is such a tough question to answer but I would have to say the biggest mistake people make is thinking that they need to only think about their health when something goes wrong meaning they have an ailment or injury. That being said I educate clients and companies that maintaining your health is done through choices we make daily and in doing so you can lessen the chance for injury and ailments before they occur.

    The second biggest mistake that is equally as important for me to address is falling into the trap of short term weight loss through fad dieting and expecting to keep the weight off. I constantly have to dispel this notion and reiterate that by being proactive about your health they will keep the weight off for the long term without the need for yo-yo dieting.

    What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

    I enjoy public speaking because it allows me to connect with people on a very personal level and if I can illicit positive change in just one person in the audience to take action to improve their life then I have accomplished my goal to change people’s lives for the better.

    What are your biggest goals in your life/career currently?

    The biggest goal of my life is to provide the best possible childhood for my children by having them experience the world as I did. I grew up in India as a child and have circled the globe many times over. I consider myself a citizen of the world as I feel like I can relate to and fit in with any culture in the world. This is what I want for my children to be citizens of the world so they can have a global perspective vs a local perspective so they will never be afraid to try anything new.

    Regarding my career goals my I have three major goals I would like to accomplish. The first goal is almost accomplished as my book will release next month but my goal is to tour the country and the world and speak to as many people as possible to make a positive impact in their lives through my book as I started writing this about 3 years ago. My second goal is to build up both my both my nutrition and fitness education company in Team No Excuses Fitness and my consulting company in RajaVentures to such a level I can leave them for my kids to take over and build their own lives with.

    Lastly I am a working actor in film/tv/commercials and I am working towards being a series regular on a major tv shows and also being a lead on a major film.

    What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?

    They type of clients I have worked with in the past include adults/athletes looking to take their training/diet to the next level as I was a former athlete. I have worked with children of different age groups and their families in overcoming sugar addiction and showing the parents how to educate their children in making healthy food choices through cooking together in the kitchen and preparing meals together as a family. I also have worked with companies big and small around the country in developing their health&wellness programs for their employees.

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