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Karen Jacobsen

The GPS Girl & Emcee
Country: USA

Singer and keynote speaker Karen Jacobsen is the woman behind the most downloaded voice in the world. You’ve heard her in your car or from your smartphone as the woman giving you directions or recalculating your route. A true entertainer and motivational speaker, she provides guidance and advice for redirecting your life at an unforgettable event.

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Why you should book speaker Karen Jacobsen

  • As the GPS Girl, Karen brings something completely unique and special to your event, and her recognizable voice creates a sense of connection between the audience and her.
  • Karen has spoken at several events and is an in-demand speaker who never disappoints. Her experience gives her confidence on stage and a relaxed audience.
  • Karen’s life story is full of ups and downs and her keynotes are relatable and based on real-life experiences which ensure that the audience walks away with realistic advice and guidance.

Karen Jacobsen was born in Australia but knew from a young age that she wanted to move to America to become a professional singer. While Karen has had great success as a singer – having sung the National Anthem at multiple large sporting events and received several awards – her life completely changed when she was called in to audition for a text-to-speak voice system. Today, Karen’s voice is heard in over a billion GPS and smartphone devices. Karen’s voice can be heard anywhere from elevators and cinemas to software and electronic devices. Her voice is also known as the Australian Siri.

As a speaker Karen Jacobsen is dynamic and engaging. Her recognizable voice creates something unique for the audience. Through her keynotes, she directs people in life instead of on the road as she teaches her audience to be their very own GPS. Karen has spoken at multiple events and keeps receiving incredible feedback for her work ethics and ability to engage with the audience. Whether you need guidance in your life, career or business, Karen’s keynote is sure to bring you back on track to recalculate your route.

As a professional and successful singer, Karen also offers musical performances to be included in her keynotes.

Watch speaker Karen Jacobsen in action:

    Keynote by Speaker Karen Jacobsen

    Recalculating – Directions for Driving Performance Success

    • In this keynote, Karen will teach the GPS Girl’s 5 Directions for Recalculating.
    • Learn how to be able to quickly bounce back and redirect your efforts.
    • This is the perfect keynote for an audience looking for entertainment and guidance in times of change and adversities
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