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Jason Hewlett

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Comedian and hall of fame speaker appreciated for hilariously encouraging individuals and teams achieve their goals

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Leadership and motivational speaker Jason Hewlett has a passion for helping people find their purpose and make them feel empowered to achieve their dreams and reach success. Jason is also a G-rated comedian and manages to bring laughter and eye-opening insights to large corporate events and top leaders in the world.

Why you should book speaker Jason Hewlett

  • Jason is a hall of fame speaker and has headlined some of the world’s biggest corporate events. His keynote presentation will have your audience talk about your event for years and years.
  • As a professional comedian, Jason will definitely bring smiles and laughter to the audience. Studies have shown that people are much more likely to pay attention if humor is involved, and the audience won’t want to miss Jason’s excellent points about leadership and engagement!
  • Jason has a unique approach to leadership and business. He doesn’t believe in business or life goals – but in making promises. Your audience will feel empowered and motivated to change their habits and transform!

Speaker Jason Hewlett has been a keynote speaker for more than 15 years. He has won several awards and his experience as an entertainer means his keynotes are never boring. Jason has spoken at over 2000 events and in front of some of the biggest companies in the world like Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola. Jason Hewlett started his successful speaking career after presenting his popular one-man show in 2005. The client was so impressed that he was invited as a keynote speaker for their leadership and management conference the following year. Jason continues to impress his clients and audience with his one clear message of the promise. A promise is the highest level of commitment and engagement one can give, and it’s through this promise that we can transform into extraordinary leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, managers, and team players.

As a speaker Jason Hewlett is entertaining, funny and engaging. Jason’s keynotes are a mix of comedy, music and hilarious impressions while being extremely eye-opening and relevant to all organizations and corporate events. Jason pushes his audience to think about their role in a team or an organization. By the end of his keynote, the audience will be able to identify and know their promise to their colleagues, family and work. Jason encourages and motivates in a way that is impossible to resist, and any corporation or team will see incredible results after a keynote with Jason.

Jason is a CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame and will ensure that the audience leaves feeling energized and with the power to transform and achieve great success.


See keynotes with Jason Hewlett

    Keynote by speaker Jason Hewlett

    The Promise: The Engagement Experience

    • In this entertaining keynote, Jason presents his secrets to becoming a work-family with employee engagement and job fulfilment.
    • This message empowers listeners to take stock of their relationships with customers, teammates, family and friends — and take a second look at the promises we all make, keep, or break with ourselves.
    • Ready to re-fuel your team with PROMISE? Invite Jason Hewlett to entertain and move your next audience to experience life-changing breakthroughs.

    Keynote by speaker Jason Hewlett

    The Promise of Innovation Meets Reinvention

    • In this humorous and dynamic keynote, Jason Hewlett ignites the spirit of innovation amongst audience attendees by infusing his message with an inventive and entertaining showcase of music artists that will not only have them learning – but have them on their feet.
    • The audience will learn to adopt the wisdom in thinking like an artist and step into the void.
    • Your audience will laugh until it hurts, enjoy music they love, and gain the profound insights they need to best innovate and reinvent.

    Keynote by speaker Jason Hewlett

    The Promise of Rock Star Leadership

    • In this insightful keynote, Jason Hewlett shares never-heard-of leadership stories of those who seriously changed the game. You’ll laugh, even cry, as Jason takes you on an extraordinary journey of legendary performers.
    • The audience will learn to better delegate, deliver, and empower their employees and reach new levels of engagement.
    • This game-changing keynote is exactly what you need to compete in today’s lightning-paced world.
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