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Mark Sanborn

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Hall of Fame keynote speaker, Bestselling Author and Global Expert on leadership and customer service.

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Unlock Success with Mark Sanborn, a global authority in leadership, customer service, and business growth. With 3,000+ presentations worldwide, he's a New York Times bestselling author, creator of acclaimed training programs, and the Leadership Expert in Residence at High Point University. Mark's expertise has transformed leading brands like Costco, FedEx, and IBM. Book him now for your event and elevate your organization's potential.

Reasons to book Mark Sanborn

  • He holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame.
  • Mark was honored with the Cavett Award, the highest honor the NSA bestows on its members, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the speaking profession.
  • His keynote presentations, books and learning resources on leadership, customer service, and remarkable performance can make an extraordinary difference in your work and life.

Imagine a scenario: You’re at your favorite coffee shop, sipping your morning brew. The barista, with a warm smile, knows exactly how you like your coffee – it’s a personalized experience that keeps you coming back. Mark Sanborn’s keynotes, much like that barista, are all about delivering personalized excellence in the world of leadership, customer service, and organizational growth.

Mark Sanborn is not just any motivational speaker; he’s an international sensation known for his ability to inspire and equip organizations with the tools they need to thrive. His message isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s a finely brewed blend of practical insights, drawn from over 3,000 presentations across the United States and in 14 countries.

When you book Mark Sanborn for your event, you’re not just inviting a speaker; you’re bringing in a transformational force. Mark’s New York Times bestselling books, including “The Fred Factor,” have sold over two million copies worldwide, a testament to his ability to connect with a broad audience. His video and audio training programs, taught in 90 countries, are the gold standard in leadership development.

What truly sets Mark apart is his recognition in the industry. Holding the Certified Speaking Professional designation and being a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Mark Sanborn is a guarantee of excellence. He was honored with the prestigious Cavett Award, a testament to his outstanding contributions to the speaking profession.

Mark’s impressive client list reads like a who’s who of corporate giants, including Costco, FedEx, IBM, and more. His expertise is your secret ingredient for lasting success. So, when you’re thinking about booking a keynote speaker who can take your organization to new heights, remember this: Mark Sanborn isn’t just a speaker; he’s a catalyst for transformation. Book Mark Sanborn for your event, and watch your organization flourish.

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Keynote by speaker Mark Sanborn

Extraordinary Leadership: How to Create an Engaged and Inspired Team

In a rapidly changing world, with challenges at every turn, being an extraordinary leader comes down to learning ordinary practices and doing them just a little bit better. Drawing upon 40+ years of expertise in the business realm, Mark Sanborn’s mission has consistently been to shape the leader within each of us. He guides organizations with unwavering dedication, helping them understand that while circumstances may shift, the timeless principles of leadership remain steadfast, and ultimately exist in all of us.

In this keynote program, your audience will learn how to:

  • Utilize Timeless Leadership Principles: While circumstances may shift, the core principles of leadership never change. Mark explores the timeless qualities that distinguish extraordinary leaders from the rest. His extensive knowledge base, accumulated over four decades, equips audiences with invaluable insights into effective leadership practices, enabling leaders to inspire and empower their teams to reach new heights.
  • Drive Change and Ignite Transformation: Change is inevitable, and extraordinary leaders not only embrace it, but also become the catalysts for transformation. Mark delves into the art of leading change, developing strategies to mobilize teams, overcome resistance, and navigate through uncertainty. He shares invaluable strategies for adapting to new paradigms, staying agile, and leading with humanity in the face of challenges.
  • Create an Inspired Culture: Extraordinary leaders recognize the power of culture in unleashing their team's potential. Mark delves into the essence of cultivating an inspired culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and unparalleled success. His deep understanding of human motivation and team dynamics enables us to unlock the secrets to building a culture that thrives on excellence and achievement.
  • Leave a Legacy of Extraordinary Leadership: Extraordinary leaders not only achieve remarkable results, but also leave a lasting impact on those they lead. We explore the concept of legacy and how it drives exceptional leadership in others. Mark reveals the keys to leaving a legacy of extraordinary leadership, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, nurturing talent, and creating a culture of continuous growth.
Keynote by speaker Mark Sanborn

Extraordinary Service: How Doing a Little Extra Creates Huge Results

Based on the phenomenal success of his international best-selling book, The Fred Factor, Mark has become the leading expert on how to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

In a world where customer service can often feel mundane and lackluster, it’s time to revolutionize the way we engage with customers, colleagues, and vendors. In this dynamic keynote, Mark equips businesses with the tools and strategies to elevate their customer service
experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

In this keynote program, your audience will learn how to:

  • Shift Your Mindset: Learn how to move away from viewing customer service as a mundane task and instead, embrace it as an opportunity to create moments of magic. Understand the power of exceptional customer experiences in building brand loyalty and customer advocacy.
  • Personalize with Impact: Discover the art of personalization in customer service. Understand the importance of treating each customer as an individual, and tailor your interactions to their unique needs, preferences, and desires.
  • Empower Your Team: Develop strategies to empower your customer service team to go above and beyond. Provide them with the tools, training, and autonomy to make decisions and resolve issues effectively. Encourage a culture of ownership and continuous
    improvement, where team members are motivated to deliver magnificent service.
Keynote by speaker Mark Sanborn

Extraordinary Organizational Performance: Little Everyday Actions that Create Remarkable Outcomes

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations need to transcend mediocrity and strive for extraordinary performance.

By cultivating a culture of passionate doers, this program equips leaders and teams with the mindset, strategies, and tools necessary to surpass ordinary performance and achieve exceptional results. By fostering a sense of purpose, igniting enthusiasm, and driving accountability, organizations can unleash their collective brilliance and thrive in an increasingly dynamic environment.

In this keynote program, your audience will learn how to:

  • Embrace a Purpose-Driven Mindset: Discover the power of purpose in driving organizational performance. Align your team’s efforts with a clear and compelling purpose that inspires passion, fosters commitment, and fuels extraordinary performance. Understand how purpose-driven organizations outperform their competitors and create a lasting impact.
  • Cultivate a Culture of Passionate Doers: Learn how to foster a culture that encourages and inspires initiative, enthusiasm, and proactive action. Empower employees to take ownership of their work, think creatively, and continuously seek improvement. Encourage collaboration, experimentation, and risk-taking to foster innovation and drive exceptional performance.
  • Work Intentionally: Challenge the status quo by setting ambitious goals that stretch the limits of what is considered possible. Break down goals into actionable steps, establish clear metrics for success, and regularly track progress. Create a performance-driven environment that motivates individuals and teams to push beyond their comfort zones and achieve extraordinary results.
  • Foster Accountability and Continuous Learning: Instill a culture of accountability where individuals take responsibility for their actions and outcomes. Encourage feedback, both positive and constructive, and provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development. Celebrate successes, learn from failures, and continuously improve to sustain and enhance organizational performance over time.
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Mark Sanborn 2022 Preview Video

Watch Mark Sanborn in action!

6 Shifts for Leading the Future that is Already Here

See keynotes with Mark Sanborn


Although he prefers to be known as a leadership development speaker rather than a motivational speaker, keynote speaker Mark Sanborn was nonetheless a source of significant motivation for more than 1,300 delegates.

World Airshow News

Your presentation to our top sales and marketing people and our business and marketing vice presidents, as well as our CEO, would be rated a 10 on a 1-10 scale.

AMP Incorporated

Wow! What a wonderful, powerful message. Everyone is still talking about it and various managers throughout our company are calling us to see if we have more books, because they want to introduce The Fred Factor to others in their departments who were not lucky enough to experience your speech live.

Toyota Financial Services

Mark was funny and motivational. His remarks on leadership, teamwork, and self-mastery were right on the mark. Mark’s tailoring made his entire talk a real ‘home run’ for our event.


I was extremely pleased with your performance and overwhelmed that you hit every single key message about McDonald’s that I gave you. You definitely exceeded our expectations.

McDonald’s Corporation

Needless to say, Mark, you scored a home run with the way you integrated the facts about Doubletree into your message. Everyone in the audience was spellbound by the amount of information you had about our company. Kindly make sure to include the Doubletree Hotels Corporation to your list of many, many satisfied clients.

Doubletree Hotels

Your keynote address was right on point, your sense of humor was entertaining, and your messages on extraordinary customer service and leadership were inspirational. You did a superb job of customizing your communication to fit with our overall theme and with our executive speakers’ key points. Outstanding!

Blue Shield of California

The superlative feedback continues to flow on your presentation. Phone mail, CC:Mail and regular mail — it’s all with high praise. What is particularly being cited in the feedback is your demonstrated knowledge about The Hartford.

The Hartford
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