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Frank Garten (PhD)

Intercultural Communcation and Cooperation Expert
Country: Netherlands

Frank Garten is an expert on intercultural communication and management. As the Author of several books and a popular speaker and trainer, he knows the best communication starts with you.

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Frank Garten has worked in technical, commercial and general management positions in Philips and NXP, gaining practical insight into cooperation between people from different cultural backgrounds. He has traveled extensively in most business cultures of the world, and experienced what works and what doesn’t in phone conferences, meetings, change projects and negotiations.

Frank has been working for the last 8 years as an independent consultant, and gives lectures and workshops on topics such as cultural diversity, cross-cultural cooperation, communication & influencing and personal leadership. By combining his sound theoretical basis from his PhD with his own experience, Frank’s talks and lectures notably stand out for their focus on what to do practically. Should you copy your superiors on an email? Do you present conclusions first or last in a talk? Should you act confidently or with modesty in first interactions with colleagues, suppliers, clients and partners from across the world?

Frank frequently speaks and runs seminars and workshops across the world. He has done intercultural training for companies such as NXP Semiconductors, Borealis, Flint, ABN-AMRO, Philips, KBC Bank, Schenker, TMC, Ernst & Young, Omron, Frames, Damco and many others. Frank is a lively speaker, and searches for interaction with his audience, not hesitating to let them look in the mirror and confront them with their own cultural preconceptions.


    Keynote Topics

    • Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Intercultural Leadership
    • Management
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