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Grow your brand and shape the future of your organization in all possible circumstances with The Renegade Philosophy

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Speaker Tim Kirkland is the ultimate business growth authority. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he knows how to bring in more clients and increase sales. Each year, more than 20.000 people attend Tim’s unique leadership, growth and marketing programs to learn the best business strategies. Tim also works closely with leading companies like Coca-Cola, Subway and Marriott – his materials create the best results.

Why you should book speaker Tim Kirkland

  • Tim works frequently with the leading brands. Booking him you will access the best training materials to grow your business and bring in more clients.
  • His keynotes are highly customizable. Tim offers solutions for all types of events, workshops, seminars, keynotes or other arrangements – all tailored to the needs of the client.

Throughout his career, speaker Tim Kirkland has led several marketing departments, operations and training for renowned restaurant brands. As an award-winning operator, successful executive and entrepreneur, he gained a great understanding of the challenges businesses face in the hospitality industry. With The Renegade Philosophy, which outlines the methods he’s learned in his 30 years in the industry, Tim can show you the right tools for success.

As a speaker Tim Kirkland delivers highly engaging keynotes and workshops on leadership, marketing, team engagement and customer service. Every year, over 20.000 people attend his programs to grow and get more results. Leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Marriott, Sodexo and Subway frequently use Tim’s highly customizable materials to improve their performance and bring in more clients.

Tim is also the CEO of Renegade Hospitality Group, a professional advisory organization offering top solutions for companies in the hotel, restaurant, customer service and retail industries. His best-selling books, The Renegade Server and COACH are used in more than 15.000 hotels, restaurants, universities and retail locations all over the world to improve their team performance and engagement on all levels.

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Keynote by speaker Tim Kirkland

COACH: Eliminating Distraction and Moving Your Business and Your Team Forward Daily

Do you ever feel like working your butt off with accomplishing little? Have you ever had to solve the same issue in your company more than once? We often get distracted doing the wrong thing, wasting our time and attention. Something must be changed to be able to move forward. By focusing on the adaptive techniques which create and maintain meaningful change, you can eliminate distractions and move forward with your people to get the results you want.

  • Based on Tim’s best-selling book, “COACH: Being a Better Team Leader by Bettering the Team You Lead,” speaker Tim Kirkland will teach you the key competencies of successful leaders – with an emphasis on improvement and the quality of the day-to-day performance of the team.
Keynote by speaker Tim Kirkland

CULTIVATE: Recruiting, Growing and Retaining Top Talent

In today’s world, finding and keeping good people is the number one challenge for a leader. No matter what the business is, you need a highly engaged and committed team to get outstanding results. For this reason, maintaining and bringing in fresh talent is the most important skill of every leader. Speaker Tim Kirkland can help you and your team mastering that skill. This session is packed with great ideas.

  • Tim will tell you how to establish a strategy to actively attract and acquire talent, develop them steadily and keep top players in the team.
  • You will learn how to understand key generational differences between candidates and the way they view loyalty and the value of the job they do.
  • Tim will teach you how to train and engage your team members by giving them purpose, not just tasks. With Tim’s strategy, you will reduce turnover and identify the right talent for your organization.
Keynote by speaker Tim Kirkland

THE RENEGADE SERVER: Uncommon Strategies for Making More Money in 21 st Century Food Service

Food Service is experiencing a huge boom: in the past years, the number of restaurants available to customers has exploded. To survive, you need to stand out and offer something different your Guests value. Do you want to know how to offer a highly customized, unique and genuine experience your competitors can’t duplicate? Tim can help you with this.

  • As the author of the highly-acclaimed bestseller The Renegade Server, he can show you how to stand out and offer something unique your competitors can’t.
  • The presentation will show you how to engage your team to grow sales and create genuine experiences for your clients – developing them into loyal customers. This is the perfect keynote for leaders of full-service restaurants and bar businesses.
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