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Sylvie di Giusto

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Inspirational keynote speaker empowering leadership through image, first impressions and brand consistency

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Learn to create and define yourself through personal image with speaker Sylvie di Giusto. With her 20 years of Corporate experience, Sylvie enlightens audiences with ideas on how to further enhance their personal image, customer sales and thought process. She empowers people and companies to influence their own success by the power of image and branding.

Why book Speaker Sylvie di Giusto?

  • Experience. With Sylvie’s extensive experience with well known organizations, she shares with audiences techniques on how to make the best first impression as both a company and as a employee.
  • Engagement.  Speaker Sylvie, creates a thought provoking environment in which stimulates audience members to think deeper on personal image and how it benefits them.
  • Relatable.  As a recognized member of the international speaking community, Sylvie has a great sense of understanding, with this skill, she has the ability to reach a wide range of clients of like fields.  She understands that not each industry is alike, therefore each of her approaches are customized to your events.

Speaker Sylvie has over twenty years of experience in inspiring thousand of clients worldwide.  Throughout her career she has held senior positions, -many relating to human resources-,  and international organizations ranging from 10 to 10,000 employees.  Today, she is recognized member of the international speaking community for her success at attaining each strata of management- from experienced CEO’s to new executives -within a variety of industries.  Sylvie is one of fewer than 12 percent of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide who belong to the fourteen member associations of Global Speakers Federation(GSF) and hold the CSP designation, the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill.

Sylvie’s strong background in human resources, business and over two decades in corporate has undeniably helped her create and shape her own ideas of Leadership. She believes that first impressions immediately reveal who you are, what you represent and how you serve any organization that you work for.

Sylvie customizes her keynote conversations based around your audiences specific areas of need. With her keynote conversations Sylvie constructs an environment of elevated ideas as she keens in on how the power of leadership and first impressions affects you, your company and even, those around you. Speaker Sylvie demonstrates how the excellence of personal branding paired with customer enhancement creates a thriving environment for growth.

Sylvie is the author of two books “The Image of Leadership” and a new release coming Spring 2019,”Why Would You Post That?

See keynotes with Sylvie di Giusto

    Keynote by Sylvie di Giusto

    You have 7 seconds.  Make them count!

    Sylvie says: ” Its better to craft perception than hoping that perception ones perception will be positive.”

    • People are quick to make a decision about you for their benefit, regardless you will be judged in every situation.  Sylvie will show you how you’re able to control your impression, imprint and tone which leads to faster consumption from customers while having them return for more.

    Keynote by Sylvie di Giusto

    The Image of Leadership

    Sylvie says: “If you’re not willing to invest into yourself, people think you don’t have the capabilities to invest into others.”

    • Successful leaders make and unforgettable first impression, its a revelation of who you are and what you represent.  Speaker Sylvie di Giusto will share how successful leaders shape and mold that first impression in (their) favor and also that of their company.

    Keynote by Sylvie di Giusto

    YOUniform- How to attract and engage customers when everyone shows up the same

    Sylvie says: “Professional image is more than fashion, clothing and appearance.”

    • Uniforms can be an effective way to empower a company while raising confidence and instilling trust.  It can also however, affect employees self image and authenticity.  Sylvie breaks down the effectiveness of uniforms without losing self identity.
See keynotes with Sylvie di Giusto


“This was the BEST presentation we had during this meeting and that I have ever experienced."

Christine Bronne

Nespresso| Boutique Operations Manager

Perhaps you have never experienced a session with Sylvie. If there is anything you should change this year, that should be top on your list. Her ability to connect with a large audience, engage them, and have them grasp what they have just seven seconds to determine is exceptional. If your goal is to up your organization’s individual people packaging, then look no further and get Sylvie in our corner! To date this program year Sylvie was the highest rated speaker and attendees still talk about her and how they can further connect with her.

Louis Lessig

SHRM| President of Tri-State HRMA

“The amount of positive feedback I received after the presentation was incredible.”

Linda Najok

American Express| Human Resources Manager

“She’s a true professional, a joy to work with and a fascinating individual. The team is still talking about what Sylvie taught us.”

Randy Katz

American Airlines| Operations Manager, DFW Flight Service
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