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Sylvie di Giusto

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Inspirational keynote speaker empowering leadership through image, first impressions and brand consistency

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Learn to create and define yourself through personal image with speaker Sylvie di Giusto. With her 20 years of Corporate experience, Sylvie enlightens audiences with ideas on how to further enhance their personal image, customer sales and thought process. She empowers people and companies to influence their own success by the power of image and branding.

Why book Speaker Sylvie di Giusto?

  • Experience. With Sylvie’s extensive experience with well known organizations, she shares with audiences techniques on how to make the best first impression as both a company and as a employee.
  • Engagement.  Speaker Sylvie, creates a thought provoking environment in which stimulates audience members to think deeper on personal image and how it benefits them.
  • Relatable.  As a recognized member of the international speaking community, Sylvie has a great sense of understanding, with this skill, she has the ability to reach a wide range of clients of like fields.  She understands that not each industry is alike, therefore each of her approaches are customized to your events.

Speaker Sylvie has over twenty years of experience in inspiring thousand of clients worldwide.  Throughout her career she has held senior positions, -many relating to human resources-,  and international organizations ranging from 10 to 10,000 employees.  Today, she is recognized member of the international speaking community for her success at attaining each strata of management- from experienced CEO’s to new executives -within a variety of industries.  Sylvie is one of fewer than 12 percent of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide who belong to the fourteen member associations of Global Speakers Federation(GSF) and hold the CSP designation, the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill.

Sylvie’s strong background in human resources, business and over two decades in corporate has undeniably helped her create and shape her own ideas of Leadership. She believes that first impressions immediately reveal who you are, what you represent and how you serve any organization that you work for.

Sylvie customizes her keynote conversations based around your audiences specific areas of need. With her keynote conversations Sylvie constructs an environment of elevated ideas as she keens in on how the power of leadership and first impressions affects you, your company and even, those around you. Speaker Sylvie demonstrates how the excellence of personal branding paired with customer enhancement creates a thriving environment for growth.

Sylvie is the author of two books “The Image of Leadership” and a new release coming Spring 2019,”Why Would You Post That?

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People we meet make quick decisions about us. Should they hire us? Trust us? Buy something
from us? It takes a blink of an eye, and like it or not, you are going to be judged. Wouldn’t you
want to limit the risk of wrong assumptions about you?

In business, first impressions are essential to building relationships with peers, bosses,
stakeholders, or customers. They will set the tone for the entire experience, and the relationship
with their brand will depend on them.

The good thing is that this impression is something people can control. As soon as they recognize
what their first impression actually says about them in the workplace, it becomes easier to
manage it in their company’s favor while remaining true to themselves.

During this interactive, fun, and informative presentation, participants will uncover what their first
impression says about them and how it influences the decision-making process of others.
Participants will experience up close and personal how people’s unconscious biases affect their
judgments and either lead to wrong assumptions about them or can create opportunities for them.

Sylvie’s promise to you: Participants will walk away with concrete techniques and hands-on
tools to manage how they are perceived and leave favorable first and lasting impressions for their
organizations and themselves



The most successful leaders make an unforgettable first and lasting impression. They
immediately reveal who they are, what and who they represent, and how they serve the
organization they work for. They influence the message they send to others by displaying a strong
leadership presence and being mindful of their own and their company’s reputation. They
understand that an outstanding reputation has higher chances of remaining stable amidst the
chaos of real-time assumptions.

How are the leaders in your organization perceived at work? What does their first impression
reveal about them and their leadership capabilities? Are they using their professional brand and
image to its full potential? Have they ever even thought about it?

The good thing is that the way they are perceived and how they represent their organization is
something they can control. During this interactive, fun, and informative presentation, participants
will uncover what their first impression says about them and how it influences the decision-making
process of others.

Sylvie’s promise to you: Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of their first
impression’s impact on their leadership abilities and reputation. They will leave with concrete
techniques and hands-on tools on how they can use their appearance, behavior, communication,
and digital footprint to be perceived as confident, authentic, professional, controlled, and
respectful—simply said, as the leaders that they deserve to be.



As a customer, nothing feels more crucial than being heard, understood, and cared for. It’s one of
those things that we all say we want as customers: to feel valued and important. But what does
that really mean, and how do your customer-facing teams deliver this experience?

The key to making your customers feel this way is to make every interaction count. From the
moment they first hear about your product or service to the point of purchase and beyond, your
customer-facing employees need to differentiate your brand by constantly going the extra mile.

Every interaction along this journey is an opportunity for them to delight, amaze and impress your
customer. Only if your team takes the time to understand that they play the most critical role in the
customer’s journey will they be able to create this one-of-a-kind customer journey.

During this insightful and thought-provoking presentation, participants will learn what their
customers want, need, and expect at every touchpoint along the journey. They will understand
how their very own appearance, behavior, and communication can either become a pitfall leading
to wrong assumptions or an opportunity to deliver customers an experience they didn’t even know
they wanted and needed.

Sylvie’s promise to you: Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how
customers make decisions based on their interactions with customer-facing employees and how
they can make every customer feel like they’re your only customer.



Let’s get personal, shall we? How do you set yourself apart from your peers and competitors?
How do you distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack? What exactly makes you unique and
stand out? Or, why should people trust you, follow you, buy from or buy into you?

Profound questions that professionals in the workplace should be able to answer instantly.
However, they rarely take the time to identify what makes them one of a kind and how they can
leverage this fair advantage for their career and the organizations they work for. Nonetheless, a
greater sense of self-awareness and self-confidence would allow them to present, act, and
communicate authentically and confidently in any situation, whether face-to-face or online.

During this interactive presentation, participants will uncover the unique qualities and traits that
they individually bring to their work and enable them to excel as a professional. With
thought-provoking insights and profound questions, Sylvie will help participants discover the
intersections of sixteen different factors that cannot be replicated by anyone else and therefore
make each of your participants a “category of one.”

Sylvie’s promise to you: Participants will walk away with sixteen personal unique selling points
they can instantly use to be more persuasive, make an impact within mere seconds, or build
trusting relationships with others.



Many women are wonderful cheerleaders for those they care about, including their children,
spouses, friends, and team members, with one exception: themselves. As much as they wish
others would notice their natural talents, pinpoint their achievements, and shower them with
recognition, the reality is that even women who are great at promoting something or someone
else have a hard time doing it for themselves. Does that sound familiar to you?

Keeping silent about their accomplishments and hoping that their work will speak for itself will not
get them anywhere. In today’s competitive environment, they have to put their modesty aside,
work on overcoming any self-doubt or lack of confidence, and acquire the skills necessary to
recognize their strengths and talents, to make them visible, heard, and therefore known.

During this interactive, fun, and informative presentation, she/he/they can learn to recognize and
articulate their value. This boost of confidence will enable them to become more positive, resilient,
and risk-taking in the future, resulting in more benefits for the organization they are working for.

Sylvie’s promise to you: Participants will walk away with a personal mission statement
highlighting each of their superpowers so that you can confidently call attention to their unique
abilities and see what doors they can open or what barriers they can break.



Are your stakeholders saying good things, or are they saying bad things about you? Are you
representing your organization’s values at any given point in time? What is the vibe that you are
leaving behind everywhere you go in line with your vision of who you want to be? Does it even

The personal reputation of C-suite members, board of directors, or any top executive in any
organization matters a great deal when it comes to the overall reputation of the organization they
represent. It is their responsibility to set the tone from the top, to lead by example, and to use their
personal brand as an extension of the company’s brand.

Quite often though, executives think only about their own or their company’s reputation when
things go wrong. Then they scramble to put out the fires and try to restore order, but this reactive
style is exhausting, as well as ineffective. Rather, it is essential that they take a proactive,
strategic approach that includes engaging in “invisible PR,” which is the act of positioning yourself
and the company in a positive light without drawing all the attention to oneself.

They have to strike that delicate balance between being humble, grounded, and putting others
first while also positioning themselves as a thought-leader and authority in their field. It requires
building and defining their brand strategically within the corporate umbrella while executing it
when all eyes are on them … and even when no one is watching. Invisible PR is about being at
the forefront and in the background alike, while always having a finger on the pulse of how others
are perceiving you as the leader within and beyond your organization.

Sylvie’s promise to you: Participants will walk away with tangible tactics for staying ahead of
any potential reputational risk. This includes being able to spot a crisis before it happens, and
having a personal PR plan in place so they can take swift, decisive action.

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“This was the BEST presentation we had during this meeting and that I have ever experienced."

Christine Bronne

Nespresso| Boutique Operations Manager

Perhaps you have never experienced a session with Sylvie. If there is anything you should change this year, that should be top on your list. Her ability to connect with a large audience, engage them, and have them grasp what they have just seven seconds to determine is exceptional. If your goal is to up your organization’s individual people packaging, then look no further and get Sylvie in our corner! To date this program year Sylvie was the highest rated speaker and attendees still talk about her and how they can further connect with her.

Louis Lessig

SHRM| President of Tri-State HRMA

“The amount of positive feedback I received after the presentation was incredible.”

Linda Najok

American Express| Human Resources Manager

“She’s a true professional, a joy to work with and a fascinating individual. The team is still talking about what Sylvie taught us.”

Randy Katz

American Airlines| Operations Manager, DFW Flight Service
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