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Beyond Limits: Empowering Your Team to Reach for the Stars

Laura Winterling

travels from Germany

Former ESA astronaut trainer, Laura Winterling delivers captivating keynotes on team performance, innovation, and diversity for business success.

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Unlock the power of inspiration and expertise by booking Laura Winterling, the renowned motivational speaker, for your next event. With a background as a physicist, astronaut trainer, and entrepreneur, Laura delivers captivating keynotes that leave a lasting impact. Engage your audience with awe-inspiring insights from the world of space travel, while seamlessly connecting them to the challenges faced in the business world. Don't miss the opportunity to book Laura Winterling and take your event to new heights!

Why you should book Laura Winterling for your next event

  • Gain Powerful Leadership Insights: Unlock the secrets of leadership excellence with Laura Winterling’s captivating keynotes, equipping your team with the tools to drive success.
  • Boost Team Performance: Learn from Laura Winterling’s expertise in Crew Resource Management and empower your teams to collaborate effectively, mitigate errors, and enhance overall performance.
  • Astronaut Training Expertise: Tap into Laura Winterling’s exceptional background as a former astronaut trainer at the European Space Agency (ESA), gaining unparalleled insights into high-performance teamwork and resilience.

As a keynote speaker, Laura Winterling is known for her ability to seamlessly blend her extensive experience as a former astronaut trainer at the prestigious European Space Agency (ESA) with her entrepreneurial acumen. Her diverse background, coupled with her exceptional storytelling skills, creates an unforgettable experience that resonates with audiences from various industries.

Laura Winterling’s keynotes are a transformative experience, drawing upon the captivating analogies between space travel and the business world. She delves into the parallels of astronaut training, emphasizing the importance of resilience, collaboration, and problem-solving under high-pressure situations. By intertwining these insights with practical strategies, she empowers teams to unlock their full potential and drive tangible results.

When you book Laura Winterling for your event, you not only gain access to her extensive knowledge and expertise but also an award-winning speaker who knows how to captivate and engage audiences. Her charismatic delivery and ability to connect with listeners create an immersive experience that lingers long after the event concludes.

Laura Winterling’s achievements speak for themselves. As a former astronaut trainer, she has worked closely with ESA’s most important astronaut training teams, contributing to the success of vital space missions. Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to found her own company, Space Time Concepts, where she continues to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace new challenges and dare to achieve the extraordinary.

So, why wait? Book Laura Winterling for your event and witness the transformative impact she brings to the stage. Unlock the power of her expertise, energize your audience, and equip them with actionable insights to drive innovation, foster leadership excellence, and propel your organization to new heights. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure Laura Winterling as your keynote speaker and make your event an unforgettable success. Contact us now to book Laura Winterling for your next event and prepare for an experience that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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Keynote by speaker Laura Winterling

From Perfection to Excellence - Why Mistakes are Progressive

The aim and motivational basis of the lecture is to give individuals more confidence in themselves and more understanding for others and their behaviour. More open communication and the admission of mistakes should positively influence the internal company culture and show employees and management new ways of working together.

From macro- to microcosm: Furthermore, it should be illustrated that change never affects whole teams. The consequences of rapidly changing systems affect individuals at the beginning and at the end. Resentment and uncertainty fuel fears and symptomatically a decline in performance spreads through the entire corporate structure.

The keynote is intended to counteract this and is based on 3 pillars:

  • Self-Management
  • Team Building
  • Change Management
  • Furthermore, elements for efficient decision-making are included and will be illustrated with relevant examples from the aerospace industry.
Keynote by speaker Laura Winterling

Astronaut training and life on the ISS space station

  • How does one actually become an astronaut, what are the requirements nowadays at NASA and ESA, how does the selection process work and which hurdles have to be overcome to get the chance to be a candidate for a life on the ISS space station.
  • Basic training, selection for a flight to the ISS and the 3-year preparatory training require a lot of motivation and dedication from astronauts before, during and after a mission.
  • The International Space Station (ISS) is humanity’s most fascinating outpost above the Earth. But how did it get there, who operates it and what do you do when you can’t sleep up there as an astronaut?
  • Laura Winterling explains vividly and with many anecdotes from 10 years as an astronaut trainer at ESA the individual preparation steps and lets her listeners experience an exciting journey from the ground, via Kazakhstan into space and back.
Keynote by speaker Laura Winterling

Stop Wishing' - MotivAction - Motivational Coaching with a difference

  • Between boxing, weights and two wheels – so much we can transfer and take away from sport for our daily lives, we just have to look closely.
  • Why ‘stop wishing’ became more than just a tattoo and how much more there is behind these two words. From ‘I wish’ to ‘I want’ with some helpful insights from several years as a licensed LesMills instructor for MixedMartialArts and barbell training and passionate mountain biker.
  • Motivational talk with simple but very insightful transfers from various sports to everyday life.
Keynote by speaker Laura Winterling

Efficient decision making

Motivation: What are the main issues to be dealt with?

  • Why do we work better with some people in our daily lives than with others?
  • What does it take to be able to make decisions more quickly?
  • What can individuals do to make teamwork more efficient?

Focus: The individual, the person
No matter which teams you look at and who you take as an example – whether it’s the top management of a large corporation, the buyers in a subcontractor or our astronauts – at the end of the day, the performance and tolerance of the individual often determines the success of many. If we know ourselves well, know how to realistically assess our strengths and weaknesses and, above all, how to apply them, then we have the chance as an individual to be more than just a piece in a group.

Recognising weaknesses and strengths means not standing in one’s own way, being able to clearly, openly and objectively address and speak about one’s own performance.

The added value is obvious: peers and colleagues can assess others more quickly, tasks can be assigned more directly and efficiently, and the implementation of lengthy processes gains the potential to become more agile.

The magic formula? Time*self-awareness*communication = agility.

Aim of the workshop:
To give time to recognise personality structures. First and foremost in oneself, secondly in others. Learning to accept oneself, to train openness towards one’s own weaknesses and strengths, and to recognise the effectiveness that targeted communication of these qualities can have on the efficiency of teams.

Keynote by speaker Laura Winterling

CRM (Crew Resource Management) and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

  • In the 1970s, investigators found that more than 70% of plane crashes were due to human error, not equipment or weather failures.
  • A NASA workshop examining the role of human error in plane crashes found that most crew errors were due to failures in leadership, team coordination and decision-making.
  • Crew resource management (CRM) methods can help aircrews avoid, manage and mitigate human error.
  • CRM can help the aviation industry and many other organisations reduce errors and improve their work structure, strategy and set-up by using human factors insights.
  • The MBTI instrument is a popular training tool for professional development and organisational improvement in all types of organisations.
  • In organisations and workplaces, the indicator is particularly useful for teams, for conflict management and performance improvement, for employee coaching, for management development or for executive coaching.
Watch Laura Winterling in action

Why astronauts do not need telepathy | Laura Winterling | TEDxHHL

Watch Laura Winterling in action

Astronauts - From Perfection to Excellence | Laura Winterling | TEDxUniMannheim

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