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Discover the future of wearable technology with Jasna Rokegem

Jasna Rokegem

travels from Belgium

Jasna is a visionary at the intersection of fashion, technology, and emotional intelligence, inspiring audiences with her groundbreaking innovations that revolutionize the way we interact and connect.

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Theoretically, technology exists to connect us, so the bond between us can even be stronger, whether for business, socialization, or something else. However, the reality is different; technology seems to separate us more than it unites us. Jasna Rokegem is on a mission to change this paradigm, harnessing the power of emotional intelligence and fashion technology to create innovative garments that foster authentic human connections. 

Why you should book Jasna Rokegem for your next event

  • Jasna’s expertise in fashion tech, emotional technology, and mental well-being is unparalleled, making her an exceptional thought leader in her field.
  • With groundbreaking projects like her Fashion on Brainwaves collection, Jasna demonstrates her ability to blend technology and emotional intelligence, revolutionizing the way people connect and interact.
  • As a speaker, Jasna is deeply committed to her subject matter, consistently engaging in research and collaboration to stay at the forefront of her field. This dedication ensures that her presentations are always informative, relevant, and inspiring.
  • Jasna’s belief that clothing can be an extension of ourselves drives her innovative work in creating emotion identifiers and fostering meaningful human connections through technology.

By integrating technology with fashion, Jasna is revolutionizing the way people interact and respond to their innermost feelings, paving the way for a more connected, emotionally intelligent future. As a trailblazer in her field, Jasna is dedicated to ensuring that the convergence of technology and fashion not only looks great but also has a profound, positive impact on our lives.

Jasna Rokegem is an award-winning fashion technologist, entrepreneur, and sought-after international keynote speaker who expertly fuses fashion, technology, and emotional intelligence. With a unique ability to explore new dimensions of human interactions, her work transcends the fashion industry to impact various sectors, including mental health and well-being. Jasna’s engaging speaking style and captivating storytelling inspire audiences to embrace innovation, creativity, and emotional intelligence across different fields.

As the founder of Jasna Rok, Belgium’s first fashion tech design studio, Jasna has collaborated with prestigious partners worldwide, such as NASA, Google Digital Atelier Incubator, Fujitsu, and Volkswagen. Her passion for helping businesses develop sustainable solutions has led her to be selected as the Global Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017 by the US Embassy, and she has been recognized as one of The 50 Most Inspiring Belgian Women in Tech in 2022 by InspiringFifty Belgium.

Jasna’s engaging and thought-provoking presentations leave audiences inspired and eager to explore the future of innovation, creativity, and emotional intelligence in their respective industries. Book Jasna Rokegem for an unforgettable keynote experience that will captivate, enlighten, and motivate your audience.

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Keynote topic by Jasna Rokegem

Cross-Industry Innovation

Learn how diverse industries, including fashion, technology, and healthcare, collaborate to create groundbreaking innovations, with a focus on wearable technology and smart textiles that enhance human experiences and well-being.

Keynote topic by Jasna Rokegem


The New Digital Revolution: Delve into the transformative power of EmotionTech, which combines wearable technology, emotional intelligence, and mental health to create meaningful connections and improve our quality of life.

Keynote topic by Jasna Rokegem

Fashion is the Interface of the Future

Explore the evolving role of fashion in the digital age, as it becomes the interface for wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainable design practices, shaping the future of human interactions and experiences.

Keynote topic by Jasna Rokegem

The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Design

Gain insights on how incorporating emotional intelligence in wearable technology and fashion fosters stronger connections, cultivates positive mental health, and enhances happiness in our rapidly changing world.

Keynote topic by Jasna Rokegem

Empowering the Next Generation of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Be inspired to cultivate emotional intelligence in ourselves and others, fostering intuitive, curious, and resilient leaders, executives, pioneers, and decision-makers who can navigate the challenges of an interconnected world.

Watch Jasna Rokegem in action

Fashion on Brainwaves | Jasna Rokegem | TEDxRotterdam

See keynotes with Jasna Rokegem


It was amazing to have you with us to inspire our attendees and industry peers. Your sense of purpose and passion ran through and was commented upon throughout the conference – in addition to the elements of innovation and collaboration that are essential in today’s world to succeed.

Federico A Feldstein

Vice President, Global Head of R&D Quality & Compliance, Johnson & Johnson

Our conference ended today, and I cannot count how many speakers referred to your talk in their presentation. Also, all attendees I spoke to could not stop talking about it. Needless to say, you make a great impression.

Kristel Van de Voorde

Head Pharmacovigilance QA - GSK

I just want to take a moment to congratulate you on your incredible achievements. I am truly impressed by how the Jasna Rok Lab has managed to combine so many different elements into one cohesive whole. The multidisciplinary approach is truly unparalleled, and I have no doubt that they have something truly special in their hands.

Erwin Verstraelen

Chief Digital Information & Innovation Officer - Port Antwerp-Bruges
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