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Speaker on new technologies and disruption


John Straw

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Serial technology entrepreneur and leading speaker on disruption, new technologies and the ever-changing world

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The insightful speaker John Straw is an expert on new technologies and disruptive thinking. A digital veteran, he has advised several companies on new technologies and navigating today’s world.

Why you should book speaker John Straw

  • As a serial entrepreneur, John knows exactly what it’s like to run a business while trying to keep up with the ever-changing world. Through his keynotes, he helps companies try to deal with the challenges that come with this.
  • John Straw advises companies on the short-term future challenges and helps them understand the 5 pillars of disruptive innovation. He does this in a straightforward way without over-complicating things.

Keynote speaker John Straw is a digital veteran with over 30 years of experience in marketing and IT. John has a deep understanding of the digital disruptions and the technical challenges of today’s world. He stays busy and is currently a senior adviser at McKinsey & Company as well as IBM.

John is a leading speaker on disruptive innovation and technology. He has consulted companies all over the world on digital change, including Thomas Cook where he was in charge of a large digital transformation. John’s keynotes are educating and highly relevant for today’s companies, whether you’re on the verge of transformation or have already transformed into a digital business.

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Keynote by speaker John Straw

Business 5.0 - what does the (possibly final) generation of business look like?

  • This talk is inspired by John’s 2016 book on disruptive technology and provides an overview of the fully automatic business – the business that runs itself without intervention from humans – or the overhead from humans.
  • John explains everything you need to know about AI, IoT, big data, AI robots and API. He uses examples and stories that will bring Business 5.0 alive for the audience. You will leave inspired and excited for the future.
Keynote by speaker John Straw

Real world Digital Transformation - lessons from the Thomas Cook digital transformation in 2015

  • Together with McKinsey, speaker John Straw led the digital transformation at the European travel agent Thomas Cook. In this talk, he shares the lessons he learned from the politics, application and direction of travel of the transformation that became a case study for Harvard Business School.
Keynote by speaker John Straw

Marketing 5.0 - How marketing will be reset by the end of 2020

  • This talk provides a strategic view of the dramatic forces coming to change the world of marketing from 2020. John dives into how AI will become the face of your brand and how experiential marketing will become a mass market reality next year.
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    Interview with speaker John Straw on Business 5.0

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