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Founder of The Adelante Movement, Former Telemundo President, and Speaker

Nely Galán

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Nely Galán's commitment to teaching women to become financially self-reliant is not in doubt. What a befitting cause for a self-made entrepreneur!

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Have a business? That's fine, but why not try a side hustle like Nely? A serial entrepreneur, Nely has built multiple booming businesses from scratch, but the reason she could retire at age 45 was her side hustle; she bought buildings and became a landlord. At 31, Nely was already earning chunks of money from her investment. In her own words, being a landlord has afforded her immense freedom, financially and non-financially. And she hasn't stopped investing in real estate, with a church (which she turned into a profit-making enterprise) in Venice, California, being one of her latest endeavors.

Why you should book Nely Galán for your next event

  • Nely is a well-exposed and experienced public speaker renowned for her extensive entrepreneurship and women empowerment expertise. She has spoken to diverse audiences at high-profile organizations, including Coca-Cola, the United Nations, Dell, Uber, Facebook, Google, American Express, and The Clinton Initiative.
  • She regularly draws rave reviews thanks to her mesmerizing speeches, whose potential to electrify the audience is nothing short of superb.
  • Nely is an Emmy award-winning producer, having produced 700+ TV shows, including the hugely popular The Swan for 20th Century Fox.

Galán is one of the savviest entertainment industry’s talents. She is a firebrand advocate for women empowerment, and the New York Times Magazine dubbed her the Tropical Tycoon. And guess who was the first Latino President of Entertainment at Telemundo? Nely.

After becoming a successful investment magnate, Galán did not want to slaughter a cow and eat it all alone. In the spirit of giving back to the community, she launched The Adelante Movement, a non-profit organization, to train, empower, and nurture her fellow Latinas into entrepreneurship. It did not take long before other non-Latina women arrived on the scene to take advantage of Nely’s movement. She would then take to the road to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs and inspire them. She did this for a whopping four years before making it her mission to specifically teach women from all walks of life how to become entrepreneurs.

On top of being an in-demand speaker on women empowerment and entrepreneurship, Nely is a celebrated author of SELF MADE, the New York Times best-selling book. Her other well-received and widely-read books include Rich in Every Way, Self-Reliant, and Becoming Empowered. Yes, all these are excellent reads for those who want entrepreneurial success to follow them.

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Keynote by Nely Galán

How to Become Self Made through the Crises of Your Life

There are many crises in our lives, some “force majeure” crisis like a Pandemic that could kill us, an earthquake, a fire, a hurricane, a death … and some that you might create …. A divorce,  being fired,  health issues. How do we continue to think and act with an entrepreneurial hopeful mindset when it seems we are losing everything?  In spite of tumultuous times,  there is no true empowerment until we have our own money, until we become self-reliant and cultivate a self-made mindset.

Becoming Self Made is an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial journey that comes from valuing total economic independence and personal responsibility, all crucial to our self-esteem and personal power. Whether you run your own business or work for others, I want to teach you how to cultivate a self-made mindset and learn about all the opportunities that exist today, to become self-made by making money while you sleep. My goal is to help you have a clear intention for your MISSION and your MONEY both professionally and personally.

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Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, & Rich | Nely Galan | Talks at Google

See keynotes with Nely Galán
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