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Rob van Kranenburg

Founder of the Internet of Things Council
Country: Belgium, Netherlands

Keynote speaker Rob van Kranenburg is the founder of the Internet of Things Council, the largest independent IoT think tank. Rob is an #IoT influencer who gets called in to advise on large scale digital transition.

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In a world with ever increasing levels of disruption, not least in the world of technology, speaker Rob van Kranenburg is on the frontline on communicating and innovating the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2009, he founded the Internet of Things Council, creating a hub for the practice and implementation for IoT related technologies. It ranks Nr 2 in a Top 100 of IoT blogs. He has a one man company (RESONANCE DESIGN BV) and is fully independent from any .gov or .biz.

His IoT hub, along with other disruptive technologies such as robotics, virtual reality and blockchain are likely to revolutionise the way we live our lives. From how we monitor our health to the way we travel and commute, and the level of investment is reflecting this. In the five year period between 2007-2012, the EU invested €100m in IoT collaborative projects.

Along with the Internet of Things Council, speaker Rob van Kranenburg is the Chair of AC04 – IoT Hyperconnected Society, which is part of the European Research Cluster and a member of the SmartCitiesWorld Advisory Board.

Speaker Robert van Kranenburg is published by the European Cybersecurity Journal, the Strategic Studies of the American War College and numerous web sources. As Ecosystem manager in various FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects, Robert chairs the IERC Hyper-connectivity chain and is part of the CSA Next Generation Internet project NGI MOVE, which successfully operates from Oct 2017.

    Speaker Robert van Kranenburg Keynote Topics

    • New forms of governance for the Digital Transition
    • What kind of smart society do we want?
    • Internet of Things, blockchain, crypto and the transparency Revolution.
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