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Renowned Explorer, Author, TV Presenter, and Motivational Speaker

Benedict Allen

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If there is one speaker known well in Britain and Europe, it is Benedict Allen. Having been forced to eat his own dog is a testament that he has seen it all. His keynote themes include endurance, overcoming diversity, and survival techniques, among others.

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Who is that fearless explorer to whom death means nothing? And he has even demonstrated that you don't need a technical crew or GPS to reach the remotest places in the world. We're talking of one man: Benedict Allen. This guy has explored diverse environments, including rainforests, volcanos, and glaciers. He has gone through some excruciating experiences, including ritual caning, all in the name of discovery. His ability to willingly accomplish life-threatening adventures clearly sets him way above most explorers, who can only be described as average in the trade.

Why you should book Benedict Allen for your next event

  • Benedict’s extraordinary success story shows the value of hard work and teamwork. Just like the business world, the Amazon jungle is too overwhelming to fight alone. Yes, his audiences should be able to draw some invaluable lessons on how to overcome their own jungles in life.
  • He will narrate how adversity pushed him to eat his own dog and how he escaped death six times. Audiences want to hear such breathtaking stories.
  • Benedict is a respected author of at least ten books, including the best-selling Into the Abyss and The Faber Book of Exploration

According to Benedict, exploration is about exposing yourself to danger and letting the experience leave you with a mark. It is not about reaching places others haven’t visited or beating natural obstacles.

A few years ago, Benedict captured the attention of the international media when he accomplished one of his latest explorations in Papua New Guinea. This expedition came with a full set of obstacles, which he had to overcome before he could be reunited with the remote Yaifo community after about 30 years of separation.

After tackling the much-feared Central Range, Benedict stumbled into the woods, where war between local communities was at its height. It took the hand of a multinational rescue team to extract and airlift a man who was almost dying from dengue fever and malaria, let alone the effects of war.

Besides authoring books, Benedict has contributed articles to several newspapers and magazines, invigorating and inspiring his audience worldwide. He has also been featured on TV and other media platforms. Some of his notable presentations include Travellers’ Century, Unbreakable, and Expedition Africa, to mention only a few. The Royal Geographical Society appointed him to a trustee role in 2010. He is also the society’s council member.

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Keynote topics


  • Survival
  • Overcoming Diversity
  • Resilience
  • Endurance
  • Storytelling
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TEDxSalford - Benedict Allen - Surviving the Impossible

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