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Tammi Brannan

Owner of Blueprint Process Professional Development
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Tammi Brannan helps clients of all ages to identify their purpose and ignite/reignite the momentum in their career. To achieve this Tammi uses her research based program Blueprint Process to help her clients determine their natural skills, passions, and values. Through this process, she instills confidence in her clients that allows them to go ahead and pursue their greatest success.

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Are you frustrated by failure?
Are you feeling lost in your own career?

For 15 years, the keynote speaker Tammi Brannan felt trapped in a mildly satisfying career before identifying her passions and creating a career that fully utilizes her skills and passions. She is now engaged in her career 100% because she is driven by her passion for helping others to create their ideal careers, and she spends her energy on the clients she is uniquely able to help.

Tammi custom designs her talks to the individual needs of her clients and immerses herself into the clients’ needs, sticking with client events from start to end. Our speaker Tammi Brannan leaves audiences with a tangible giveaway that can be applied right away, as well as techniques which can be used over a longer period of time. Her techniques efficiently enable clients to identify their passions and skills. After her talks, audiences typically feel an increase in confidence, worthiness, direction, and inspiration. A key takeaway from Tammi’s talks is the establishment of your BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) or vision for your company.



    Keynote by Speaker Tammi Brannan 

    How to Love your Work Again

    • Do you wonder why you’ve lost the energy and motivation you once had for your industry? After investing years of your life and plenty of money and energy, you cannot afford to walk away, so how do you love your business again? This talk shows you how to love what you do again, without needing to change industries or waste more money and time in a failing one.


    Keynote by Speaker Tammi Brannan

    Moving the Needle in Your Business while Getting off the Dime!

    • Have you been setting goals in your industry and failing to achieve them? Do you wonder if maybe it’s something you’re not doing right? This talk shows you how to use your failures to point you in the direction of goals that are right for you and your business.


    Keynote by Speaker Tammi Brannan

    Unlock your Super Powers to Make Your Greatest Impact Yet!

    • Do you dream about making a great impact on the World, but you’re not sure how, or even if you have the chops? This talk helps you research your very own “superpowers,” so you gain conviction in yourself and knowledge as to how you’re meant to change the World.!
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