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Tammi Brannan

travels from USA

Creator and owner of Blueprint Process Professional Development & speaker motivating her audience to find their purpose

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Keynote speaker Tammi Brannan helps clients of all ages to identify their purpose and ignite/reignite the momentum in their career. To achieve this Tammi uses her research based program Blueprint Process to help her clients determine their natural skills, passions, and values. Through this process, she instills confidence in her clients that allows them to go ahead and pursue their greatest success.

At 36, Speaker Tammi recognized she was an imposter in her own life. Suffering from low self- esteem since she was a child, this recognition didn’t come as a surprise to Tammi, but instead lit a fire in her to discover and maintain her own individuality. In 2008, after a few years of studying and implementing her individuality at home and at work, Tammi recognized her strength in helping others see their own potential and designed a program for professionals called the Blueprint Process. This process guides professionals to uncover their individuality and implement it in the workplace. Now, Tammi works with clients who are seeking their own personal revolution.

The visioneers, the creators, the seekers and rebels who think in unconventional ways—she helps them to live their lives more intentionally, and to infuse that purpose into their careers. Since the inception of the Blueprint Process, Tammi’s favorite memories involve professionals who level-up their career goals significantly because of the process. Speaking on topics at the heart of entrepreneurship, Tammi helps create a paradigm shift from what can be perceived as harmful, like the Imposter Syndrome, and shows business owners how to turn it into their own personal super power. In her forthcoming book, “You Have a Purpose. The Question is…What is it?” Tammi will unpack what it means to live a life that follows one’s purpose.

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Keynote by speaker Tammi Brannan

Imposter Syndrome

At least once in your life, you’ve likely experienced the phenomenon known as “Imposter Syndrome.” Rooted in self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome insists that you don’t belong—in your career, your classes, even social settings. Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome requires a paradigm shift, one which quiets the noise of doubt and puts the focus back on your unique skills.

Tammi will dive into this paradigm shift and launch you on a journey of self-discovery that will put doubt behind you and radically increase your focus. This clarity will enable you to bust through any glass ceiling that stands in the way of achieving your unique potential.

In this keynote:

  •  What is imposter syndrome, and why do we experience it?
  •  How to use challenge to fuel radical impact.
  •  The power of self-knowledge to create focus and opportunities.
Keynote by speaker Tammi Brennan

Purposeful Mindset and Goal-Setting

Goal-setting is far from a new concept, and yet it seems like people are having a harder and harder time following through with their goals. What’s the deal?

The reason people abandon their goals is because they aren’t aligning these goals with their unique purpose, and because of the lack of direction, people lose interest in their goals. They lose hope. It’s not because people don’t really care about their goals, it’s because they’re setting themselves up to fail by going against the grain of their purpose.

In this keynote:

  • Speaker Tammi dives into purposeful goals-setting, and teach people how to re-frame their goals to work with them, not against them.
  • You are custom designed with a purpose.
  • How to identify and use your purpose in your personal life and your career.
  • How to set meaningful goals that align with your purpose, without using them as a measuring stick with which to beat yourself over the head!
Keynote by speaker Tammi Brennan

Using your Purpose as a Marketing Device

Much of the marketing strategy that exists in today’s cultural zeitgeist is actually one and the same—go forth, share what you do, and rope people in. It’s sound advice, but it doesn’t reflect everyone’s blueprint. Instead, what if you were so certain of who you are, and what you represent, that you had clients flock to you?

In this keynote:

  • Tammi provides insight about the client relationships we foster, and creating authentic relationships.
  • “Raise your flag” to attract your ideal client.
  •  Develop synergistic relationships, where 1+1=3 with your clients, so that together you accomplish greater impact than alone.
Keynote by speaker Tammi Brennan

Everyone has a Purpose – finding harmony in a disconnected world

Imagine, if you knew your purpose as clearly as you knew your own name, how your life would take shape. And if you knew the unique purpose of your co-workers, family members, and friends, how your relationships improve.

This knowledge, found through self-research, allows you to take control of your life and the way you live it, so that it fits you perfectly. In this keynote, Tammi will help you transform you career and relationships through purpose- driven research and connections. When you understand yourself, and others, you can find harmony in a disconnected world.

In this keynote:

  •  Finding harmony, within business teams, within families, and within yourself.
  •  How knowing your purpose can revolutionize the way you live your life.
  •  Learning to understand, and work with, other people’s unique purpose.


    Achieve your goals through focused purpose

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    Discover Your Purpose; Transform Your Career

    Business professionals look to discover their purpose either because they are not achieving the success they believe in, or because they feel unfulfilled in their career.

    Many public speakers and authors encourage their audiences to discover their purpose, without a lot of tips on how to discover their purpose.

    This is exactly where I was 10 years ago. I was a professional who co-owned 2 businesses for 15 years. Although fairly successful, my businesses held no meaning for me. You could say I was bored. I was determined to make a change. I intuitively knew that work held more promise than a paycheck and a way to use my skills. I believed in a calling, or…purpose.

    At the time I was unaware of any class, book or workshop that taught one how to discover their purpose, but I was determined to find mine, regardless.
    After a brief period of self-research (about 6 months), I had collected some “self-observations” that lead me to what I believed to be my purpose. I then created a business that would allow me to use this purpose 80-90% of my day.

    My business, ironically enough, is to help business professionals discover and use their purpose in their career. I created a process to do this from my own 6 months of self-research.

    Since then (as I say, this was 10 years ago), my conviction that using one’s purpose in their business is the key ingredient to success and fulfillment has only grown. I’ve seen it with myself in the last 10 years and with my clients. Using purpose in business is unlike any success you’ve ever experienced. Achieving goals is great. Making more money than your bills is great. Using your purpose to achieve goals and make money is fulfilling.

    But as I say, there is little guidance on HOW to discover one’s purpose. I think it’s because purpose is so personal, so unique and so deep that most people are afraid to attempt the discovery. It’s probably why Columbus’s discovery of America was so great. The trip itself was fraught with peril, and accompanied by such little chance of success that most wouldn’t attempt it! Keep in mind that this is true for researching purpose as well. It’s great to talk about, but very difficult to find.

    So let me attempt to give you at least a few of my greatest insights into the HOW behind discovering purpose by using the same technique I use with my clients, asking questions:
    Tip: as you’re answering these questions, please reflect on the whole of your life, not just your current career.

    Purpose is based in natural skill, and to discover what your natural skills are, you’ll want to ask yourself: What tasks am I good at AND love to do? It’s the combination of your skill and your desire to use that skill that suggest “natural” skill, and only natural skill can point to purpose (as opposed to acquired skill as in education or certification courses).

    – What do you receive compliments for at work?

    – When does someone express “jealousy” that you can do something so effortlessly and successfully, when they struggle to even get meager results?


    Purpose is based in passion, and to discover passion, you’ll want to ask yourself:

    – What am I talking about when I gesture a lot, or raise my voice?

    – What am I super curious about? (Look for topics you research a lot, or subjects you ask a lot of questions about, whether you’re paid to or not!)

    – What are activities I am willing to spend a lot of my resources on (time or money)?


    Purpose is based in values, and to discover your values, you’ll want to ask yourself:

    – What qualities do I have to have in my closest associates?

    – Bullhorn message activity:
    -“If I had a magic bullhorn that could reach 1 million people, but I only had 1 minute to use it, what message would I give them?”
    -Who would those 1 million people be that need to hear my 1-minute message?

    These are just some of the questions I asked myself in my 6 months of self-research, and I believe you can ask them of yourself too.

    I collected a growing list of “self-observations,” that eventually lead me to what I believed to be my purpose. The next step was to put it into practice 80-90% of my day, and that’s how I put my purpose statement to the test.

    Keep in mind as you do this, that your purpose statement may change, but your purpose remains the same, and has since the day you were born. Over time, as you research it and apply it, you’ll see it more clearly. Back to the Columbus analogy: imagine you’re Columbus, standing in the bow of the ship, searching for land on a really foggy day. As land approaches, you see an indistinct shape. The closer you get, the more defined the land becomes. You start to see the outlines of trees and rocks, etc. This is much like your discovery of your purpose: the closer you get to it, the clearer it becomes. The only way to get closer to it is through study and application.

    As I tested my purpose statement in both my work and my personal life, my true purpose became clearer and clearer. Now, 10 years later, my purpose statement has updated itself 3 times and I imagine I’m not done with the updates.


    Interview with Tammi Brannan

    How does someone identify if a career is right for them?

    If your career is right for you, you will have energy left over at the end of each day to give to your family or hobbies vs. needing to GET energy from them just to make it to the end of the day. You will feel competent in your job vs. always needing confirmation from others that you’re doing well. You will feel “well-utilized” at work vs. feeling like your talent is wasted.

    Was there any one thing that helped you identify your passions and create a career you love?

    I studied my reactions to tasks and topics, whether in my career or home life over a period of 6 months. If something caused greater animation in my speech and gestures, I recorded it as a passion. I did the same if I felt an incessant desire to share it or publicize it. Finally, if it was a task I would turn to when tired, bored or frustrated, that was always an indicator of greater passion. I used this self-study to custom-design the career that I love still today, almost 10 years later.

    Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

    My favorite experience was just this last summer at the 4th Annual Summit for Advisors in Utah. I was given the last spot in the agenda, which is my favorite. It allowed me to really get to know the participants and the topics. I was able to synthesize a lot of what they had heard throughout the week into my talk, so it consequently had a greater effect on the participants. The feedback I received made the extra work so worthwhile.

    Who or what inspires you most?

    I’d say it’s a combination between historical figures, such as Lincoln and Churchill and my clients. Historical figures inspire me because of the odds they faced, and their commitment to their message. My clients inspire me for similar reasons: they are each committed to fulfilling their potential, so consequently face many hardships and develop great resilience.

    How did you begin your speaking career?

    I began my speaking career unintentionally! I am so committed to sharing the message of the Blueprint Process that I was willing to do whatever it took to spread it quickly. It wasn’t until a year or two later that I realized how much I enjoy speaking. I believe my first formal talk was 3 hours long delivered to realtors.

    What are your biggest goals in your life/career currently?

    My BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) is to “collect a band of misfits who want to change the world.” This literally came to me in my sleep a couple of weeks ago, and I am super committed to it. Every client I’ve ever worked with has felt a “misfit” with society at one point or another in their lives. This dissonance is the niche they are meant to fill in society. Whether it’s something from their past or a passion they want to share, my goal is to give them the courage and confidence to pursue it and a stage from which to deliver it.

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