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Brian Williams

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CEO of Perspectivity and motivational and entertaining speaker on sales messages and how to communicate effectively

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Dynamic speaker Brian Williams is a sales and presentation expert. He is the founder and CEO of Perspectivity - a communications firm specializing in sales messages. Brian helps companies around the world with communication and sales presentations, and naturally, he is professional and entertaining on stage.

Why you should book speaker Brian Williams:

  • Brian Williams has incredible presentation and communication skills and audiences are always impressed with his presence on stage as well as his motivating speaking style.
  • Having worked with different Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies, Brian has a diverse work experience and is able to quickly adapt and understand his clients’ challenges.
  • Brian has a talent and thorough understanding of communication and has already helped and consulted multiple corporations through his keynotes and firm.

Keynote speaker Brian Williams is passionate about two things: technology sales and communications skills. He has a degree in computer science which brought him to work in several Silicon Valley startups. However, he has always had a passion and interest in communication and presenting – having also been a semi-finalist in the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. When Brian discovered that many tech companies were struggling to become successful in spite of their incredible products and people, he founded his communications firm and started helping companies improve their sales pitch and overall communication to get ahead of competitors. By combining the two worlds of communication and technology, Brian created something unique and useful to many engineers or technology professionals.

As a speaker Brian Williams is very dynamic and engaging. He naturally has a great stage presence where his passion for sales communication shines through. With his diverse background and experience with consulting, his keynotes provide practical take-home tools, and the audience will quickly understand the many aspects of communicating the right sales message. Brian Williams will not disappoint and past clients have called him one of the most motivational speakers in America today.

See keynotes with Brian Williams

    Keynote by Speaker Brian Williams

    A 6-Step System for Creating Influential Sales Messages

    • This keynote offers a framework for effective sales and marketing messages based on both science and psychology.
    • The audience will learn how to repeatedly create Clear, Compelling, and Concise marketing or sales messaging
    • Learn what creates brain “stickiness” so your message stands out

    Keynote by Speaker Brian Williams

    Emotional Intelligence 2.0

    • Engaging or genuinely connecting with another person is not logical, nor technical, it’s emotional, and most professionals struggle in this area.
    • In this keynote, the audience will learn to understand how your thinking and behavioral traits greatly affect how you interact with others, and how it impacts how others trust you or buy from you (your ideas, strategy, plan, or goals).
    • Learn how to build trust, connection & relationship with others.

    Keynote by Speaker Brian Williams

    God Don’t Make No Junk! (Brian’s Life Story, and How You Can Benefit From His Failures)

    • In this keynote, Brian talks about his struggle from being placed in what was called Mentally Retarded education program, labeled LLD (Low Learning Disabled), abandoned by his father and growing up with a single mom who worked hard to make a living.
    • Brian shares his 3-Step process that he used when he was 6 years old – without knowing – which eventually helped him graduate in the top-10 in his class, receive a full academic scholarship to Texas A&M, graduate with a BS in Computer Science, author a book, and go on to work in 12 countries in various leadership position in technology companies.
    • Be inspired, fully motivated, cry, laugh, and be held in suspense (especially in the opening)!
Brian Williams - video

Leadership lessons from gardening by Brian Williams

Watch speaker Brian Williams in action!

See keynotes with Brian Williams
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