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Adam Fridman

Purpose-driven Speaker & Seasoned Entrepreneur
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Adam Fridman believes that everyone should seek purpose in their life – personal and professional. A good and engaging company culture stems from people pursuing their purpose together. Through his keynotes, Adam inspires organizations to think about their purpose and company culture and how they can inspire their teams and employees.

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Adam Fridman is a seasoned entrepreneur and the man behind ProHabits – an organization based on the theory of positive psychology with a mission to prove and show the link between personal growth and organizational success. Their research is based on interviews with over 500 top leaders and leadership experts on daily habits and personal growth. This research is featured in Adam’s book “The Science of Story”, which is based on two ideas: that brand is a reflection of an organization’s culture and that culture is the reflection of purpose, daily habits and values that guide the employees and teams. Adam seeks to break the idea of culture being internal and brand being external – they need to reflect each other and be connected.

Adam believes that many people are too focused on the bottom line and bringing money in the bank, and he once found himself wondering what the purpose of all these organizations were. Why do people go to work everyday? What makes us love our job? In a time of digital distractions and confusion, Adam is convinced that we seek purpose in our life and work more than ever before. Organizations who have a sense of purpose will attract loyal customers and employees who all work towards a common goal.

Adam has already inspired and helped countless organizations find and pursue their purpose – let him inspire you!

    Speaker Adam Fridman Keynote Topics


    • The Importance of Positive Psychology and How This Can Connect To the Workplace and Employees
    • How to Strive For Self Actualization in the Workplace
    • Purpose Driven Brands
    • Importance of Culture Within the Workplace
    • Happiness in the Workplace
    • Why Positive Well-Being Matters And How To Create It At Your Company
    • Connecting People to Company Purpose and Values with Micro-Habits
    • Align Habits To Organizational Values


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