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Health Transformation Leader

Dr Dawn Harper

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Elevate Workplace Wellness: Dr. Dawn Harper, NHS veteran, boosts employee health for productive organizations.

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Unlock a healthier, more resilient future with Dr. Dawn Harper. As an esteemed NHS GP with 35+ years of experience and global media recognition, she delivers powerful keynotes that reshape health perspectives. Drive productivity and well-being in your organization with Dr. Harper's expert insights, proven to inspire lasting positive change.

Why you should book Dr Dawn Harper for your next event

  • Actionable Insights: Dr. Dawn Harper’s keynotes offer tangible strategies that empower attendees to make immediate, positive changes in their health and well-being routines.
  • Customized Approach: Dr. Harper tailors her talks to address specific health challenges and goals, equipping your audience with tailored solutions for lasting wellness improvements.
  • Bestselling Author: With 12 published books, including “Live Well to 101,” Dr. Harper brings a depth of knowledge to her keynotes, ensuring attendees leave with practical, science-backed insights.

In today’s fast-paced world, where the demands of work and life converge, finding the path to lasting well-being can be akin to navigating uncharted waters. This is where Keynote Speaker Dr. Dawn Harper steps in. Imagine your employees, gathered to hear a voice that resonates with their everyday struggles – the perpetual juggle of health, work, and personal fulfillment. Dr. Dawn Harper is more than just a motivational speaker; she’s a beacon of insight, guiding individuals towards healthier, more fulfilling lives.

With her unparalleled expertise drawn from over 35 years as an NHS GP and acclaimed presenter, Dr. Dawn Harper brings a wealth of knowledge to the forefront. By addressing real-life health challenges and triumphs, she creates a bridge between the seemingly mundane and the transformative. Her influence is not confined to TV screens; it extends to corporate stages, where she can inspire your team to make positive changes.

By booking Dr. Dawn Harper for your event, you’re unlocking a tapestry of achievements that speak to her profound impact. As a BAFTA-winning presenter of shows like “Embarrassing Bodies,” her ability to captivate audiences is undeniable. Her membership in the Royal College of Physicians solidifies her as a trusted medical authority, essential in instilling confidence in her guidance.

Her bestselling authorship, including “Live Well to 101,” is a testament to her commitment to providing actionable insights. Dr. Harper isn’t just about speeches; she’s about initiating change. In this era of cultivating workplace wellness, her keynotes align seamlessly. They foster not just education but a tangible shift towards healthier, more productive lives.

Book Dr. Dawn Harper for your event, and introduce your team to a transformational journey. Witness as she navigates through relatable everyday scenarios, empowering your audience with tools to overcome challenges and embrace well-being. Dr. Dawn Harper – a name synonymous with impact, inspiration, and holistic change.

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Keynote by speaker Dr Dawn Harper


15 years ago, Dr Dawn was a full time NHS GP in the Cotswolds, when an opportunity came knocking on her door. This talk chronicles her journey from NHS GP to presenter of one of Channel 4’s most successful series – Embarrassing Bodies. Full of funny behind the scenes stories from the clinic. This talk will make you laugh out loud and cry in the same five minutes.

Keynote by speaker Dr Dawn Harper


Based on Dr Dawn’s book, this talk introduces you to centenarians living independently in the UK and Europe into their second century. The centenarians Dr Dawn met had very different backgrounds, some born into immense privilege and wealth and others so poor that they walked barefoot 5 miles to and from school each day because the family couldn’t afford shoes. But what struck Dr Dawn more through these stories was the things the centenarians had in common. Dawn will pepper this talk with simple tips on achieving a long and healthy life.

Watch Dr Dawn Harper in action

The Fat Of The Matter | Dr Dawn Harper | TEDxBristol

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