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Business model mastery: Transform your company using innovation

Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

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Unlock innovation prowess with Dr. Ivanka Visnjic, ESADE's Professor of Innovation. Award-winning scholar and McKinsey alum, she guides companies to future-proofed business models.

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Join Dr. Ivanka Visnjic from ESADE for a game-changing talk! Learn the ropes of digital mastery, top-notch service, and sustainable innovation. With a solid background at McKinsey and awards in her pocket, Dr. Visnjic delivers a keynote that's both practical and inspiring. Don't miss out on the chance to steer your business towards a brighter future with Dr. Ivanka Visnjic leading the way!

Why you should book Dr. Ivanka Visnjic for your next event

  • Digital Mastery Unleashed: Dr. Ivanka Visnjic equips your team with practical tools to navigate the digital landscape, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the rapidly evolving business environment.
  • Innovation for Sustainable Growth: Book Dr. Ivanka Visnjic to learn how innovation can be harnessed for sustainable business practices, providing your organization with a competitive edge and long-term growth.
  • Global Recognition: Dr. Ivanka Visnjic’s international visiting positions at esteemed institutions like the University of Cambridge and UC Berkeley showcase her global recognition and the universal applicability of her insights.

Dr. Ivanka Visnjic, an innovation expert and Professor at ESADE, brings a wealth of experience from her time at McKinsey & Co. With a Ph.D. from KU Leuven, she’s a global influencer, having collaborated with renowned institutions like Cambridge and Berkeley.

Recognized with the IBM Faculty Award, Dr. Visnjic combines academic excellence with real-world insights. Her keynotes are practical guides for organizations, focusing on digital mastery, excellent service, and sustainable innovation.

Engaging Dr. Visnjic means gaining strategies to navigate the digital landscape. She empowers businesses to turn challenges into opportunities, leveraging their scale for success. Her talks, a blend of academia and experience, offer actionable steps for thriving in today’s business world.

In essence, Dr. Ivanka Visnjic is your guide to innovation success. Her approach, combining academic depth and practical wisdom, helps organizations unlock their potential for growth and digital transformation.

See keynotes with Dr. Ivanka Visnjic
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Business Model Innovation: Coping with uncertainty and disruption threats in your industry and environment

The ability to reinvent how companies create and capture value is becoming a critical survival skill. In this keynote, Ivanka describes the insights, strategies, and practical tools needed to transform business models for the future.

  • “Redefining Innovation: Beyond Technology” – Explore how innovation in business extends beyond technology and into redefined business models and systems.
  • “The Three Pillars of Modern Business Models” – Unpack the three key types of business model innovation defining today’s business landscape: Services, sustainability, and digital business models.
  • “The Art of Transformation: Timing and Pace” – Timing is everything in business model transformation. Discover when, how far, and how fast you should move when transforming your organization.
  • “Start Small, Grow Steady: The Mantra of Success” – Discover how companies that adopt a ‘start small, grow steady’ approach to business model transformation become industry powerhouses.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Digitally-savvy: How conventional companies reach unconventional success with digital transformation

Geared towards leaders, change managers, and strategists, this keynote offers practical tools for viable digital growth. We’ll challenge the prevailing belief in ‘big bang’ transformation, advocating instead for the power of evolutionary yet transformative change. Learn how this approach reduces resistance to change, lowers costs, boosts employee engagement, and ultimately, drives sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

  • “Redefining Transformation: The Case for Evolutionary Change” – We’ll challenge disruptive transformation as the best way for change and explore the benefits and effectiveness of embracing digital evolution.
  • “Fostering a Culture of Experimentation” – Discover the importance of a culture that encourages experimentation, iterative improvements, and innovation among middle management and young potentials.
  • “Harnessing Open Innovation and Collaboration” – Dive into the power of open innovation and collaboration. Using startups as examples, we’ll discuss how openness provides invaluable training for middle management and corporate stakeholders, and how finding key actors and their roles helps streamline innovation.
  • “Adapting to an Ever-Evolving Landscape” – Digital business opportunities may need more autonomy to scale effectively. We’ll discuss how to leverage digital autonomy for business model development, attracting resources, and fostering large-scale collaboration.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Ambidexterity: Prepare for the future while succeeding in the present

This keynote illuminates actionable strategies to remain competitive today and prepared for tomorrow at the same time. We’ll explore ambidexterity — the ability to balance present efficiency with future innovation — and why it’s becoming a critical strategy for businesses navigating today’s volatile market environment.

  • “Ambidexterity: The New Business Imperative” – We’ll explore the concept of ambidexterity, a strategy that’s gaining traction as businesses strive to stay ahead of future trends and disruptions.
  • “The Resource Dilemma: Today vs. Tomorrow” – We’ll discover how businesses struggle balancing investments in the future while maintaining current efficiency.
  • “Structural Approach: Innovating Beyond the Core” – A deep dive into the structural approach to ambidexterity, where businesses create separate units for radical innovation. We’ll view examples like Alphabet’s Google X and Enel’s venture into electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as well as when and why this approach works.
  • “Contextual Approach: Modernizing from Within” – We’ll highlight the importance of the contextual approach, which focuses on transforming existing businesses. Using real-world examples of open innovation ecosystems, we’ll show how this approach can rejuvenate businesses and democratize innovation.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Servitization: Service business model innovation for product-oriented companies

Unlock the power of services in your organization with this keynote featuring powerful insights, strategies, and practical tools for service business model transformation. We’ll explore the concept of servitization — the transformation from selling products to delivering comprehensive solutions that drive customer outcomes.

  • “Servitization: A New Era of Innovation” – An introduction to the concept of servitization, highlighting how this shift can help companies achieve market differentiation.
  • “From Products to Customer Outcomes” – We’ll explore how well-known companies drive innovation by shifting focus from products to customer outcomes.
  • “Exploring, Piloting, and Scaling Service Offerings” – Discover strategies for better understanding customer needs and delivering tailored solutions.
  • “The Benefits of Servitization” – Learn how servitization enhances customer satisfaction, builds long-term relationships, and unlocks new revenue streams.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Innovability: Using the power of innovation to turn sustainability into a business opportunity.

Drawing from examples of sustainability pioneers in Europe, this keynote explores the critical role of innovation in driving sustainability transformation. Discover fresh perspectives, practical tools, and strategies for turning commitments into actions.

  • “Sustainability Pioneers: Leading by Example” – We’ll showcase companies that have not just committed to sustainability targets but have successfully transitioned from commitment to action.
  • “Innovability: A New Approach to Sustainability” – We’ll introduce the concept of Innovability transformation, an approach that harmonizes seemingly opposing demands and is anchored in three core pillars: Purpose with pragmatism, external openness with internal integration, and transversality with experimentation.
  • “Embracing the Pillars of Innovability” – A deep dive into how these three pillars can help organizations overcome challenges and achieve sustainable business models.
  • “The Impact of Innovability Transformation” – We’ll discuss how the Innovability transformation is reshaping the business landscape and creating a more sustainable, innovative world.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Moving with the times: How to adapt to exponential trends and technologies

Innovation isn’t just a startup’s game! This keynote offers a fresh perspective on the innovation journey, tailored specifically for established companies. Drawing from extensive research and the experiences of leading European innovators, we’ll explore how incumbents can strategically leverage their unique strengths and adapt their roles throughout the innovation process.

  • “Exploration: The First Step” – We’ll discuss the importance of exploration in the early stages of the innovation journey, emphasizing the need for collaboration, scenario planning, and preparation for future possibilities, while proceeding with caution.
  • “Navigating Breakthroughs: The Balancing Act” – A deep dive into the delicate balance of embracing breakthroughs without making premature commitments. Through gradual involvement and collaborations, incumbents can navigate the hype and address any remaining challenges before scaling.
  • “Seizing Opportunities: The Final Leap” – We’ll highlight why incumbents need to seize the opportunity of market-ready innovation, emphasizing the importance of rapid mobilization and scaling during this phase of exponential adoption.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Collaborative advantage: Leveraging the power of the innovation ecosystem to grow and future-proof.

Unlock the transformative power of collaboration between startups and corporations. Not your typical David and Goliath narrative, this keynote is a deep dive into the symbiotic relationships reshaping industries like healthcare and energy.

  • “Beyond Competition: A New Narrative” – Challenge the popular myth of startup-corporate rivalry, revealing a more nuanced reality where collaboration often trumps competition.
  • “The Collaboration Advantage: A Data-Driven Insight” – Drawing from extensive research in biotech, we’ll demonstrate how collaboration is the secret sauce for successful innovation.
  • “Mastering the Art of Collaboration” – Using green energy company Enel as a case study, we’ll share practical steps to forge and sustain effective partnerships, offering invaluable insights for startups and corporations alike.
  • “Leadership in Collaboration: A Balancing Act” – We’ll discuss who should lead in a collaborative project, highlighting the sweet spot between organizational models and project types. Lastly, we’ll discuss the importance of seeking partners with complementary risk/reward ratios.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Democratizing innovation: Fire up a culture of innovation in your organization, from the top floor to the shop floor.

Innovation isn’t just the domain of a select few. This keynote explores the transformative potential of democratizing innovation, a strategy that empowers every employee to contribute to the innovation process, regardless of role or rank.

  • “Innovation for All: A New Paradigm” – Learn how democratizing innovation breaks down hierarchical barriers and fosters a culture of creativity and collaboration across the entire organization.
  • “Unlocking Potential: From Top to Bottom” – We’ll discuss how this approach encourages every employee to contribute ideas, experiment, and take ownership of the innovation process, thereby unlocking the full creative potential of the workforce.
  • “The Power of Diversity: Fueling Innovation” – Discover how democratizing innovation taps into diverse perspectives for a continuous stream of fresh ideas and meaningful change.
  • “Innovation as a Shared Responsibility” – We’ll underscore how this approach makes innovation everyone’s responsibility, leading to increased agility, adaptability, and competitiveness.
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