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Tim Clue

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Get inspired and motivated with the humorous motivational speaker Tim Clue – the speaker who connects

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Speaker Tim Clue is an award-winning educator. After teaching for a decade as a renowned professor of communications and speech, Tim took his skills to the stages of comedy clubs. Now, as an established motivational speaker, he works closely with top organizations like Caterpillar, Starbucks and McDonald's. His humorous and insightful presentations on motivation and team building are truly sought after in many fields and industries.

Why book speaker Tim Clue?

  • Tim is humorous. Tim knows how to educate with laughter. Drawing from his experience as an educator and a comedy stage writer, speaker Tim Clue can help with building connected and trusting teams.
  • Tim is prepared.  He works with top companies over many industries from construction to pharmaceuticals. Before his keynote, Tim thoroughly researches the company to tailor his presentation for the best effect.
  • Tim is insightful.  Understanding that all children are not the same, Tim draws his conclusions from understanding his own childhood struggles to implement change within your organization.

Increasing trust, team and connection through laughter is Tim’s art form and passion. ‘We live in an attention economy, in a tangled digital age where connection, transparency and trust is the new currency. ‘ Speaker Tim is reinventing conferences one funny experience at a time.  After spending ten years as an award-winning professor of speech and communications, speaker Tim Clue took his writing talent to comedy clubs. Tim worked with many famous comics – Jerry Seinfield, Larry Miller and Steven Wright, to name a few – and his work often can be caught on YouTube or XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. His latest comedy called “Leaving Iowa” earned the nomination Best New Play in the Country and frequently performed in theaters all over the U.S. and Canada.

Currently, as an established keynote speaker Tim Clue works with top global organizations like McDonald’s, Starbucks and Caterpillar. His humorous and motivational keynotes are truly sought after in several fields and industries. From construction to education, government to pharmaceuticals, Tim has spoken before such notables as former President George H. W. Bush and economist Paul Krugman.

Tim’s keynotes are full of energy, laughing and motivation. His experience in comedy and in education is a great contribution to his efficient, professional and entertaining presentations. Through laughter, speaker Tim Clue helps organizations to build trusting and connected teams. He really reinvents conferences – one funny experience at a time. Book Tim now, to bring engagement and connection back into the meeting space!

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Keynote by speaker Tim Clue

The Unlikely Teacher

  • As a challenged learner who transformed into a widely recognized teacher, writer, and comic, Tim knows why experience is the key to true knowledge. Moreover, his insights tell the story of a life which focuses on processes rather than the outcomes.
  • Paradoxically, even though people are more connected than ever – they are actually very disconnected. This is why we must turn young minds into curious learners. For this reason, to help students find the paths they wish to light, speaker Tim Clue offers this interactive and humorous presentation as a kind of an inspirational classroom – a keynote impossible to forget!
Keynote by speaker Tim Clue

Motivation – A Funny Thing: The Power of Connection Team and Trust

  • It’s time to rethink what it takes to build connection and trust. In a fast-paced world as ours, speaker Tim Clue shows how to create a team, trust and connection through shared humor. Learn how a true master brings together a team which operates with true chemistry.
  • To discover his greatest inspiration from a collection of failures and worst practices, Tim mastered the use of humor as a tool which transforms individuals into better collaborators, connectors and communicators. With Tim’s help, you will learn how to build a trusting team in the age of chaos and acceleration.
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“Tim Clue was a quick study and made the evening a delight. He spoke to the group like he knew us and kept us entertained and involved the entire time—great job!”

CFMA (Construction Financial Management Association)

“Are you kidding me? Seriously, how on earth did you know so much about our business?”

ISA Industrial Supply

“Tim was fully engaged with the group; before-during and after the show. I received several comments at the end of the party and even the next day at the conference. He really did his homework and was well prepared to entertain the attending group.”

Quanta Services Inc.

“Tim lived up to his reputation and performed a fantastic show for our firm’s stockholders. He was easy to work with and I have received several requests to book future entertainment dates.”

Maxim Integrated Products Inc.
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