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Chris Hall

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Resilience and happiness speaker describing himself as “an energetic strategist dedicated to uncovering the futures"

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Keynote speaker Chris Hall is a coach focusing on the holistic nature of happiness in the workplace. As a dynamic and inspiring speaker, he provides strategies and practical tools for his audience in order to build resilience and strength. Schools, individuals, businesses and everything in between can benefit from his motivating keynotes.

Keynote speaker Chris Hall describes himself as “An Energetic Strategist Dedicated To Uncovering The Futures That Inspire My Clients.” Through his business Be What You Want, Chris has given online courses, workshops, coaching, seminars across the globe. Before putting all his time into speaking and coaching, Chris founded and ran Everest Team Events – a team building business which he then sold in 2017. Chris has also been the CEO of five different companies and has a lot of experience with leading teams and employees in a healthy manner.

Due to losing both his parents at just 25 years old, Chris had to build resilience and strength to grow through it. Resilience is not only important in one’s personal life but also in the workplace. Too many people suffer from stress but a resilient team can make a massive difference and lead to greater results and happier teams and employees. Chris uses Gallup Strength methodology to provide the best advice and strategies for both individuals and teams.

As a speaker Chris Hall is charismatic, knowledgeable and professional. He has spoken across the world and works with individuals, teams and large corporations. He is on a mission to help people find their purpose, happiness and strength to reach their full potential and be their most productive and successful self – professionally and personally.

Our speaker Chris Hall likes to customize his keynotes to the specific event and audience but focuses on three main topics.

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    Speaker Chris Hall Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Chris Hall


    • In this keynote or workshop, speaker Chris Hall shows how you can take back control in your life and improve your levels of happiness.
    • Through a holistic approach, Chris ensures that your body, mind and surroundings are considered important factors to improve your life.
    • Go through the journey to happiness by learning and practicing the fundamental parts of feeling happy. Happiness does not magically appear but is the result of practice and action.

    Keynote by Speaker Chris Hall

    Strength-Based Leadership

    • By practicing strength-based leadership, you will understand the strengths and talents of your team. This allows your team to complement and lift each other up and achieve better and faster results.
    • In this interactive keynote, speaker Chris Hall takes his audience through the basics of Gallup strengths and how focusing on these can improve your business on every level.
    • This keynote is perfect for senior leadership teams, leaders or individual teams.

    Keynote by Speaker Chris Hall

    Resilience in the Workplace

    • Do you have a resilient team? In this keynote, speaker Chris Hall provides strategies and tools to ensure resilience across your teams.
    • Uncertainty is a constant in today’s businesses, and teams and employees need to learn how to grow through difficult times.
    • Resilient teams are more productive, happier and reach goals in an effective way. Start your journey to success here!
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