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Silicon Valley Visionary: Tech & Sustainability Synergy

Per Håkansson

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Per Håkansson: Silicon Valley veteran, inspiring organizations globally in digital transformation and sustainable innovation.

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Transform your event with Per Håkansson, Silicon Valley luminary. Ignite inspiration and innovation as he merges tech expertise with sustainability insight. 

Why you should book Per Håkansson for your next event

  • Unlock tech innovation and sustainability wisdom in one keynote with Per Håkansson.
  • Future-proof your strategy with Silicon Valley insights from Per Håkansson’s transformative keynotes.
  • Benefit from Per Håkansson’s Silicon Valley legacy, crafting success for global tech startups.

Per Håkansson, a Swedish-born, American naturalized luminary, seamlessly blends Silicon Valley innovation with sustainability insight, making him a sought-after keynote speaker globally. With an illustrious two-decade career in Silicon Valley, Per honed his expertise in building and managing software products for tech startups, becoming a pivotal figure in the industry.

After Silicon Valley, Per transitioned to training executives, managers, and graduate students worldwide, specializing in digital transformation, startup culture, and fostering a digital mindset. His teachings bridge the gap between technology and mindfulness, emphasizing simplicity and sustainability.

Per’s keynotes resonate with organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of emerging technologies. He’s a trailblazer in digital minimalism, advocating for a mindful approach to technology and life. His talks delve into the art of simplicity, sustainability innovation, and the strategic use of emerging technologies.

Beyond his compelling talks, Per offers organizations tangible benefits—guiding them toward digital excellence, unlocking innovation, and driving sustainability. Drawing on his Silicon Valley legacy, he provides strategic insights for navigating the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Per’s track record in reshaping organizations, coupled with his global recognition, positions him as a catalyst for positive change.

In the corporate realm, Per Håkansson is not just a speaker; he is a transformative force. His keynotes empower teams to embrace digital transformation, infuse sustainability into their DNA, and foster a culture of innovation. Whether it’s simplifying complexities or championing sustainable practices, Per Håkansson stands at the intersection of tech and consciousness, offering organizations a roadmap to success in the digital age.

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Keynote by speaker Per Håkansson

The Making of Sustainable Brands

In this keynote you’ll learn through hands-on business cases how the leading sustainable brands in the world are making better products that last longer, power the new emerging circular economy.

You will be introduce to how well-known global brands have designed their sustainable business models, from supply chains to reselling, and what they are planning for the future, including transforming from sustainable to regenerative.

The keynote will draw strategic learnings from the leading brands and present a checklist for what a brand needs to think about to start the transformation from linear to circular business models.

This keynote can be design as a stand-alone keynote or as a combination talk + workshops. The learning outcome of the workshop would be how to make your brand sustainable based on these insights.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn how sustainable brands are making better products that lasts longer
  • Learn about how to design new sustainable business models
  • Learn how and which organizations are powering the circular economy
  • Learn about new sustainable innovations and technologies
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Finding humanity in The Cloud | Per Håkansson | TEDxManhattanBeach

See keynotes with Per Håkansson
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