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Jess Todtfeld

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BE Magnetic. Sales, Media, Motivation. Get Results Every Time with Guinness World Record holder Jess Todtfeld

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Electrifying speaker Jess Todtfeld has an incredible talent for inspiring audiences: his magnetic speeches are entertaining and teach audiences how to gain more results in various fields. With more than 20 years of experience in the media industry, Todtfeld helps CEOs, spokespeople, authors, experts and public relations representatives with achieving real results.

From the beginning of his career, speaker Jess Todtfeld gained a tremendous amount of experience by helping people both from behind and in front of the camera as he worked for leading television networks including CBS, NBC and FOX: during his spell, he produced more than 5000 sessions on television. Furthermore, Todtfeld also earned a Guinness World Record entry as the person giving the most interviews in 24 hours.

Currently, Todtfeld is the President of his own company Success in Media, Inc. – one of the most prominent business communication and media training establishments in the United States. Through his work as a trainer and a media and communication keynote speaker, he inspires people to find their real purpose, asking his audience the important question first: “What are you trying to create more of?”

As a speaker, Jess delivers exciting speeches magnetizing the audience, that captivate and teach audiences inspiring life strategies, how to be remembered and methods that energize organizations through communication techniques – resulting in more media exposure. Furthermore, Jess is an expert in instructing clients on how to close more business and gain tangible results utilizing effective presentation strategies.

Jess has worked together with companies such as the tech giant IBM, the global financial services corporation American Express, the United Nations and LinkedIn. In 2016 he also released an international best-seller titled Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course.

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Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Jess Todtfelt

Virtual Workforce: How to Present Online from a Media Trainer

Help your organization to better connect with clients, customers and prospects through virtual tools. This is where presentation skills and media skills intersect and business moves faster. Interactive, fun, plenty of takeaways.

Audience takeaways:

  • Help your team to look, sound, and feel their best when presenting virtually.
  • Learn to connect authentically even through video conference.
  • How to best engage and keep the attention of those we speak to.
  • Authentic persuasion / storytelling.
  • Create better outcomes.
Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Jess Todtfelt

Power of Pivoting: Sales Presentations and Communicating Virtually in This Time of Uncertainty

Sales still need to continue in this time of uncertainty. Those who can harness the power of virtual presenting will pull ahead while others will get left behind. This program combines sales presentation techniques with video coaching from a media coach.
Interactive, fun, plenty of takeaways.

Audience takeaways:

  • Look and sound more authentic.
  • Better connect with others during virtual sales conversations.
  • Learn how to keep their attention, tell stories, create more of a “show”.
  • Create better outcomes / sales as you use these platforms to create real connections.
Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Jess Todtfeld

The Press Needs You Now: Why Getting Media Attention is Even Easier During Covid-19

The media has a never ending need for … content. They need your stories and they need people to interview. Guinness Record holder for publicity, Jess Todtfeld, will share what works right now and how you can get media coverage that becomes powerful marketing.
Interactive, fun, plenty of takeaways.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn exactly how to reach out to media to get a yes.
  • Get the Guinness Record setting template for reaching media.
  • Learn what gets them to say yes and what gets then to say no.
  • Find out how to use media as powerful marketing in 2020.
  • This moment in time is a sweet spot. We can be authentic AND reach more people.
Keynote by speaker Jess Todtfeld

Be the Media: Where Social Media and Traditional Media Intersect

As a TV host, Author, Media Coach and the Guinness Record holder for giving the most interviews in 24 hours, speaker Jess Todtfeld knows the best media marketing tools to build up your own brand and influence.

In this keynote, audiences will learn:

  • What’s coming next and what you should pay attention to
  • About Building a Media / Social Media foundation. Where should you be and why?
  • Content is King – How to think about and distribute content
  • A TV studio in your pocket. How to leverage the power of your smart phone
  • Go Live! Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live… Where should you be?
  • Video Emails – Yes video rules in 2019. Use it to create powerful connections
  • Podcasting, Video-casting, and Guest-casting. How to use the best elements.
  • Build Your Own TV studio
  • And… where traditional media and digital media intersect.


Keynote by speaker Jess Todtfeld

BE Magnetic: Use Story telling to Create More Impact Influence and Income

Jess’ fun and interactive speech Be Magnetic – Draw In More of What You Want has been designed to motivate your organization toward taking actionable steps. He will help you and your business with bringing in more sales, better communication, better customer service or more of what you are after. The Secret? Story Telling. 

In this session, audiences will learn:

  • How to Use Stories to Create Better Engagement
  •  Techniques that have been called a How to Win Friends & Influence People for a New Millennium
  • How to Become More Memorable Through Story Telling
  • Magnetic Story Techniques
  • Magnetic Marketing Techniques (if applicable)
  • Magnetic Media Techniques
  •  “Stories are the Currency of Life” … Inspiring Life Strategies
Keynote by speaker Jess Todtfeld

Speak to Close

Speak to Close is recommended for organisations realizing that their presentations may be the obstacle in achieving their goals. While showing the audience how to become more persuasive when speaking and how to communicate more effectively, Jess also pinpoints both the do’s and don’t of effective communication and inspires the audience to interact.

In this session, audiences will learn:

  • ​The 7 Biggest Mistakes that Get in the Way of Closing More Business
  • ​Non-Verbal Communication / Body Language & Voice Strategies
  • ​Mental Focus Systems to Eliminate Fear, and Instead, Create Calm & Comfort
  • ​Master Story Telling and Become More Memorable
  • ​Create Results From Those You Speak to
    (Prospects, Clients, Internal)
Watch speaker Jess Todtfeld in action

Jess Todtfeld – BE Magnetic Speech

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