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Elevating Performance: Resilience Unleashed

Nicola S. Morgan

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Discover the secrets of resilience with Nicola S. Morgan. Elevate your team's performance and achieve lasting results.

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Unlock success with Nicola S. Morgan, renowned educator and TEDx speaker. With 28 years of experience in diverse education settings, she specializes in resilience and behavior. Book Nicola for a personalized, high-energy event that sparks immediate action and lasting change.

Why you should book speaker Nicola S Morgan

  • Benefit from the wisdom of a TEDx speaker and acclaimed author, Nicola S. Morgan, whose insights have garnered international recognition and acclaim.
  • Gain invaluable expertise in behavior management through Nicola S. Morgan’s comprehensive approach, equipping your team with effective techniques for cultivating positive conduct and engagement.
  • Trust in Nicola S. Morgan’s proven track record for effectively managing challenging behaviors, solidifying her reputation as a leading expert in behavior management strategies.

Renowned as a motivational speaker, Nicola S. Morgan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, making her the ideal choice to address your organization’s needs.

Imagine your team encountering a daunting project deadline or facing unexpected setbacks. Nicola S. Morgan’s keynotes offer practical strategies and insights to help navigate through these challenging situations with grace and resilience. Drawing from her extensive background in education, Nicola delivers relatable anecdotes and actionable advice that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Booking Nicola S. Morgan for your event is an investment in the growth and development of your organization. Her dynamic presentations not only inspire and motivate but also provide tangible tools that can be immediately implemented to drive positive change. From fostering a culture of resilience to enhancing teamwork and communication, Nicola’s keynotes empower attendees to overcome obstacles and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

With Nicola S. Morgan at the podium, your event becomes a catalyst for transformation. Her ability to connect with audiences on a personal level ensures that her message resonates long after the event has ended, sparking meaningful dialogue and driving lasting change within your organization. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your team’s performance and resilience – book Nicola S. Morgan for your next event and embark on a journey towards success.

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Keynote by speaker Nicola S Morgan

Rise with Resilience: The Blueprint of 4 Key Strengths

No matter your industry, today’s marketplace is ultra-competitive. From finding a new job or excelling in your current role to managing a work-life balance that works for you – life today is a rollercoaster which shows no sign of slowing down.

Often, we feel so busy trying to survive, that we’ve got no chance to really thrive – feel familiar?

Shifting your mindset from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’ is a process. One that is fuelled with research- backed tools and techniques that can help you take control of your thoughts, let go of limiting beliefs and pull forward in difficult times. Because the truth of the matter is you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So how can we fill it up?

Nicola S. Morgan is an international education consultant, TEDx Speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, author, NLP master practitioner and English Channel Swimmer. Over the years, she has developed a resilient mindset which has helped her tackle the trickiest of challenges.

In this keynote, Nicola shares research-backed tools and techniques that will help you improve your resilience and perform at a higher level, without increasing stress:

  • How to proactively take control of your thoughts to stay calm, centred, and aligned with core values to make necessary decisions;
  • A 4-step process to identify and let go of limiting beliefs that crop up when facing new challenges;
  • Understand how to identify an empowering meaning in a crisis;
  • Tools to pull forward in difficult times;
  • Four simple, daily practices to cultivate certainty and resilience to persist in pursuit of your goals and objectives;
  • Believe you have the inner strength to thrive in life and work, regardless of the

Audiences will leave the session feeling empowered and motivated to improve their resilience and mindset, and with a toolkit, they can implement it straight away.

Keynote by speaker Nicola S Morgan

Disruption, Defiance & Disrespect: Effective Strategies for Managing Behaviour

It’s no secret that challenging behaviour not only affects your ability to teach a lesson and maintain control, but it also disrupts the productivity of the group as a whole.

In fact, disruptive behaviour was the most common reason for exclusions during the 2021/22 academic year, with permanent exclusions increasing 65% YoY. And this number is on the rise, yet again.

How can we, as educators, help and support the most disruptive, defiant and disrespectful children and young people? What can we do to create a positive learning environment and help them understand and manage their behaviour?

As an international education consultant, TEDx speaker, teacher and author, Nicola S. Morgan has a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging behaviour and motivating staff, senior leaders and parents to help implement change.

In this keynote, Nicola offers a set of hands-on strategies and techniques that can be implemented in both the classroom and the whole school. The session covers:

  • An overview of behaviour management best practices, approaches and interventions;
  • Look at effective ways to manage challenging behaviour;
  • Unpick non-punitive approaches to deal with challenging behaviour;
  • Ways of working with families to improve behaviour and reduce exclusion;
  • Giving children/young people a sense of purpose and why this is important;
  • Building and maintaining a sense of belonging;
  • Understand that the only person you can control is you;
  • Review provision in your school/college to support all.

Audiences will leave feeling confident, assertive and empathetic – tools that will undoubtedly help elicit the desired response from students. Plus a kit bag of solutions that will enable them to manage challenging behaviour straight away.

Keynote by speaker Nicola S Morgan

How to Manage Difficult People!

As the saying goes, you can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it…

And this phrase rings true when it comes to challenging situations in business or education. Whether it’s a conversation about performance, or talking with a frustrated team member or parent, dealing with difficult situations or people is often a source of stress and anxiety for many professionals.

In these circumstances, preparation is essential. No matter how the other person is behaving, or what they are saying, it’s important to remember the only thing you’re in control of is yourself.

With over 28 years of experience as an international education consultant, TEDx Speaker, teacher and author, Nicola S. Morgan is no stranger to tricky conversations with parents, colleagues and business partners.

Over the years she has developed and refined a practical toolkit that helps professionals feel more prepared, no matter the demands or challenges.

In this keynote, Nicola will share her tried and tested methodology which includes:

  • Strategies for handling difficult conversations effectively;
  • How to use empathy to truly understand the problem;
  • Selecting the appropriate approach to deal with the issue;
  • Effectively prepare physically and mentally for the conversation;
  • How to think on your feet if the conversation takes an unexpected turn;
  • Know what to say when everything else fails;
  • Understand that the only person we can control is us.

The audience will leave feeling empowered and confident that they can more easily manage difficult situations, conversations and people, and if all else fails think on their feet!

Watch Nicola S. Morgan in action

Nicola S. Morgan Keynote Speaker Showreel

Watch Nicola S. Morgan in action

Unfinished Business - Delaying the urge to give up! | Nicola S Morgan | TEDxNorthwich

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