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Why technology in the classroom isn’t the enemy


Amelia Archer

travels from UK

Speaker on teaching and utilizing technology in the classroom to enhance learning across the whole curriculum

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Amelia is the International Curriculum Director for the JDO Foundation and works with teachers and schools across the world to utilize technology to enhance education, creativity and collaboration. The technological revolution has unleashed such extraordinary potential for today’s students and Amelia ignites excitement and empowers educators to use digital tools in a manner which will inspire and accelerate learning. From literacy, art, and music, through to mathematics and computer science, technological literacy gives students the upper hand in learning, presenting and eventually working in their field in order that they can be creators rather than consumers: pioneers of the future.

Why you should book speaker Amelia Archer

  • We can’t escape technology, yet many teachers see technology as their enemy and refuse to implement it in class. However, technology creates great learning opportunities if used correctly and that’s exactly what Amelia’s speciality is!
  • Amelia Archer has over 20 years of teaching experience and has been praised for her unique approach to teaching. Amelia inspires teachers all over the world to engage and invest more time in their students. Her passion for her field is contagious and will make you fall in love with teaching all over again.

According to keynote speaker Amelia Archer, technology itself is amoral, but it is what we do with it that can make a difference. Amelia believes that implementing technology in class will give children the confidence to think outside the box. Not to mention that teaching children how to use technology in a way that will empower them is extremely important in today’s digital age.

As a speaker Amelia Archer is engaging and passionate. She uses her experience as a teacher when she is on stage in front of large or small audiences which always creates inspiring and educating presentations. Amelia is a popular speaker for speakers, educationalists and student teachers and her unique approach adds value and authenticity to her talks.

Amelia has an undeniable love for her field and she wants to inspire teachers and educationalists to become the very best version of themselves. Besides focusing on better use of technology in the classroom, Amelia is also passionate about igniting creativity and growth in children. Teachers can and should empower children and with Amelia’s expertise, they will know exactly how to do so.

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Special Virtual Keynote by Amelia Archer

Teaching students while social distancing

In this period of social distancing, Amelia can support school leaders to create a virtual environment in which teachers can still meet with their students daily on whatever devices they have at home.  In this way student well-being can be monitored, safe social interaction between students can be facilitated and meaningful teaching and learning prioritised.

Retaining a semblance of normality and structured learning while students are at home is immensely important.  Routine interaction with their class teacher and peers will help to reduce anxiety whilst meaningful engagement in learning will reduce boredom and frustration.

Key takeaways:

  • Amelia can support schools in setting up Google Classroom and using Google Apps for Education. She is a Google Certified Level 2 Trainer.
  • She will share resources and strategies to ensure teachers are equipped to co-ordinate meaningful learning experiences across the curriculum – although facilitated via digital devices, she is committed to ensuring learning is diverse, active and not dictated by screens.
Keynote by speaker Amelia Archer

Being the Teacher who is Remembered for Life

  • In this inspiring talk, speaker Amelia Archer shares her passion for teaching. She presents her audience with tools and strategies to be the best possible teacher they can be.
  • The audience will learn how to be the best version of themselves and to feed children’s passion for learning.
Keynote by speaker Amelia Archer

The Digital Pencil Case

  • This is Amelia’s most popular keynote. She talks about how to use technology in the classroom to enhance, enrich, deepen and stretch learning across the whole curriculum.
  • The audience will get practical tools to immediately implement technology in an inspiring, dynamic and educating way in their classrooms.
  • Amelia’s approach allows for learning across the whole curriculum through cost-free or inexpensive apps.
Keynote by speaker Amelia Archer

Igniting Writers

  • In this practical talk, Amelia teaches her audience methods they can implement in the classroom to ignite creative writers without forgetting the curriculum.
  • In this ever-changing world innovation and creativity has never been more important, yet many teachers get stuck in old habits and forget about the real world. Amelia inspires her audience to teach their students to support their creativity and will to fly high.
Watch speaker Amelia Archer in action

Amelia Archer and The Digital Pencil Case

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The best part of the conference was Amelia’s presentation.

Judie Pickering

JDO Conference (Rome)

I want to be just like this teacher. She has made me think so much and I feel in awe and very inspired.

Geetika Pant

JDO Conference (Rome)

I have heard Amelia present before and I thought this might be repetitive but I was so wrong. Everything was completely fresh and full of vibrancy. She has equipped me yet again to return to the classroom a stronger, better and fully ignited, teacher.

Rachel Johnson

JDO Conference (Rome)

Just wow! She was so inspiring and I feel genuinely excited about taking the tools she showed us back to school with me.

ISTE Philadelphia, The Digital Pencil Case

I have been to so many seminars at ISTE this year, but this was the only one that ended too soon. She was so inspirational.

ISTE Philadelphia, The Digital Pencil Case
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