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Inspirational former football star Jake Delhomme inspires victory

Jake Delhomme

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Jake Delhomme shares anecdotes from his professional career to motivate listeners to accomplish their dreams. As a record-setting athlete, he's recognized for his hard work ethic. Delhomme offers listeners entertaining and inspiring stories from his career.

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Playing the quarterback role in both high school and college, Delhomme spent his youth fine-tuning his skills. While playing football at the University of Louisiana, he surpassed the school's yardage and touchdown records as the leading passer of all time. Leveraging this experience, he entered the NFL as a free agent. In 1997, the New Orleans Saints signed Delhomme. He played in Europe before joining the team as its third-string quarterback. Playing with several teams, including the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans, he experienced his greatest football successes with the Carolina Panthers.

Why you should book Jake Delhomme for your next event

  • Audiences enjoy Jake Delhomme’s football stories. Imparting exciting dialog about his glory days, including triumphs and defeats, he inspires listeners to remain steadfast in the face of obstacles.
  • Offering audiences actionable steps for planning to succeed, Delhomme introduces listeners to his philosophies for winning.
  • Inspiring audiences to remain steadfast by driving forward in the face of obstacles, Delhomme shares his professional experiences of victory and defeat. By working hard, he made his way from undrafted free agent to the starting quarterback for the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Jake Delhomme started his career as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints in 1997. Playing in Europe for the Amsterdam Admirals, he honed his skills to join NFL regular play. He began playing with the Saints as the team’s third-string quarterback. However, his passer rating was one of the highest of all quarterbacks in the NFC that year.

In 2003, Delhomme joined the Carolina Panthers. His skillful passing game put him in a position to take the starting quarterback role. In 2003, the Panthers made the Super Bowl and lost at the last minute to a field goal by the New England Patriots kicker. Soaking in the moment on the field as the Patriots celebrated the win, Delhomme vowed to remember the feelings of hurt and disappointment to inspire him in the next season.

Delhomme and the Panthers played well in consecutive seasons, and he signed a five-year extension in 2009. However, the team placed him on injured reserve in December of that year. The Panthers released Delhomme by March 2010. After short stints with the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans, Delhomme decided to retire. During his career, he set the Super Bowl record for throwing the farthest completed pass in the league’s history.

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