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NFL head coach inspires audiences with his passion for excellence

Matt Eberflus

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus, emphasized teamwork, discipline, and hustle, leaving lasting impacts on the Browns, Cowboys, and Colts.

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During his decades-long coaching career, Eberflus is recognized as one of the most intense coaches in the league. With a passion for excellence, the head coach for the Chicago Bears offers his team an impressive reputation for leadership, and the ability to effectively develop players with talent. Eberflus spent four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts as defensive coordinator before joining the Bears. Upon joining the Colts, the team’s defense ranked 30th in the league. In one year under Eberflus’ direction, the Colts improved to the 10th-ranked team in the NFL for scoring defense.

Why you should book Matt Eberflus for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Eberflus’ intensity and passion for achieving impossible feats in the face of formidable challengers.
  • His presentation prepares audiences for inspiring teams to high productivity and performance levels. Eberflus’ record for obtaining extraordinary results inspires listeners to adopt his tactics.
  • Eberflus’ 2018 season highlighted his expertise in player development. During that time, the Colts rushing defense only allowed 3.6 per carry yards. Subsequently, Eberflus’ interviewed for the head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns in 2019. He later signed with the Chicago Bears as head coach in 2022.

Joining the Chicago Bears in 2022 as head coach, Eberflus is likely to share his years of coaching experience on the college and NFL levels to introduce listeners to his personal brand of intensity. Regarded as professional and productive, the coach has a reputation for impressive results. His time in coaching positions with the Browns, Cowboys, and Colts have solidified his reputation as a team builder who can draw the fullest potential out of a talented player.

The combination of great leadership skills and defensive successes has made Matt Eberflus a force to be reckoned with in his new position as head coach for the Chicago Bears. Focusing on constant improvement by putting in the maximum effort and maintaining a positive mindset, the coach has helped players from some of the best teams in the league to improve performance on the field.

Recognized by his peers and the media as intense and dynamic, he finished third in the 2018 vote for the AP’s best assistant coach award. In the 2018 season, the Colts’ defense often overpowered opponents at crucial moments to contribute to the team’s 10-6-0 record and 2nd place finish in the AFC South Division.

Leveraging his experience coaching high-performing NFL teams, Eberflus brings the same intensity to keynote speeches. He offers audiences invaluable tools for improving team and individual performance.

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Eberflus carries an impressive reputation of being a great leader for young players. His leadership, incombination with his defensive success at Indianapolis, ranking top-10 in forcing turnovers each season and top-10 in scoring three out of four seasons, makes him a reliable man to learn from with advice on playing with the best mindset, maximum effort and personal growth in the game.

In his keynotes Eberflus will be speaking about the following topics:

  • Football
  • Leadership
  • Peak performance
  • Success
  • Coaching
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Matt Eberflus: 'We're starting to create the culture we want' | Chicago Bears

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