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Sustainability & Circular Economy in a Holistic Context


Francisco L. Winterhalder

travels from Spain

Esteemed Circular Economy and sustainability speaker with global recognition and influential affiliations, Francisco brings unparalleled authority to every engagement.

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Experience the expertise of Biologist and Master of Arts, Francisco Lozano Winterhalder,  who is revolutionizing the way organizations approach sustainability. With a global reach spanning over 40 countries, this esteemed speaker delivers thought-provoking insights on Circular Economy, Climate Change, and the future of energy. Awarded the Teaching Innovation Award from ESADE, this speaker's impact extends beyond the classroom. Students under their guidance have received accolades for exceptional research, innovation, and consulting achievements.

Reasons to book Francisco L. Winterhalder

  • Benefit from Francisco’s extensive expertise as a biologist, master of arts, and a leading authority in the field. His deep understanding of circular economy and sustainability will equip your audience with actionable insights and tools to navigate the challenges of today’s business landscape.
  • With a rich international experience spanning over 40 countries, Francisco brings a global perspective to your event.
  • Engage him as your keynote speaker to inspire your audience and foster a culture of research-driven sustainability within your organization.

As a tutor for prestigious global programs like the Master in Global Strategy Management and European university program ECOL, Francisco fosters transformative experiences for aspiring business leaders. Furthermore, his  mentoring of Master’s theses facilitates a win-win relationship between the private and social sectors, providing invaluable orientation and driving sustainable solutions.

This dynamic speaker’s influence reaches beyond academia. Collaborating with institutions like MIT and participating in the ESADE cooperation program “SUD,” Francisco actively contributes to global sustainable development. His philosophy of service and learning resonates through involvement in ad hoc courses and congresses, furthering his commitment to holistic education.

Distinguished as an international speaker, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and member of the Sustainability Network, Francisco’s authority and expertise are unparalleled. Recognized with the Spanish National BASF Award on Circular Economy, he continues to shape the discourse on sustainability as a member of advisory boards and circular economy clubs.

Francisco’s impact has garnered attention from influential figures, including an invitation from the Presidency of the Government of Spain to participate in dialogues on the future, alongside the European Union and esteemed personalities. He has also shared his insights as a lecturer on the Biocircular Economy, addressing the critical need to build a circular and sustainable future.

A Climate Reality Leader and Ambassador of the Island Innovation project, this keynote speaker passionately advocates for sustainability, circularity, and the fight against climate change. His contributions ha been recognized as the chairman of the FESPA Sustainability Spotlight, where he spearheaded discussions with international experts.

Elevate your event and inspire transformative change with this persuasive and influential keynote speaker. Book now and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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    Speaker Francisco Lozano Winterhalder Keynote Topics

    • Sustainability as responsibility and opportunity
    • Climate Change and the problem of energy
    • Circular Economy
    • Cultural, social and ethical aspects of sustainability
Watch Francisco L. Winterhalder in Action

Closing speech clip - FESPA 2022 (Messe Berlin)

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Interview with Francisco L. Winterhalder

What is your most popular keynote?
Ten keys to prepare the future

What types of audiences benefit most from your talks?
I am working with a lot of different kind of audiences: Companies, public sector, academia, general public, associations and organizations…

What is your primary focus in your talks?
To convince the audience that sustainability criteria are absolutely necessary to reach a better future for all the humankind and the planet and especially that they are completely synergic with business. Not only synergic, but necessary to be competitive.

What did your time at UNESCO teach you?
I learned that all is in relationship –to solve our problems we ever need a holistic approach- ; that our world is formed by different cultures and that everyone contributes with its personality to the transformation of the world; that humanistic, ethical or philosophical aspects involved in sustainability issues, are also important, not only the economic, scientific or technical ones.

See keynotes with Francisco L. Winterhalder
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Keynote topics with Francisco L. Winterhalder