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Jonas Ridderstråle

travels from Sweden

Professor, leading business thinker known for inspiring individuals and companies to think and act differently

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Our keynote speaker Jonas Ridderstråle is one of the foremost leading business thinkers and speakers. He has been ranked among the top 50 thinkers and has had a diverse range of audiences. He inspires people and provide them with confidence and courage to think and do things differently.

Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle, the author behind the bestseller Funky Business in 2000, is one of the worlds most significant and respected business thinkers and speakers.  He is at the forefront of the new generation of management gurus and has been ranked among the top for 11 consecutive years in Thinkers50, the biennial ranking of management thinkers.  As late as 2011 he was ranked number five in Europe, and among the top in the rest of the world.

Jonas has an MBA and a PhD in international business and has been recognized as Sweden’s outstanding young academic of the year. He has also been rewarded the prestigious Italian Nobels Colloquia award for “Leadership in Business and Economic Thinking” in 2007.

For the past ten years Dr. Ridderstråle has provided people with the competence, confidence and courage to feel, think and do things differently. He is a presenter who makes a difference. Jonas delivers his message with energy and passion, and he not only helps add improved skills to the audience, but also inspires the will and thrill necessary for change. He is able to blend his academic rigor, humor and imagination in a highly dynamic presentation to inspire audiences from Moscow to Mumbai and San Francisco to Shanghai. His diverse list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, major government bodies as well as trade unions. He is also currently a visiting professor at two internationally acclaimed business schools: Ashidge in the UK and IE business School in Spain.

Dr. Ridderstråle preaches: those who can’t often teach, and he strongly believes in this. He is co-owner and chairman of the Swedish Management group-Mgruppen – one of Scandinavia’s leading and most successful providers of management training and development. Additionally, he sits as a trusted advisor and consultant at a number of multinational corporations.

Jonas’ initial international success, Funky Business: Talent makes capital dance quickly, sold more than 300,000 copies. The book was recently ranked sixteen in a Bloomsbury survey and his sequels, Karaoke Capitalism: Management for mankind and Funky Business Forever: How to enjoy capitalism, have also become globally recognized as ways to make it in the new world of commerce. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages and published in over fifty countries. He has also had his research published in leading academic journals.

The media from all over the world have also been attracted by his work. He has appeared on CNN’s “Global Office” where he explored the ideas behind his books in an extended interview. He has also been featured in Fortune, Time Magazine, The times, Paris Match, and many other worldwide publications.

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    Speaker Jonas Ridderstråle Keynote Topics

    • Forces of Funk: What drives change?
    • Life in the Funky Village: Business megatrends
    • The Future Firm: The shape of things to come
    • The Holy Grail of Business: Compete on fitness and sex-appeal
    • Re-energize!: Making Change Happen
    • Leading leadership: Developing a corporate religion
    • The +Factors: New recipes for success
Jonas Ridderstråle - video

Jonas Ridderstråle: How to Face the Challenges of Tomorrow

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See keynotes with Jonas Ridderstråle
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Keynote topics with Jonas Ridderstråle