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Andreas Ekstrom

Andreas Ekstrom

travels from Sweden

Journalist, author and digital futurist educating on how the digital world is changing lives, business and society.

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Unlock the Future with Andreas Ekstrom: Award-winning speaker & author, boasting a rich background in journalism and analysis for the sociology of tech. With over 1000 keynotes delivered worldwide, Andreas tailors sessions for leaders and boards, guiding them through the digital revolution with insightful, personalized content. Let’s collaborate to shape tomorrow's conversations and decisions!

Reasons to book Andreas Ekstrom

  • Harness the knowledge of an award-winning author and journalist, as Andreas shares insights gleaned from his extensive experience writing nine books and contributing to numerous publications.
  • Engage your audience with interactive presentations that captivate and inspire, fostering meaningful dialogue and driving impactful change within your organization.
  • Benefit from Andreas Ekstrom’s vast international experience, with over 1000 keynotes delivered in 31 countries, providing a global perspective and enriching your event with diverse insights.

As a seasoned motivational speaker, Andreas Ekstrom doesn’t just deliver a speech—he delivers an experience. With over 1000 keynotes delivered in 31 countries, his global perspective enriches every event, sparking meaningful conversations and driving actionable change. From boardrooms to conference halls, Andreas captivates audiences with interactive presentations that inspire innovation and foster collaboration.

Not your average tech guy, Andreas Ekstrom specializes in the sociology of technology. Andreas plans each of his talks in close collaboration with his clients because what he really does is help his clients to ask the right questions. Andreas Ekstrom specializes in helping his clients to understand how the transition to a digital world is changing lives, business, politics, love and society as a whole.

Booking Andreas Ekstrom for your event is more than just securing a speaker—it’s investing in the future success of your organization. His wealth of experience as an award-winning author and journalist ensures that each keynote is tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities facing your industry. Whether you’re seeking to understand the sociology of technology, decode digital trends, or shape future strategies, Andreas delivers insights that resonate long after the event concludes.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the guidance of Andreas Ekstrom is invaluable. Book Andreas for your event today and embark on a transformative journey towards success in the digital age.

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Unlocking Insights: Andreas Ekstrom's Expertise in Navigating the Digital Revolution

Looking to navigate the digital revolution and make informed decisions? Andreas Ekstrom is ready to help.

Andreas has been a keynote speaker at events worldwide. He frequently serves as a digital thought partner for leaders and boards, drawing on a decade of knowledge. His sessions are tailor-made and meticulously prepared for each client.

His expertise spans digitalization, media, politics, and culture. Not a typical tech figure, Andreas focuses on the sociology of tech. His goal is to guide teams, clients, and guests in asking the right questions, leading to insightful answers.

Andreas also offers his expertise as a moderator or facilitator, drawing on his extensive background in stage and TV production. With his guidance, he can craft a full day of high-quality content, guiding the assembly through with ease.

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What we've got wrong about AI • Keynote speaker Andreas Ekström

See keynotes with Andreas Ekstrom
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