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Dr. Morgaine Gaye

Food Futurologist
Country: UK

Speaker Morgaine Gaye runs bellwether: Food Trends, where she consults for both food and technology companies on all elements of the eating experience. Our food and cultural preferences are interconnected. Which is why Morgaine conducts in-depth research into geopolitics, culture and fashion in order to provide accurate analyses of food trends.

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We’re in a time when food is cool” – Morgaine Gaye

Keynote speaker Morgaine Gaye encourages people to play with their food. As a food futurologist, she delivers public, university and corporate lectures on all aspects of food. Everything from specific trends to developing new ideas for food-related TV and radio programmes. Morgaine’s clients include leading blue chip food companies and manufacturers, where she delivers bespoke trend briefings and NPD ideation.

Highly respected as a researcher, speaker Morgaine Gaye is the author of several academic research papers and a guest university lecturer in UK and Sweden. On top of this, Morgaine is a frequent media contributor in mainstream media print, radio and TV.

Morgaine’s keynote talks cover food trends in a humorous, authentic and visually engaging way. By combinging this with the use of recognizable real-world examples, Morgaine makes her complicated research into bite-sized takeaways from which her audience can benefit.

See speaker Morgaine Gaye in action here:

    Speaker Morgaine Gaye Keynote Topics

    • Future / Trends of Food
    • Future / Trends of Confectionary
    • Future / Trends of Drinks
    • Future / Trends of Snacking
    • Olfactory perception and future of scent
    • Lifestyle trends
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